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Sunday, December 22, 2019

Snowy River

Snowy River
8'x10in oil on canvas  SOLD

Artist Note
This is such a busy time of year
and it will most likely be my last post
until after Christmas.
I am grateful to all of you who follow
my blog and provide such wonderful support.
Thank you.

Hope you don't mind a posting
of an older painting. It remains one of my favorite
landscapes. I hope to get back outside
and do some plein air painting in 2020.

Is it too much to hope for 
Peace in the World?
Wherever you live -
 I know we must all wish for it.

May everyone's 
Christmas or Holiday
 be full of joy and love for 
those we care for, as well as those who 
now are only memories in our hearts.
Be safe, be warm and be at peace.

Friday, December 6, 2019

Turquoise Nest, New Mexico.

Turquoise Nest NM
11"X 14"  oil on gallery wrap canvas.  

Artist Note
New Mexico Turquoise is a much beloved
and prized gemstone and its color
 is reflected everywhere, here in New Mexico
...leading up to why
I want to add a turquoise colored nest
to my Avian series.

I have not been painting due to my hubby 
having his second heart attack 
just over a month ago which has left his heart
rather damaged 
and our routines totally changed.
The good news is 
he is a man with a lovely disposition
which makes everything nicer
and easier for me.

I am getting back into the studio 
for one or two hour blocks of
emotionally important time.
I am always amazed at how difficult it can be 
to get back into the flow. 
Fortunately, I had started the study before
the, you know what, hit the fan!

The above nest is a study for a larger painting.
When I say larger...
how about  30"X 40" For me that is huge!
Below is the unfinished one.
I started the large one with the intent to complete it 
for a show I was having, back three years ago,
when I unfortunately tore my meniscus and
had to put it on the back burner.
Since then, the house went on the market, 
the beloved studio was cleaned out 
and this was put into storage.

When coming back to a painting already started
I find doing a smaller study 
helps me get back on track.
The paint quality of the background 
on the large one consists of thin washes 
of colors and I had to 
figure out if I should glaze, texture or both.
I did both on the study.
Still pondering...