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Sunday, January 31, 2021

My Violets

My Violets 
6"X6" oil on raymar panel  $125.
Purchase SOLD

Artist Note
Thank heavens for the  
beautiful African Violet
which will bloom all year long,
providing a lovely touch of color.
I remember when I first 
started owning violets being told,
  they were just like children-
 the same care didn’t mean 
they would behave the same way.
So true!
I have had a bad cold...a regular winter cold.
Remember the days when you had a cold 
and you could just hunker down with
drinks and cosy blankets?...not anymore. 

I was scared out of my mind it was covid
so I was masked 24 hours a day...
and lugged my studio air purifier in my arms
everywhere in this small apartment 
so hubby would be protected. 

Major anxiety ruled the day.  

The first covid test
took two days 
before I was told it was
"damaged in transit" 
...and as my oxygen 
was in the 80's, and I felt major fatigue,
I hauled myself 
(and my hubby this time) off for another test, 
waiting another two days to find out 
the glorious news- both of us were negative.
It was a load lifted. Happy dance!

I had reasons for concern due to living where 
our next door neighbors 
had just been in quarantine for having covid
and quite a few living here having had it.
We get the first vaccine on Friday
and the anxiety will 
disappear a week after the second one.

Maybe my painting time will pick back up?
One can only hope.

Stay safe, my good friends!

Saturday, January 16, 2021

Morning Glories


Morning Glories 

8”x6” oil on Raymar panel. $150. SOLD

Artist Note

I started this one plein air in my friend’s yard.
(It was when I painted the pomegranates.) 

They were a beautiful 
purple color 
but as I didn’t take any photos 
I had to resort to some old pics
from a few years ago. 

Georgia O’keefe painted several paintings 
of morning glories and had one where she 
positioned this delicate flower
next to a large Ram’s skull! 
I have never forgotten the painting. 
Such an unexpected pairing. 

Any comments?

 I could not find a secure link
for you to visit 
Rams Scull and Morning Glory
But if you have nothing to do you may want 
to look it up and 
find out the interesting symbolism. 

Stay safe please.