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Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Snow - Painting in the Car.

Abstract. Sketch of snow shapes
and dark area relationships
6x8in  watercolor on paper 

We could not drive as fast (poor hubby)
on the return trip due to snowy road conditions.
It gave me time to really look at the color 
relationships for a gray day in snow and tree patterns.
Subdued color in the shade still 
vibrated gently against  the snow

tree branches -  using a rigger brush.
Trying to get the feeling of 
multiple branches and values.

Fall colors still around, here and there.

I loved the color of these weeds

I have started a new 
painting  - a snow scene
I felt more comfortable with it because I had 
just experienced doing the studies in the car.
I will show it on my next post.

I wish Happy New Year to you all.

I will be so glad to see this year end. 
One of the worst in my life! 
How I kept painting I do not know. 
At the same time, I recognize the full value
of "carrying on." The discipline of 
daily painting is to be respected
 even when not much creativity 
enters the stress filled mind.
The power of prayer can never 
be underestimated and the strength
that comes through it.

To my community of blogger friends, 
I thank you for the year of 
friendship and support.
A life saver!

Onward to a healthy, happy 2015 for us all.

Sunday, December 28, 2014

Painting in the Car - Tips.

A Decorated Nest

6x6in Casein. Gifted.

My daughter gave me this nest earlier this year.
The bright blue coated wire,
woven into the nest, had caught 
her eye as she was doing yard work.
 I have been wanting to paint it so
 I took it on the trip to paint when we drove 
through a long, boring area.

Before this happens though we go 
thru a really beautiful area called the Hondo Valley.
Some of the Wyeth Family 
have lived and painted there.

My goal, as I pass through, is to capture
shapes and colors only. It is impossible 
to get a finished painting, but easy
to look ahead and gather enough
info to maybe use in the studio. 
Besides...time flies by when I am painting!

On the way there...
snow on way back...

Looking ahead gave me time to get basic 
shapes quickly blocked in.
When we got closer I could see tree shapes
and I scrubbed those in as we whizzed 
past at over 75mph. 
(Memory painting becomes important 
when my hubby is at the wheel!)

I found a wonderful water holder which does 
not splash around during bumpy areas.

The lids are attached (bliss) 
It has two chambers - quite marvelous!
And the lid allows the inevitable
sloshing around without spills.
It fits in the pochade box below.
(See the nest peeking at the side.)

the watercolor container
This box is a treasure for travel.
mine holds a 6x8 board but different sizes
are available.
Shown is a sable travel brush
(with a metal handle)
I rest the box a lap tray. One of those with a
cushion on one side. Comfy and stays put.

I will show the snow study in the next post.

Friday, December 19, 2014

Callas At Christmas

Callas for Christmas

6x8in oil on canvas $125. SOLD

Artist Note.
Such a busy time of year.
This will most likely be my last post
until after Christmas.

Is it too much to hope for 
Peace in the World?
Wherever you live -
 I know we must all wish for it.
I thank our military, and their families
who sacrifice for this ultimate goal.

May everyone's 
Christmas or Holiday
 be full of joy and love for 
those we care for, as well as those who 
now are only memories in our hearts.
Be safe, be warm and be at peace.

Sunday, December 14, 2014

What a Difference a Day Makes

Santa Fe Arroyo - Snow

14x11"  oil on canvas  framed

What a difference a day makes.
This is the same arroyo and 
Pinion tree as previous post.
One moment, the day is sunny with 
temperatures in the 60's
and the next day ...snow!
The beauty of this area
is when the storm passes...
 out comes the sun again!

Artist Note
Obviously, this view is painted from
the other side of the pinion from 
the previous post and this time
is facing the hills of Santa Fe. 
I only did a few color notes on the canvas
and took photos because 
although it was sunny, my feet
got darn cold!
I am never a happy Julie with cold anything!

Friday, December 12, 2014

Santa Fe Arroyo

Santa Fe Arroyo

9x12in oil on canvas panel
M.Phillips Gallery  SOLD

Artist Note.
I love this spot and have painted 
it many times in all types of weather. 
 The far mountain range,  
named the Jemez Mountains,
(pronounced Hay-mez) 
and over 11,500' high,
is also where Los Alamos Laboratories
are located.
From this spot the Jemez range
can appear almost a cerulean blue 
under certain light conditions.

 With snow it is extra stunning.

Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Scurrying Clouds

Scurrying Clouds, NM
6x8in oil on canvas panel $125. SOLD
To Purchase  click HERE

If you like lots of green trees then
this is not the view for you.
Personally, I find I love
the long view...
where trees do not block the view.

Artist Note.
I used an angle
brush to form my basic shapes
of color
moving into palette knife work
to add texture for an interesting

Monday, December 8, 2014

Calla Lily Study

Calla Study
12x9in oil on linen  Sold

I took some of the calla lilies out of the 
previous rose and lily bouquet 
to do a separate study. 
This one was done on
a sheet of Senso - a wonderful, 
clear primed linen -  
leaving the natural color as 
part of the background. 

Artist Note

When I do a study using "paint",
I quickly try to
grasp the essential essence 
of my personal response to 
what I am 
as well as what 
I am seeing. 

If I am tackling 
a brand new subject,
I like to do a detailed 
exploration where
I  start with a tight 
and accurate drawing. 
I have many, many 
calla lily drawings.
Love their grace.

Thursday, December 4, 2014

Callas and Roses - Correction Made

Roses and Callas
12x9 watercolor on Yupo paper

Artist Note.
It was good to read all the positive 
comments on my last post
and I thank you for them.
I agree and do believe that there 
may have been more 
energy it that version, but once I saw 
I did not like, I had to make the change.
Culprits... the two
facing callas, left and right,
I thought of "horns" when I finally "saw" them
(see below)
To make the change I became cautious.
I painted some paper I matched with 
the general background
 color and hovered over the two shapes
to decide which one I would change.
The dominant right one had to go

Hats off to clever Sea Dean who 
spotted my  problem with the first
version. Sea put it this way
" PS I bet it's the clone Callas left and right,
 but sometimes these aberrations are what gives
 the painting it's quirkiness and prevent the
chocolate box effect. 
That's where artistic license comes in.

Excellent -  Now I have to figure out
if they are  too chocolate boxy 
Any thoughts anyone?

Check out Sea Dean on DPW

Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Precious Flower Gift

Roses and Callas

12x10 watercolor on Yupo paper
not quite finished...

I had a birthday recently and my daughter
and her hubby sent flowers - 
gorgeous flowers. 
(She knows what I like to paint.)
Thanks a bunch, Rainy and Eric.
I had a wonderful time looking, and painting.

Artist Note
I thought this was finished, but,
sigh... I just noticed something 
 I have to fix. 
Put it up on the screen,
 and something not right, jumps right out.
Frustrating, but very helpful.
Does this happen to anyone else?