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Friday, September 23, 2016

Poms From A Friend.

6"x 6" oil on canvas panel  $110. SOLD

Artist Note
I really do enjoy the 
pomegranate time of year.
These are in a glass bowl
in case you cannot figure
it out.
A fellow artist passed these 
on to me - thanks, Chris.

I apologize for not getting 
round to answering the 
comments on my previous post.
I truly appreciate them all,
but I am at the hair pulling stage
and berating myself for 
agreeing to do a solo show.
I know it is normal - 
well, for me anyway,
and, yes,  this too will pass,
but until it is all at the framers
and invitation done I 
am out of my 
comfort/ routine zone.

Wishing you all a wonderful
painting week.


  1. Beautiful Poms Julie, the title of your post made me smile as I'm sure you know the (all in good fun) Australian nick name for English folk :). Wishing you all best for your exhibition, I know it will be a huge success :)

  2. Deep breaths ....stay calm ... eat the poms! The show will be a success ...and then... normality will abound!

    Great colours, clever composition really lovely mouth-watering painting.

  3. Love love love this. You crack me up. Of course they're in a glass bowl. Good luck on your solo show! Wish I could come!

  4. Love the color and those strokes! You are going to have such a great show! Wish I lived closer! I would love to see your work up close and personal! Wishing you much success Julie!

  5. All the very best and such good luck for your show, Julie. It will be as wonderful as you are, you fabulous woman!!!

  6. Beautiful as always and excited for your show.

  7. The overhead point of view is wonderful! Gives a unique perspective to the fruit and leaves. The poms are so colorful with their spectrum of reds, pinks oranges, etc. and those "shots" of blue on the leaves are such a treat. Wishing you the best with all your preparations for the show. I know it will be successful and memorable.

  8. dont pull out too much hair! dont want to have to go wig shopping on top of getting everything done for the show ;)

    you captured the colour and texture of the pomegranates perfectly :)

  9. This is a fabulous painting Julie!!!! I still never tasted a Pomegranate but I will someday.....I don't know why it scares me!!! Lol. Maybe all of the seeds!!! If you have a solo show it will be SO successful! And I only wish I can see your paintings in person...

  10. Organizing a solo show is time consuming , so many details to remember . I did one in march , and at the same time I was renovating a flat + preparing a craziness ! It's the time of the year for this gorgeous fruit , and of course you painted it gloriously..and yes , you can tell they are in a glass bowl :-)

  11. Oh Julie this is so beautiful. You can make a bowl of fruit look absolutely delicious! Please don't pull your hair out. I am sure you will do wonderfully with your solo show and yes all things do pass given time. Take care and have a blessed week - hugs!

  12. I bought some pomegranates yesterday in a market yesterday. So I was planning to paint today, but the colour is not red like yours. They are greenish yellow.You always inspire me. Thank you for sharing your great works.

  13. This is so rich!!! I love how the poms stand out and with the look from above, the glass bowl doesn't distract from the rest of the painting. Lovely job!

  14. When someone does not know what we mean by rich colors, lots of chroma, just lead them to this painting. It is rich and full.

  15. This is awesome Julie, good luck with your show and look forward to you sharing some pios :-)

  16. Thinking of you so much today. Stopped by to browse your beautiful art here on your blog. I hope things are going smoothly for you as you prepare for your show! How I wish I could be there! Hugs


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