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Saturday, February 20, 2021

Gray Day At The Pond


Gray Day At The Pond
8”x8” oil on stretched canvas.  $200. SOLD

Artist Note.

Can anyone tell me why some water lilies 
have long stems and others do not?
Is it anything to do with how deep the water is?
Curious mind wants to know.

It was a misty morning when I first painted
this spot (in watercolor) 
and I remember thinking,
how bright a gray sky
 could be without the sun.

I was looking through some of 
my old watercolor sketchbooks
when I came across this view
and it stirred up some spark to paint it.
Nice when that happens

Poor Texas... 
I have really felt for her.

Some lovely friends live there.
The stories they have told are unbelievable.
Sending many prayers.
Besides donations, how can a person help?