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Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Family Time

Family Time
11x15" Acrylic on paper SOLD

Wishing everyone a
Happy and Peaceful Thanksgiving.

Saturday, November 19, 2016

Bouquet of Yellow

Bouquet of Yellow
6x8in oil on canvas panel $140.
Purchase HERE

Artist Note.

It was fun to get back to the 
fracturing technique in oils.
I find that although I use the 
same technique in other mediums,
only the acrylic comes 
close to the same effect as oils.

Another from my avian show.

Waiting  13 x10"
acrylic SOLD

Quite a fun one to paint
pushing into the abstract.
I used the fracturing 
technique a lot
It doesn't really show,  
but first I wrote 
all over the white surface 
with my thoughts 
about the avian world 
and then painted over them.
Small areas of it
appear here and there.

Thursday, November 17, 2016

Sunny Lunchtime

Sunny Lunchtime

12x9in alcohol ink on yupo
Available HERE

Artist Note.
This one looks a bit like a batik
to me. I loved the way it 
turned out. 

The photo was taken in 
my daughter's garden where she 
had the tallest sunflowers
I have ever seen.

I did another watercolor 
on yupo with the same theme 
only it was a goldfinch
playing a camouflage game
with the sunflowers.

Monday, November 14, 2016

Edgar & Poe plus Nevermore!

 Edgar & Poe
10x8in acrylic on paper sold

10x8in acrylic on paper sold

11x14 acrylic/watercolor on paper sold

Artist Note
I really enjoyed doing these 
three pieces and am disappointed 
that the images do not show the 
mellow feeling of cohesiveness
I see/feel in them.

 These paintings were 
started as random 
mono-gesso prints
for a link to the process
if interested. 
The only difference
 is, I used paper 
instead of board

The emerging images I saw
in my magination
 came out of the three values,
(black to white)
and were already 
very much 
 like birds.

I used lighter colors to develop
the negative background 
with the ravens 
and darker tones
to bring out the white of
the doves.
  Creating the 
birds out of a messy
was fun.

I made a stamp from 
corrugated board for the 
bottom areas of the 
two different raven pieces. 
I took some picture of ravens 
a picket fence once and 
that has stayed with me.

I developed the Lovebird nest
in  my usual way. Love the leaf
near the front!
The acrylic paint dries 
slower than the inks so some 
interesting mark making 
 and layering can go on.

Working on pieces 
which are not planned, but 
learning to respond to 
what I saw in my imagination,
added to the feelings of 
discovery and excitement
which are important to me...
especially when working 
on a large series. 
Prevents the sameness
- the security!

Thursday, November 10, 2016

Berry Picking - and other stuff

Berry Picking
13inx10in  Alcohol Ink on Yupo  SOLD

Artist Note
Painting a series allows an artist
to experiment freely with 
different media. The Alcohol Inks 
were a real adventure into
the unpredictable.
I enjoyed it.
I had 9 out of thirty paintings
done with the inks.

Below I am looking happy
that all the work was over
on the night of the opening.

My house became a real mess due 
to a knee injury which 
prevented easy access to the 
steps to my studio.
Guest room
and dining room below.
The kitchen table was worse
so no pic of that!

Invaluable lack of complaining 
and total support from hubby
earned him a few gold stars!

Life is getting back to normal.
Everything picked up and clean.
Daily painting has resumed.

Tuesday, November 8, 2016


Alcohol Ink on Copper
6x6in mounted on 8x8in and framed.

available HERE

It was great - the opening of my
solo show was the most fun one yet.
Lots of warm and friendly faces.
I had a great time.

Having a solo show takes a huge 
amount of work and I was 
pretty well shot by the time
it rolled around but two great
friends flew in and another
one drove in with food
and they made it a real party.
Hubby was delighted
and I am still Beaming!