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Sunday, February 26, 2017

New Mexico Sunrise

New Mexico Sunrise
6x6 oil on canvas panel $110. SOLD

A gorgeous spot in northern New Mexico.
It really is
The Land Of Enchantment.

Artist Note.
I have been having major
computer problems and
had to acquire a new one...
oh boy, now I have to
get used to
Windows 10.

 PLUS... unfortunately,
my usual way
of answering Blogger comments
is not working.
I type away with
a complete comment
when I click PUBLISH
I am asked to
please choose a profile. 

It happens on every artists 
blog I try to comment on 
including my own.
I can answer from my phone just fine,
but then I cannot see the whole blog.

I have tried every single one
of those  listed to no avail.
Everything I have typed
goes into never-never-land
Can anyone help me please?

Sunday, February 19, 2017

Pouncer ll - Fracturing Demo

Pouncer ll. Bird Watching
8x8in oil on Senso

Fracturing Technique - Step by Step.

Artist Note.

This is a re-post.
Some of you may not have seen it.
Swamped at the moment but hope
to paint tomorrow.

I have had so many requests for information on the fracturing technique
that I thought I would show some of the steps and tools I use.
I am using the natural linen SENSO. I buy it in pads which I tape
to foam core board. When it is dry I use YES paste
to glue it to a Masonite panel
Ampersand makes  boards in 6x8 in size.

 I drew this out with a mixture of
Ultramarine and Permanent Alizarin
using a script brush.
 Next, I placed quick brush marks
of bright, local color.
I made sure to go over the neighboring
edges in some places but not all.
Next, I used my handy tool to swish
 through some edges.
This part is where you allow your
own personal taste to guide you.

I hold the shaper at an angle and
VERY LIGHTLY  skim it over paint
to remove and randomly
break up areas .
Then I go back and reinstate.
Sometimes I fracture one layer
and others several times.
It all depends on how broken up
I want the image to be.

    This is a short handled, ANGLE brush.
    It is a marvelous brush for these
    small paintings.
    Using the edge, a straight line is easily
    made and I use the side to make
    multiple, different type marks.

 I make what I call "opposing strokes."
Shown here.
Make a stroke and then brush in the
opposite direction... and then again.
If you get into the habit of doing
this it will
prevent over blending and
keep your paint surface active.

If you click on the above it will
take you to DPW tutorial page where
I have a FREEBIE one for the tools I use
I also have a little video showing
 how I paint using the
fracturing technique.
(be sure to scroll down)
In the last two years, Catalyst has
come out with a whole line of shapers
so there is no need to make one.

I used a #2 round brush to do
the small areas to finishing up.
I check my center of interest
- the cats head- to make sure it
has not been fractured as much
as the other areas.

I hope that by showing my methods
and tools it will inspire some
of you to try some new method just for fun.
Let me know how it goes.

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Saturday, February 11, 2017

A Special Visit

Meeting a Fellow Blogger.
Anne Winthrop Cordin 

Anne and Cooper

I was delighted to get a message
from Anne
asking if we could meet as 
she passed through Las Cruces
with her husband (and dog).
Are you kidding...Absolutely!

I have followed Anne for a few years.
I love her blog and work. She paints 
with a wonderful abstract vision,
and writes amazingly well
about her process,
including personal ruminations
which are always interesting.

See for your self

Look what Anne painted while in Las Cruces.
A White Winged Dove.

Thank you, dear Anne, for taking the time to visit
and for making it such an interesting
and stimulating time. I loved every moment.
Hope you come again.

Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Egg Dreams - Alcohol Ink

Egg Dreams
8x10" alcohol ink on cradled board 
1 3/4" Floater Frame - silver leaf 
with antique finish. $495.
Purchase HERE

Artist Note.
I loved working on this one.
I saw the painting in a dream first
so I had a direction to go in.

I worked on getting a puffy,
cloud-like, background first.
Layering with the inks is 
not easy and I found that 
patience solved a lot of issues
that came up.

The whole process 
kept me fascinated
and I really like the results -
it has a little more of a 
contemporary viewpoint.