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Friday, January 19, 2018

The Ginger Glass Vase

The Ginger Glass Vase

6"x6" oil on Raymar panel $125. SOLD

Artist Note
A lot of work goes into making 
a full size still life onto
such a small board.

I was trying something new...
so, please
let me know that when
you first saw it 
you could tell it was mine.

Saturday, January 13, 2018

Poppy and Red

Poppy Red
6'x6' oil on Raymar panel 110.

Artist Note
I have a new red tube of paint
I wanted to try out.
Holbein's Rose Dore
I thought it was a cool red.
Look below 
The swatches are of transparent reds.

I found
Rose Dore 
to be a beautiful transparent red.

All colors cool down adding white but the 
Rose Dore managed to stay warm
by comparison. 
I like it.
I will add it to my box for when 
I want a glowing, transparent underpainting

I went to the store and 
bought a beautiful red silk poppy 
and held it under a light.
It was fun to paint ...
and not so much fun to photograph.
It took as long to get the above image
closest to the real one as it did to paint it.

House under contract again!
February 21st closing.
Fingers crossed. We really like
the family. A military family.

Saturday, January 6, 2018

Farmers Market #25

Farmers Market #25
8"x8" oil on Raymar panel SOLD

Artist Note

I thought a spot of sunshine for my
blog followers in the brutally 
cold areas
would be a reminder of what
lies ahead for you all!
Sending warmest thoughts
your way.
Keep safe!

I enjoyed painting this and kept adding 
to the composition...putting in and taking out.
taking me time and having a good time.

It is from sketches and photos
I have done here at the 
Farmers Market in Las Cruces -
but I took out the buildings along 
Main Street.
Could be in France!

I enjoyed the most marvelous
time before and after Christmas,
 even though we all had to clear out
of the house
for viewings a couple of times.

The kids took it well and piled
all their "stuff" back into cars
  because the closets had to
be kept neat!

No sibling fights,
lots of laughter and reminiscing
about good times in the house.
Now the perfect buyer is welcome
at any time.

Wednesday, December 27, 2017

Some Favorite Things.

Some Favorite Things
8"x6" oil on Canvas Panel  SOLD

Artist Note
I just enjoyed a wonderful 
few hours in the studio.

I gathered a favorite porcelain vase
to go with some beautiful flowers
I was given over Christmas plus
a table runner that was my mothers,
and blissfully went into 
a zen zone.

Christmas was very, very special 
as I hope yours was too.

This will be the last post of the year.
Once again I thank you all for
following my blog.
Also for the friendship as well as
the encouragement I feel
you give me. 


I get so much pleasure out of 
visiting your blogs 
and being inspired, 
 not only with the images 
but also the words you write.
Thank you.

May 2018 be one of good health
and personal happiness for you all.

Tuesday, December 19, 2017

Bosque Del Apache, NM. Sunrise

Bosque Sunrise 
8"x 8" oil on canvas panel $200.
Purchase HERE

Artist Note
I finally had time to paint this 
amazing sunrise view
from my visit to the Bosque in the Fall.
(If you look carefully at this
on the early morning of the 25th 
you will see the Santa's sleigh 
going across the light!!)

I held my annual December 
Fracturing Technique Workshop
and it was a pure delight for me
 due to a very compatible  
and also
 a talented group of artists 
who were willing to push themselves
into new territory.
Thank you all for honoring me 
with your painting trust.

Now it is MY time to paint 
before the new classes start in January.
 I have a Do Not Disturb sign on
my studio door.
 My friends are honoring it!

We have been blessed with 
not selling the house yet 
and so my kids & families 
are coming in for one last 
holiday blast in the home we all love.

Wishing every one of you who 
follow this blog, a wonderful
Christmastime of Love, Peace, and Hope.

May our fine military forces,
the first responders everywhere
and  especially the amazing firefighters 
in California
get to be home or at least be able to 
skype/facetime their loved ones
for the holidays.

I will be back before 
the New Year.

Thursday, November 30, 2017


6"x12" oil on canvas panel  $200.
Purchase HERE

Artist Note

This was a demo for
 the last class of the semester
at the Artist Guild SNM
It was painted on a surface 
already colored
by a previous wipe-off.

I started with the transparent
darker areas first, adding
the colored opaque areas bit by bit
as I gradually moved into
the whitest areas,

I used a photo I had taken
at Trader Joes of the
tops of the orchids through
the  clear wrapping.
Purple, yellow and white flowers.
Beautiful together.

This is an unusual size but I like
how it flows
and do not want to crop it.
It will need a custom frame.

Thank you for all the
great comments on my last post.
I am sorry I have not had time
 to answer them.
Busy, busy with Thanksgiving
and fun company.
the house still on the market!!

Tuesday, November 21, 2017

Blessings Are Everywhere.

Blessings Are Everywhere

watercolor on Yupo

First, let me wish you all 
a grateful and peaceful
Every 7 years it falls on my birthday
and this year is THE one.
My daughter will be doing the cooking!

Artist Note
I painted this one in the car going
to and from the dentist. 
A trip of an hour each way.
It was almost finished 
by the time I got home
(as you can see in the car photo.)

I spent another hour tweaking it
in the studio. 
I really, really like it,
partially because it is 
totally from my imagination.
Pulling on my memory of shapes
and movement of the birds, etc

It is larger than 
my usual daily paintings 
and when matted and framed
I hope it will continue to please me.

to start...
I deliberately used a staining blue
and took it right across
the page and then lifted it off leaving 
a light blue foundation.
Next, using a big brush I 
placed puddles of 
yellow pale
transparent orange oxide 
and transparent brown oxide
then fractured into them.
I lifted off the shaped of the birds 
with a paper towel and water.
I then began the details...
the fun part, but also what takes
the longest and is the most absorbing
with all the decisions to be made.

Saturday, November 11, 2017

Great Blue Heron

 Great Blue Heron
Bosque del Apache NM

8"x 6" oil on canvas panel  $150. SOLD

Artist Note

I joined other artists at
New Mexico's amazing
Bosque del Apache National Wildlife Refuge
where we
hoped to catch the fall colors
and see the cranes.

We left in the dark
for the two hour drive
and was rewarded with
Wow -
a gorgeous sunrise

This beautiful refuge has a long loop road with
bird watching sites and boardwalks at regular intervals.
Our cameras were busy clicking away
and I wrote down color notes.

Lots and lots of Snow Geese

The Blue Herons
are usually on their own so we
were looking for them along the ditches.
which led to us finding
this extra stunning ditch
with the green weeds.
 I cannot wait to paint it.

There is a photo/video link below
of a  Blue Heron
eating a HUGE fish at the
Bosque del Apache.
And I mean HUGE

I found it pretty fascinating
(seeing is believing}
but only because of the
stubborn nature of the Heron
...who obviously was
determined he wouldn't have to relay
the traditional fishing story
to his mate, when he got back to the nest.
You know the one...
" the one that got away!"
Heron eating fish

Thursday, November 2, 2017

Aspen Colors

Aspen Colors #1
8x6" oil on canvas  SOLD

Aspen Colors #2
8x6 oil on canvas panel  SOLD

Artist Note

It's the Blue Sky 
Gold and Scarlet leaf time.
  I always try to paint an aspen
or cottonwood
every year.
 I did two this year -
experimenting with the different light 
on the same group of trees.

I am quite sad really 
because it reminds 
me that the clocks go back
and I drive home
 from work in the dark!

Does anyone else dislike that?

Wednesday, October 25, 2017

Double Beauty

Double Beauty
6"x6" oil on canvas panel. $110.
Purchase HERE

Artist Note

The last roses of the year. 
A warm protected spot 
produced an extra gift of beauty
during this busy time.

My son came to help with sorting
and moving all my art books.
A huge job as most had to be
brought from the studio
and into the house...
up and down a flight of stairs.

He said he felt he had moved the
Library of Congress!

Anyway, they have been
all thinned down
to just under a hundred
of those friends I feel
 I cannot live without.
Downsizing bit by bit!!