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Friday, December 30, 2016


8x6in oil on canvas panel $140. SOLD

Artist Note
It is hard to believe
 another year has passed.

I am not making any 
New Years Resolutions 
as I am grateful for so many
aspects of my life.
I am learning to be a 
little more forgiving of 
my shortcomings. 
What a shame it 
has taken me so long
to get to understand that
just like my paintings,
some parts of me 
are better than others! 
 Also, I can correct, erase, 
and improve
when I can "see it."

I am truly grateful for all 
my blogging friends,
and to all the artists
who honor me 
by allowing me to be their mentor.
I love painting and teaching.
They both satisfy me on a deep
emotional level.

Wishing you all the 
very best for 2017.
and hug!

Friday, December 23, 2016

Tis The Season...

and JOY 
in your heart
during this very special season.

Blessings and thanks
for your 
wonderful support..


Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Moonrise - Ink On Copper.

6x20 in alcohol ink on copper SOLD

Artist Note.
These images are from 
my Avian November show
This one got lots of attention.
The copper gleams through 
and creates an inner light.
I really liked working on it.

As I mentioned 
in a previous post,
I pushed myself to try 
doing some creative work
for my avian series.
I was totally creative with 
the one below.
The nest is actually
made of rust...
the bottom of a rusty bucket.
I wanted to use the walls
of the bucket
for a different project so
gently tapped out the bottom 
and when it fell to the ground
I saw it shaped like a nest.
I treated the rust and mounted it after 
I had painted the background shapes.
  It looked like a nest to me, but I
felt I wanted to pop an egg in.
Painting the egg was the
hardest part. 
If it was wrong 
then there would be 
no way to correct it.

(click to enlarge)
Rusty Home
18x21' treated rust mounted on
black acid-free foam board
painted with acrylic.
below - close-up of rust piece.

I was pleased I could break 
out of my usual imagery.

Friday, December 16, 2016

Waiting - watercolor on Yupo

(Window from Chimayo, New Mexico)
8x10in watercolor on Yupo  SOLD

Chimayo is famous for
El Santuario de Chimayo
and the documented healings
from the "sacred earth"
The link is worth the visit.

Artist Note.
Watercolor on Yupo
is pretty remarkable,
 allowing for stress-free
painting due to the
clean lifting ability

Different techniques
are fun to try...
like in the one below

9x7  watercolor on Yupo  SOLD

Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Life Cycle

Life Cycle
13x10in mixed media on paper SOLD

Artist Note

Yes - a little different for me but
I did enjoy using acrylics
in this piece.
I love the colors of turquoise
and earth tones together.

My process...
after layering acrylic
colors and disturbing the surface
all over with the fracturing
I restored certain outlines
water-soluble artist's crayon.

I have been really busy.
I enjoyed a trip to
Art Basil
in Miami where I saw lots
of work, I wouldn't call art.

I also saw many brilliant 
which fed my soul.

I came back refreshed
and went right into
my fracturing workshop.
Lots of talented painters
with great attitudes.
They were all established
artists so a lot of good paintings
 came out of it.

It is always great for my moral
when I can help an artist
find a new direction to their
painting style. A great thing
about the fracturing technique
is you can use it a little or a lot.
It is really neat to see how
they adapt to their own
personal preferences.

Thank you for trusting
me to inspire you,
 Brenda, Kay, Carol,
Ana, Marilyn, Lindy and Candi.

Life is good.