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Friday, September 23, 2016

Poms From A Friend.

6"x 6" oil on canvas panel  $110. SOLD

Artist Note
I really do enjoy the 
pomegranate time of year.
These are in a glass bowl
in case you cannot figure
it out.
A fellow artist passed these 
on to me - thanks, Chris.

I apologize for not getting 
round to answering the 
comments on my previous post.
I truly appreciate them all,
but I am at the hair pulling stage
and berating myself for 
agreeing to do a solo show.
I know it is normal - 
well, for me anyway,
and, yes,  this too will pass,
but until it is all at the framers
and invitation done I 
am out of my 
comfort/ routine zone.

Wishing you all a wonderful
painting week.

Sunday, September 18, 2016

White Oleanders

6"x 8" 
oil on linen mounted on panel $140.
Purchase HERE

Artist Note.
We have a beautiful
large bush of these
blooming by the deck.

In this painting, I am trying
for a cooler palette.
I am usually drawn to
the warmer colors but
here I used
lavender and green
-a warm and cool
of each of them.

Monday, September 12, 2016

Lucky Me!

Lucky, lucky me!
 These are the
 four paintings
I have in
Exploring Color.
Click on link above to see a
short flip through.
I highly recommend this book.
Not because I am in it, 
but the information she
shares is invaluable 
for any artist working 
in any media.

Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Misty Morning

Misty Morning
6 x 6 inches oil on canvas panel 

Artist Note
I saw a photo of
this stunningly beautiful sunrise
shared on a friend's blog,
and asked for permission to use it
and LOVED painting it. 
Simple shapes and lovely harmony.
Thank you, dear Debbie.

I am busy painting for my 
solo show in early November.
Pressure is on because I
have to finish all the ones 
that need framing by October.

Between teaching and painting 
I have not had any time to visit,
but will get round to it tonight. 
Not complaining...just explaining!
I miss my routine of 
seeing what everyone is doing.