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Saturday, February 20, 2021

Gray Day At The Pond


Gray Day At The Pond
8”x8” oil on stretched canvas.  $200. SOLD

Artist Note.

Can anyone tell me why some water lilies 
have long stems and others do not?
Is it anything to do with how deep the water is?
Curious mind wants to know.

It was a misty morning when I first painted
this spot (in watercolor) 
and I remember thinking,
how bright a gray sky
 could be without the sun.

I was looking through some of 
my old watercolor sketchbooks
when I came across this view
and it stirred up some spark to paint it.
Nice when that happens

Poor Texas... 
I have really felt for her.

Some lovely friends live there.
The stories they have told are unbelievable.
Sending many prayers.
Besides donations, how can a person help?


  1. I particularly love that Impressionist way where you can noticeably see the painting and its texture, that's what the oil gives it, then those water lilies that seem to float is very nice the work.
    Best regards.

    1. As a watercolorist you will notice the physical texture. A watercolorist creates the impression of texture. I am in awe of that ability! Thanks for the neat comment. Love the way you captured the shadows in your new street painting.

  2. I don't know the answer to your question Julie, but I am curious now and will try to find out. I will have your exquisite painting in my head as I pore through the books!

    1. Hello David, love your post with the Snowy Owl (I adore its proper name -Bubo scandiacus.) the photos are a pure delight. That must be a really good camera that Miriam owns, but she has the eye for great design too - doesn't she? Thank you for always being supportive.

  3. I always love seeing paintings with water lilies and I visualize koi’s swimming there. In the past, I had water lilies but my koi’s ate them before I can enjoy seeing them!!!
    This painting is outstanding my friend. Gorgeous colors. And I as well feel for hard hearing about this disaster. My friends daughter lives there and thank God she’s not affected so she has some people living in mobile homes in her yard so they can have electricity and water! I love to hear people helping out.

    1. Happy you like the waterlilies Hilda. I never knew the koi liked to eat them so I was grinning reading that. Time moves on and Texas is returning to its usual strength. It always amazes me the resilience of people.

  4. Lovely and romantic painting , always love your waterlilies. There is a great variety of waterlilies that's why some have long stems and some do not, some are rustic and live through winter and some do not.

    1. Romantic is the right word Jane. I am a romantic. I paint beauty because it moves me. Neat to get your explanation that it is the "variety" of the waterlily what determines the length.

  5. A lovely softly-nuanced painting, Julie. A good question about the stem length...the only ones I've seen here are closely tucked down against the leaves.

    1. Jane said it depends on the variety of waterlily. I remember in India the lotus would grow tall out of mud.
      Hope you are continuing to paint beauty.

  6. Saw this on Instagram and my heart sang. Love it.

  7. Hi Sharon - thanks... its a shame you do not have a link on your blogger profile' I do enjoy your Instagram posts.


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