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Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Yellow Roses and Split Complementary

Yellow Roses and Vase
8x6 inches oil on canvas panel $140.SOLD

Artist Note
Continuing the color harmony
focus at the Guild this month.

This Split Complementary
 color harmony is an unusual
one for me to try.
For a start it is a red/violet
and not a blue violet.
The wheel below is by
The Color Wheel Company.

I made a reminder of my 
warm violet mixture.
and decided to use a tube color.
See the top one below.

Below is the palette
for the painting
The larger amount of the red/violet
reminds me to have more of it than
any other color. I cooled it 
with the black.
I used both the 
complement - yellow
and the grey to neutralize it.

Colors used are
Mauve  (Holbein)
Perm Yellow Light
Ivory Black 
Titanium White

One dominate color - meaning "more of"
is the key to all these harmony lessons.
I remember the wonderful artist/teacher,
Ovanes Berbarian, saying over 
and over again...
"ask yourself is it a 
A pink-y painting
a blue-y painting - a green-y painting!"
Then make sure that color dominates.

I used to think the accent color 
was the dominate color
because I would notice it first
Like the yellow rose here. 
It took Ovanes to 
put it in easy words 
for me to understand.
So this is a "mauve-y painting!"

Friday, August 19, 2016

Sunset On The Bay - Blue and Orange

Sunset On The Bay
6"x 6" oil on canvas panel $110.
Purchase HERE

Artist Note.
I am still following 
the Guild's class assignment
of different color harmonies
This one is the 
Complementary one
I chose blue and orange
for mine.
Titanium White was invaluable
with the orange mixture. 

I mixed a pile with just a wee
spot of orange and that became my white.
 Transp Brown Oxide 
( a deep burnt orange)
took down the orange into 
the rich tones before.adding blue
to darken 
I used a coral
orange which can bend 
to the pink tones with a blue gray.
I used both a warm and cool blue 

Nita Leland's book,
Confident Color
has been fabulous for helping 
me understand all the different
color harmonies. The good news is that
Nita has a brand new book out,

I am excited to see it because her 
other books have been invaluable 
with helping me in so many ways.

 Hover over the North Light
block under the book and 
you will find a discount code.
She also has lots of free info 
and color charts to download.
A fabulous site!

Monday, August 15, 2016

A Floral and An Analogous Demo

Three Flowers
6"x 6" oil on canvas panel  $110  SOLD

Artist Note.
At the Artists Guild this month we are 
working on doing the basics 
for getting back in touch 
with the different
sets of color harmonies. 
After a two month break
 the basics 
are a fun way to start the flow.

  We started off with 
Monochromatic of course. Easy - one color
in all the right values and chroma.

 the one below was a demo
for the Analogous harmony
the run of the wheel from
from orange,
 to yellow to yellow green.


Shown on my palette below are 
T White - Perm Yellow Lt - Orange - I Black
Pre-mixed before starting to colors 
shown below 
Mix black with white to 
the correct VALUE before
adding it to the other lighter colors. 

The yellow and black
make the greens
The orange and black make browns.
Gray mixed from black and white
added in small proportions to the
colors makes many subtle
 and bluish neutrals.

The top painting is done with
Yellow Light, Permanent Rose
(instead of the tube Orange)
It gave me a cool pink
as well as orange.
I also went into a touch of
Ultramarine Blue added to the Black
 to cool down the gray into a true
for warm/cool bounce.
The effect is brighter in
all the colors, but
 especially in the greens.

I know all of you reading this already
know all this stuff about color,
but when I was
painting for my show last month
I found lack of good color harmony
was the single main reason I
tossed and started again.
Have to remember
DOMINATE (more of)

Next - the Complements - a fav!

Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Watermelon and Cherries

Watermelon and Cherries
10"x10" oil on panel Gifted!

Artist Note.
This was started as a demo during the 
June workshop. 
I finished it a few weeks ago.
It is bright and cheerful and 
given as a wedding gift 
to a very dear friend's

I did it!
I hibernated from all distractions
for over a month.
No visiting blogs or writing them.
I found I went thru 
major blogging withdrawals.
I went off social media, too,
and immersed myself into
painting for my November show.
I emerged with seven 
completed paintings from
48"x39" to 9"x12"
several good starts.

I am now back in the classroom
and my busy, but stimulating
 life starts up again.
Can't wait to get around to
catch up on everyone's blogs.

Thanks for all the
encouraging comments on my last post.
You are great!