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Thursday, June 6, 2019

Twin Waterfalls

Twin Waterfalls
8"x 6" oil on Raymar board $150. SOLD

Artist Note
Inspired by sketches from a trip to 
Yellowstone National Park.

Personal Note
I have been going through a severe 
artist block.
I turned for help to Carol Marine's wonderful book
Daily Painting
where she has a whole section on it.
 Although I related 
and was inspired by those who shared
their own experiences, I find I am still in it.
It is a horrible place to be.
I do not have any hobbies
so I cannot turn to anything
else with the same focus 

I am still turning up daily at the studio.
I am faithful doing a journal.
I am experimenting with different media
-which is supposed to be fun.
I have paid a considerable amount
for an online course which
helps one evaluate their
individual purpose
in life and with their art-path

It was developed by an artist /psychiatrist
(which gives me some confidence.)
I will share if I find it is really helpful.

Hopefully I will be successful
and get back to doing what I love most.

Stay tuned...