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Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Life Cycle

Life Cycle
13x10in mixed media on paper SOLD

Artist Note

Yes - a little different for me but
I did enjoy using acrylics
in this piece.
I love the colors of turquoise
and earth tones together.

My process...
after layering acrylic
colors and disturbing the surface
all over with the fracturing
I restored certain outlines
water-soluble artist's crayon.

I have been really busy.
I enjoyed a trip to
Art Basil
in Miami where I saw lots
of work, I wouldn't call art.

I also saw many brilliant 
which fed my soul.

I came back refreshed
and went right into
my fracturing workshop.
Lots of talented painters
with great attitudes.
They were all established
artists so a lot of good paintings
 came out of it.

It is always great for my moral
when I can help an artist
find a new direction to their
painting style. A great thing
about the fracturing technique
is you can use it a little or a lot.
It is really neat to see how
they adapt to their own
personal preferences.

Thank you for trusting
me to inspire you,
 Brenda, Kay, Carol,
Ana, Marilyn, Lindy and Candi.

Life is good.


  1. Love it, it seems to lead on from your 'Family Time' at your last posting. The tiled effect and colours really work; love the way you've mixed some of them into a marbled effect.

    I really get it! Which is unusual for me. Quite a lot for me to think about here; very inspiring.

    I've never really done mixed media, but I have started a big one (for me) 30 x 24, comprising a large pen & ink drawing with acrylic paint on stretched cotton canvas.

    1. Good to know you love this one, John....thank you. It makes me grateful I have been experimenting.. Your large painting sounds fascinating. I never considered pen and ink drawing possible on canvas in the detailed way you do it. You must have come up with a way to make the canvas very smooth. I cannot wait to see it. Good for you!
      Maybe the boat is almost completed so your creative juices must be spinning for you to end your wonderful new post with such a teaser. You ROCK, my friend.

    2. Funny you should say ROCK ... which ties together with the 'teaser'

      The 6.5 Special's steamin' down the line,
      The 6.5 Special's right on time.
      Coal in the boiler burnin' up'n bright,
      Rollin' and a-rockin' through the night,
      My heart's a-beatin' 'cos I'll be meetin'
      The 6.5. Special at the station tonight.

    3. NEVER a dull moment with you John. I am worried I will fail the IQ test here. Painting a train?

  2. Your work with acrylics is wonderful as well Julie! I love the blues surrounding the birds. Makes them pop perfectly..the added eggs finish this beautiful painting! Awesome work as always!!!

    1. Thanks Hilda. We both worked with blue this time. You have such a rich color harmony in your beautiful still life. I am surprised you do not do more still life paintings because you are so good at them (i was delighted to see a bird on the pitcher!)

  3. Beautiful painting! Happy Holidays Julie!

    1. I really enjoyed seeing your non-representational paintings, Stephanie. Your impressionistic paintings are beautiful but I sense the future is going to be an exciting period of many discoveries.
      Thank you for the visit and Holiday wishes.

  4. Art is a never ending journey and I love being witness to yours! Thank you for sharing your process. I love this piece, not only because it's beautiful but it speaks to creativity, taking risks and finding joy! Love it Julie!

    1. What a great comment. Bless you! It is like you truly understand the risk of exploration...and the feeling of pleasure when it works!
      Congratulations on your great DPW Spotlight interview, Kaethe. I really enjoyed reading it.

  5. ooh very nice :) like the blue on the bird, works well with the turquoise in the background :)

    1. Thanks Jennifer. I really liked the "ooh"
      I am amazed at your dragon work. You are so talented.

  6. A very clever idea for subject matter, Julie...Life Cycle. I can see that this could be done with flowers, veggies. people, etc.

    Your outlining of the crows with a blue/turquoise line makes the birds glow beautifully. And, the verticals and horizontals guide my eye throughout the work. Superbly done!

    1. I did a solo show many years ago called Life Cycle and yes, you are right, the subject matter was birds in it though.
      I always find your comments insightful, Carol, and really appreciate the careful observation of my painting. You honor me.

  7. Fabulous color combinations, one of many of your paintings I love. Also, thanks for sharing many of your thoughts Julie.

    1. Hi Blanche. I see you are still not posting, but hope you are at least painting. I always love your visits and thank you for sharing your observations. It really pleases me you like this painting.

  8. Learning your fracturing technique is on my list for 2017. Love the color palette in this painting.

    1. Thank you, Sharon. I love the colors too.
      I enjoyed your post reminding us to stay in the moment and I thought what you wrote in the previous about owning original art was spot on.

  9. I'm glad; also feel like this is a surprisingly happy painting of crows.

    1. Good to have you visit, Jean. Thank you. Happy due to the colors I think?
      Love your new nude. Definitely as good or better than any of the nudes I saw at Art basil. Truly!

  10. I think Kaethe said it well..."taking risks and finding joy" -- that's you! This lovely painting also made me realize that I associate you with the color turquoise. It's elegant, warm and vibrant, just like you. And it's featured in one of my very favorite paintings of yours, the ginger jar with eggs and feather.

  11. How neat it was to read your association of turquoise and moi! I am going to cherish this one. Thank you, also, Helene, for remembering the ginger jar painting.
    I just marveled at your commissioned portrait of Monica. Amazing, and I know it will be absolutely treasured by her daughter. You have a true gift at capturing the essence of a person.

  12. A BEAUTY! The blues are what made this "POP." NICE Sale, too.

    1. Always good to have a visit from you. Sue. I agree about the blue.
      I enjoyed seeing your Sea Glass Reflections. So abstract and yet so real.

  13. Welcome back, Julie! I love the touches of turquoise in this that makes the birds stand out so nicely. I think turquoise adds such a wonderful warm feel to a painting. The change from the earth tones to the turquoise gives this such a nice dimension!

  14. The way you composed the painting leaves me breathless! Beautiful turquoise color! I am happy you are feeling refreshed and well!


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