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Thursday, December 31, 2020

Happy New Year!

 Mockingbird Pride

Artist Note

I am still working on this painting. 
Taking my time to think it out.
Tweak or not to tweak...
that is the question!

As the sun sets on 
I  want to thank you 
for the support you gave me and my art
during this weird year. 
It has meant so much.

My painting habits have changed 
due to being at home with a
dear hubby - who is delighted to have
me around due to him being able to enjoy
regular meals served on time.
(I do not kid myself it is 
due to my scintillating personality!)

I have always worked and been a do-er
so learning to be idle has been quite a feat.
I miss teaching and the wonderful artists 
I was around. BUT... I am grateful to be healthy
and in a position where I can stay safe and
 thanking heavens for Walmart grocery pick-up.
I am also becoming a ping pong player!

Let me know how YOU have adapted
to the new routines 
with any helpful hints you may have.

 I want to wish you all
 a much better new year than this last
one has probably been.

May 2021 Bless YOU with 
Health, Joy and Peace

12"x12" oil on gallery wrap