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Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Bosque at Dawn

Bosque del Apache, NM - Dawn

Progression oil sketches. Each 6x8in   NFS

It was before dawn when we arrived and I had my plein
air kit set up ready to go as the sky started to get light.
I painted in the basic shapes and I was amazed how light
it became before the sun actually broke over the horizon
The closest reeds were really dark and the far trees bluish
and mauve colors. No green
I added the few details of the cattails at the end.
The sun started to illuminate the top of the reeds.
The trees started to get a green cast.

I turned the easel to the right and by this time the sky
was getting blue and the bright green of the new reeds
growing through the old ones was almost a shock.
All this change during the course of less than an hour.

Artist Note.

These sketches were basically color studies for a
painting in my upcoming May show. I found what I
was after thanks to the help of a ranger, and got some
other sketches completed. Great painting time and
a great hubby for going with me! It was a two hour drive
and we arrived before can figure out
why I think he is great.

Please understand if I cannot reply to all the comments
at this time, but know I read and truly value each one.

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Sunday, March 24, 2013

Shutter and Flowers

Shutter and Flowers

8x6in oil on canvas panel  $125.

How colorful can I get? I see the colors this bright
and I paint them. This was fun after working hard
on paintings for my May exhibit.

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Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Spring Blossoms, New Mexico

Spring Blossoms in New Mexico

6x8in oil on canvas panel  $125. SOLD

What a beautiful time of year this is here in New Mexico.
Every yard seems to have fruit trees popping their
gorgeous color out all over the place.

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Monday, March 18, 2013

Bird Watching - A Demo

Bird Watching

6x6in oil on Senso linen  $100. SOLD

I have been thrilled by the reception of my tutorial on Fracturing
A big thank you to all who have been interested.

Some requests have led me to show this demo of a more
"controlled way" to use the Fracturing technique.
Instead of multiple layers it is acomplished with one fracturing time.

I am working like crazy for my up-coming show so this is
a demo I did back in September, but never put on the blog.

I decided to use a previously painted image for my demo
- a painting of my grand-cat Pouncer from 9 years ago.
First I did a charcoal drawing which has been fixed with Krylon Fixative.
This is the way I worked as an illustrator because I could
always wash it off if I was not satisfied, and start again.

Next I applied transparent colors and as the canvas
already had a color I left some areas showing.

I forgot to take the photo showing local colors starting to
be placed. I used the angle brush to do that. Then I whacked
away with the handy dandy tool. As the paint is not on very
thickly at this stage this is an easy step and now you can see the
benefit of having the drawing underneath. Nothing gets too lost.

 I apply more paint with angle brush

After the brush I also used a knife, but your own
preference is fine at this stage. You still have to watch your
values and keep the light and dark areas separate.
(See the lighter/darker fur on the top of the cat,)

With the small round brush I reinstated some of the details
on the scarf and rug. You can tidy up as much or as little
as you want to.  I usually have the focal area less fractured.
I left the charcoal drawing showing here and there as I liked it.

(Take no notice of the pink area. I decided to crop this down to a

I have painted this cat before... see Pouncer

Artist Note.
I was thrilled to get a terrific email from Ann Feldman.
Click  on her name to see the wonderful results she
had when she taught the fracturing technique to her students.
She obviously is a good teacher because they really went after it.
It makes me feel really happy to see such exciting work.
It is not that I expect them to continue fracturing, but now they
have accomplished fracturing form, light and space,
it could lead to explorations of their own.

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Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Kitchen Sink, New Mexico

Kitchen Sink, NM

8x6in oil on canvas panel  $125 SOLD

It was Lisa Graham who sent this comment on
my last post of a Chili Ristra hanging by a door.
"Whenever I see a Ristra I always think of an old
Mexican kitchen with a large window over
the sink and shutters. 
Then I want to make enchiladas."
I could see the image she created so clearly in my
mind and this is what I came up with.

Artist Note.

As this developed entirely from my imagination,
it kept on growing when I added items as I
recalled them. Most likely from the many,
many kitchens I have been in in Mexico and
El Paso.
Hand painted tile, no granite. No dishwasher.
Garlic and Chili Ristra's hanging by the window.
Tomatoes ripening on the windowsill.
Casual flowers or pretty weeds in a jar.
If she painted it...
Lisa's version most likely would have a plump,
motherly type rolling out the flour tortillas.
All painted in her wonderful unique style.
See her work HERE
Thanks for the inspiration, Lisa. I enjoyed
painting this.

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Friday, March 8, 2013

Santa Fe Door

Santa Fe Door

8x6in oil on canvas panel  $125. SOLD

Here is another New Mexico blue door.
This one is in Santa Fe. The adobe is very
old and has been patched here and there...
but not by an expert!
The door is slightly more turquoise than
the photos shows. For those of you who
are unfamiliar with this area - it is a strand
of red chili peppers hanging on the wall.
Called Ritras they are very popular and
come in a wreath style too.
Check here RISTRAS

Artist Note.

I was overwhelmed at the response to my
600th post. As well as the wonderful
comments, I received personal emails galore.
It made me so happy and appreciated that
I realized it how nice it would be if we all sent
at least one blogger, (we follow) a thank you
for not only their talent, but
the "time and effort" they put into it. 

I am going to be busy!

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Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Rose Bouquet

Rose Bouquet

14x11in  oil on Raymar canvas panel  $600. unframed

This is my 600th post so I am celebrating with posting
a larger than normal painting.

Artist Note.

I have learned so many things about myself and my art
during this time, but the best thing to
come out of it has been the fellowship and support
of the amazing community of fellow blogging artists.
I sincerely thank you all.

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Monday, March 4, 2013

My Easel

My Easel

8x6in oil on canvas  125. SOLD

This is my easel at the Guild Studio.
The one in my studio at home has a crank.
Handy for the 6x8in boards - joking!
I was not doing them small when I got
the easel.

Artist Note.

This easel was given to me by a close friend
and amazing artist Kate Palmer. (check her art)
She lives in Santa Fe with her wonderful
husband Robb, who made this easel.
Kate's studio was featured a couple
of issues ago in Southwest Art.
I remember years ago when I first saw
her studio my jaw dropped.
Not only is it gorgeous - it is TIDY!

Thanks for all the comments on my last post.
I was without internet for two days and
wonders of withdrawals!
I had a marvelous and very special trip.
Great to see our daughter looking so happy.
I managed to paint there and back so the 6 hours
each way flew by.
For those interested in my travel set-up in
the van see HERE

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Friday, March 1, 2013

Pansy Revisit

Pansy Revisit

5x7in oil on canvas panel $100.

This is a pansy study I did a while ago.
I liked the bright colors and abstract background
so I did another layer to freshen it up.

Artist Note.

Kathy Squires, a personal friend and fellow member
of the Artist Guild, posted a lovely flowering cactus
painting on which she had used the fracturing technique.
Take a look HERE

Lisa Graham did a fabulous job of fracturing
a couple of pieces. The bird in the tree is awesome
and my favorite. Take a look HERE
I really enjoy seeing what others artists do and hope
you do too.

I am very excited as we leave tomorrow to visit
our daughter for the weekend.
It will be a six hour drive so I will
be doing my usual painting in the van. I hope to
do some work for my May show.
Enjoy your weekend.

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