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Sunday, December 22, 2019

Snowy River

Snowy River
8'x10in oil on canvas  SOLD

Artist Note
This is such a busy time of year
and it will most likely be my last post
until after Christmas.
I am grateful to all of you who follow
my blog and provide such wonderful support.
Thank you.

Hope you don't mind a posting
of an older painting. It remains one of my favorite
landscapes. I hope to get back outside
and do some plein air painting in 2020.

Is it too much to hope for 
Peace in the World?
Wherever you live -
 I know we must all wish for it.

May everyone's 
Christmas or Holiday
 be full of joy and love for 
those we care for, as well as those who 
now are only memories in our hearts.
Be safe, be warm and be at peace.

Friday, December 6, 2019

Turquoise Nest, New Mexico.

Turquoise Nest NM
11"X 14"  oil on gallery wrap canvas.  

Artist Note
New Mexico Turquoise is a much beloved
and prized gemstone and its color
 is reflected everywhere, here in New Mexico
...leading up to why
I want to add a turquoise colored nest
to my Avian series.

I have not been painting due to my hubby 
having his second heart attack 
just over a month ago which has left his heart
rather damaged 
and our routines totally changed.
The good news is 
he is a man with a lovely disposition
which makes everything nicer
and easier for me.

I am getting back into the studio 
for one or two hour blocks of
emotionally important time.
I am always amazed at how difficult it can be 
to get back into the flow. 
Fortunately, I had started the study before
the, you know what, hit the fan!

The above nest is a study for a larger painting.
When I say larger...
how about  30"X 40" For me that is huge!
Below is the unfinished one.
I started the large one with the intent to complete it 
for a show I was having, back three years ago,
when I unfortunately tore my meniscus and
had to put it on the back burner.
Since then, the house went on the market, 
the beloved studio was cleaned out 
and this was put into storage.

When coming back to a painting already started
I find doing a smaller study 
helps me get back on track.
The paint quality of the background 
on the large one consists of thin washes 
of colors and I had to 
figure out if I should glaze, texture or both.
I did both on the study.
Still pondering...

Saturday, October 19, 2019

Aspen In Snow

Aspen In Snow
8"x 6" oil on linen panel $150. sold

Artist Note
A bright sunny day illuminated
the wooded area and it became
such a different place from
 the previous, snowy day.
Sunshine is a warm spotlight
and even the snow adapted 
into a warm glow.

Want to know how I would love to 
be able to paint the aspens -
or the Silver Birch? 

I think this painting 
by the amazing Russian artist,
Isaac Levitan,
 is awesome.

Have a wonderful and Blessed week.

Thursday, October 10, 2019

Poms From a Friend

Poms From A Friend
8"x 6" oil on Raymar panel SOLD

Artist Note.
The red and green color
combination - although a recognized
color harmony
is hard for me to handle
adding blue or purple.

So why paint the leaves at all?
Well, that's the way my friend
gave them to me... right off her tree
and it looked wonderful.
Just hard for me to paint!

It seems the paintings of pomegranates
 I like have no leaves... or just a few.

Julien Merrow Smith did this one
and I love it.

How about the mastery of  Duane Keiser!
Have you seen his new pomegranate painting?
It is only 33 seconds so treat yourself.
Check out all his videos - they are a real treat.

Do you have a favorite pomegranate painting?
If so, please give me a heads up where
to look so I can check it out.
I want to be inspired!!

Wednesday, September 18, 2019

Apples & Monet

Apples & Monet
6"x8" on canvas mounted on board  $150.
Purchase HERE

Artist Note.
Still having a great time using 
colors from one of  Claude Monet's paintings.
It happened like this...

A friend gave me some apples from her garden
(They were greener when I got them)

What to do? 
Which color harmony did I want?
I painted them Saturday quickly without a set-up

I wanted to go high key 
meaning -
only a small amount of dark below a middle value.

But on Monday, at the guild,
we all worked 
on finding the colors Monet
used in his beautiful painting below.
The Japanese Bridge.

Work on the easel
shows the print in a plastic sleeve.

After doing an exercise of mixing
then matching the
Monet colors on top of the print,
I was left with really
beautiful colors on my palette.
I started a new water lily painting
(lower left)
then worked on the top of the
apple painting. (lower right.)

I like the colors surrounding the apples
MUCH better.
Thanks to Monet for the inspiration.

Saturday, September 14, 2019

Waterlily Pond

Waterlily Pond
6"x 8" oil on raymar panel $150 SOLD

Artist Note
We are still using Monet's color harmonies
as the focus at the guild this month.
In the one above, I have used the
Analogous Harmony of blue and green.

This is painted from a photo I had taken in
 Cloudcroft, NM, but I have a good friend
who has just returned from a trip
to Giverny Water Gardens
and I am excited to see her photos.

It means my series of lily paintings
will get a shot of inspiration
in my painting arm!

Tuesday, September 10, 2019

Abstracted Landscape plus Monet Inspiration

Cloudy Skies
8X6" oil on Raymar panel $150.
Purchase HERE

Artist Note
In this painting my goal was\
abstracting to only the
main shapes
of what I saw in the landscape.

I used colors from one of
Monet's Landscape themes.
It is a great way to learn how
 he really used a LIMITED palette.
The same few colors mixed
in different proportions
make for an interesting

 Below, left, is another Monet waterlily painting
You can see how I matched the colors 
on the plastic sleeve overlay before
using them in a still life of my own.
Scraped and gone, the painting exists no more
but it was a terrific lesson on the green
because I found it was mixed
from yellow and purple.
Reddish purple and blue purple.

Wednesday, September 4, 2019

Roses In A Square (click on to go to blog)

Roses In A Square
8"x8" oil on raymar panel  $200.
Purchase HERE

Artist Note.
I am rather pleased with this one.
I feel the new fracturing marks work well 
and I really like the colors.

I came up with the colors from a 
Monet Painting.
I am using his waterlily work for 
 this month's Guild's focus 
which is on Color harmony.

This one is the Analogous harmony
  that is
where you follow the color wheel.
In this case, green, blue,
with a dip into the purple.
Monet's emphasis was on the blues
Mine, the greens.
I had pre-mixed all the colors 
that he used, testing them first
on the plastic sleeve 
 the photo was placed into.

I then used them in this still life.
The proportions of the colors
 are different of course.
His lily colors are my roses
His green tree reflections are my leaves,
and the different blue colors 
are my background. 
His accent of purple is my vase.

Have you used a famous painting 
to give you ideas for
your color harmony?

Sunday, September 1, 2019

Waterfall in Woods

Waterfall In Woods.
8"x6" oil on Raymar panel $150.
Purchase HERE

Artist Note
I have been back painting
 landscapes recently
and am once again reminded
of how cool the shadow colors
are in comparison to
the same colors in the sunlight.
The difference between the green
growth in the light
compared to the same color
in the shadow was HUGE!

The blue of sky comes down 
and casts its color over everything.

It is so obvious with water
showing blues in the shadow
Not as easy to see
the same cool cast on the green.
You have to learn to look for it!

I send prayers for everyone 
in the path of Dorian
remembering also 
that animals are voiceless...
they need help too.

Wednesday, August 28, 2019

Stormy Sky, New Mexico

Stormy Sky, New Mexico.
6'x8"Oil on Raymar panel $150.sold

Artist Note

The cloudy skies are always fabulous
during our monsoon season.
I went outside for this one.
Had to finish it up in the studio
after the wind whipped it
right out of my hand.

On the previous post
I linked to a video
showing how I painted a landscape.
I received some remarks about it
not showing on the front page.
I did place two links,
one lower down,
in case this happened.

I have found out that
people do NOT click on the
heading to see the full blog post
but stay on the email version.
I am one of them. Who knew!!

Monday, August 26, 2019

Tree By the Pond - video

Artist Note

This video is 9 minutes +  long.
Wish I could paint this fast but is 
apparently better to show them this way
or everyone loses interest!

I have my palette up next to the painting
so the colors I mix are easily seen.
Titanium White, Lemon Yellow, Yellow deep, 
Permanent Orange, Permanent Alizarin, 
Ultramarine Blue, Ocean Blue,
Transparent Brown Oxide, Ivory Black.

I painted this from a color study
done plein air by the pond
and you can maybe catch a glimpse
of it up on my left.

If the above doesn't play - I did
another  link to the video 

Hope you enjoy it . 

Monday, August 19, 2019

Violet Time

Violet Time
9"x12" oil on  raymar panel
(Not sure it is finished)

Artist Note.

I was at the garden center
and walked into a room which had a table
full of all colors of African Violets.
Gorgeous... I knew I wanted to paint
them so I bought a few pots.

You are all sharing my journey
into fracturing in new ways.
I have to be open about it because
It takes a long time to develop
something so it becomes 
completely natural. 
 and you would forget me.

It takes a lot questioning,
 asking if ..."I like that" 
or "I don't like that"
 most importantly...
understanding the " why " of the answers.
In the violet painting, for example,
there are two areas I am not sure about.
Be good to mull it over.

I have found TIME is the only way
to discover if it is
possible to incorporate
something new
into what is already a natural technique.

I am not sure that trying to paint
small flowers at this stage of
experimenting was smart because
it was very frustrating.
Put them in - take 'em off
repeat... until feeling quite inept.

I have signed it but am not sure
until I have
lived with it for a while
if it is going to
Or ...come to think of it...if I will either!
only kiddin'

Tuesday, August 13, 2019

Crape Myrtle Bouquet

Crape Myrtle Bouquet
8"x 8" Raymar canvas panel $200.
Purchase HERE

Artist Note
The Crape Myrtle trees are blooming like crazy
just a few steps outside my studio.  
Loaded with blooms they are so beautiful.

How fortunate to be in a downtown which
has flowering trees. 

You can see my experiments with
fracturing the paint and mark making 
are still continuing. 
It is an interesting process.
Bit by bit I am taking note of what 
I respond to and in what way...
positive or negative. 
I have no idea how it will all end up
but I am enjoying the freedom
and interest.

Saturday, August 10, 2019

Clouds & Sunshine

Clouds & Sunshine
6"x 6"oil on Ray-mar panel  $110.
Purchase HERE

Artist Note

A small plein air painting.

We are focusing on color and values
in class this month so I wanted to 
jog my memory a bit on the difference
between painting from a photo
and getting out and seeing it.

Shadows are MUCH lighter
and transparent outdoors 
but look darker on a photo.

Verticals are always darker than horizontals
(The same color will be darker as a vertical
when light source is above)
...and the distant, horizontal ground
is the lightest area after the light on the clouds.

We all see color differently and I like to
punch up the actual colors I see
so below is the plein air painting
and you can see how it started
with a strong light dark pattern
of neutral colors...

I know some of you will prefer it
one way over the other
and that is why it is important to paint
what YOU like best for yourself.
I love a bit of color

Enjoy your weekend
and thanks for visiting.

Thursday, August 8, 2019

Cloudcroft, Aspens, NM.

 Cloudcroft Aspens
8"x 6" canvas
 Mounted on 10"x 8" painted board  $160.
Purchase HERE

Artist Note.
When I was in gorgeous, Cloudcroft N.M.
earlier this summer, I had chance to really
absorb the details of aspen trees.
(I almost called this painting Crooked Aspen
but thought twice about it!!!)
I was fascinated how some grew tall and straight
but others would take a foot or two one way
and then a foot or two a different way.
I wonder why...and if anyone knows
please let me know.

Anyway, I knew I wanted to paint the trees
but with more of my exploration
into the different fracturing and mark making.
How busy could I get without losing the
forest for the trees?

This one is quite contemporary
with a different color palette for me.
Loved doing it and I have a small series going.

...and while I am experimenting...

I had a lady complain that my regular
6x8 paintings were hard to frame 
because it was not a regular size.
Here I have glued the canvas onto
a painted Masonite panel, the
same as I usually do but this time
it is a larger board so I took the paint out
over the edges and rather like
how it looks 
It will slip easily into any frame of your choice

I have a frame I like it in Sorry not quite straight.

Thursday, August 1, 2019

The Raven’s Nest

The Raven’s Nest 
8”x10” cradled panel  $225.  
Purchase HERE
A floater frame is available for this piece. 

Artist Note
This one is an experiment in
mark making. I enjoyed the freedom
of just feeling the paint, 
moving it around and not 
trying for anything other 
than the pleasure of discovery

The summer is almost over 
and classes 
begin next week. 
I am looking forward to seeing 
all the artists back in their 
happy place of doing something 
just for themselves. 

Friday, July 26, 2019

White Raven

White Raven
8"x8" Raymar square panel $200.
Purchase HERE

Artist Note. 
As we are not allowed to copy any image
 off the internet, I took a photo of the 
White Ravens
from a video when it was playing.
I am sure you understand that 
it was not crystal sharp so 
this painting was difficult to do.
I abstracted the background and that was fun.
Pleased I managed to get 
something I like.

Still experimenting with the 
different fracturing techniques 
and that keeps me from
stabbing myself with my knife when I 
want to pack it all in!

Wednesday, July 24, 2019

Grace’s Warbler

Grace's Warbler
6"x6" oil on raymar panel $125.
Purchase HERE

Artist Note
Such a pretty little bird 
and the first time
I saw one, my heart skipped a beat.

They live high up in pine trees 
so you have to be on a cliff
or something high to usually see them.
But guess what...
I saw this little family down 
by the ground at a lake we have
just an hour away, enjoying a bath.

If not for the bright yellow, 
you would never see them 
as their blue gray feathers 
match the color of the sky 
peeking between the pine needles.

I tried to get that feeling of camouflage
in this little square..

Monday, July 22, 2019

Roosting Dove

Roosting Dove
6"x 6" oil on raymar panel $125.SOLD. 

Artist Note
I will be doing birds, nests and related
things until I can get this 
new extension of the 
fracturing technique down.
Experimenting is much easier with
subject matter you know and love.

The white dove is a positive symbol
of kindness, peace and forgiveness
Cannot go wrong with painting 
them so another 
one is bound to end up in the mix.

Sunday, July 21, 2019

Western Tanager

Western Tanager
8"x8" oil on Raymar panel $200. SOLD

Artist Note
Isn't nature a marvel? 
The different colors in the avian world
always surprise and delight me...
and I do not live in a tropical place.
This is from a trip to beautiful
Cloudcroft, New Mexico.
Less than a two hour drive from Las Cruces 
and up to an elevation of 9,000ft.

My technique causes a quandary
when  I paint something with 
important details like a bird. 
In my former life as an illustrator
it would be easy to paint every feather,
but I do not want to paint like that anymore
(- in fact it is now impossible.)
So getting the impression 
of a bird in its natural habitat 
requires "suggested" imagery.
Something which I find harder 
but more engrossing to capture.

This from a photo my hostess took.
The nest was not in it...
just a personal love I have for the nests.

Thursday, July 18, 2019

Bluebird Of Happiness

Bluebird Of Happiness
6"x 6" oil on gallery wrapped canvas  $135.SOLD

Artist Note
I am so happy, happy to be painting birds,
nests, feathers and eggs.
What could be more appropriate than the 
Bluebird of Happiness!

Painted on a wrapped canvas 
which I do not usually use. 
The sides are painted a dark blue

If interested in the origins of the 
"Happiness" part
 here is a link to a safe site

Tuesday, July 16, 2019

Steller's Jay

Steller’s Jay
8”x6” oil on Raymar board
Purchase HERE

Artist Note
A visit to Cloudcroft, NM, (9,000ft)
 for a few days last month,
provided the pleasure of seeing
many wonderful Jays.
They flitted between the trees showing off
flashes of their beautiful, blue colors.

Jays love peanuts in the shell
and our host would place them on the deck rail.
They would actually pick and choose,
putting back down ones they didn't want.
It was fun watching them .

I have decided to do a  short "bird series"
and it is helping me get back in the flow and my block.

Due to my painting technique, exact detail
is pretty impossible.  I try for the essence or impression .

I am explaining this because
I have a serious birder who follows my blog.
He posts the most incredible images
taken by Miriam Bauman
I am hooked on his blog and through it  have traveled
and seen the most interesting
and awesome places/things/birds.

Check out his amazing blog link below
if you are a nature lover.

David M. Gascoigne

Monday, July 15, 2019


11x 14. Oil on ray-mar panel Sold 

Artist Note
A friend heard me 
struggle through my block 
and came to the studio as 
this one was developing. 
She said she liked it. 
When it hit the gallery walls 
she bought it. 

 Happy dance!!

Saturday, July 13, 2019

Two Blues

Two Blues
6x6 inch oil on Raymar panel $125 SOLD

Artist Note
I was invited to go to an
artist friend's house to plein air
paint his beautifully blooming plants
and guess what I found I wanted to paint.
Surprise, surprise...a turquoise chair!
(Anyone who knows my work 
will understand.)

He had mixed varying colors
of blue plant containers ranging from
cobalt, teal and turquoise
and it made a stunning display
of surprising harmony.
Very exciting to the eye and heart.

Tuesday, July 9, 2019

The Water Jug

The Water Jug
8"x10" oil on linen mounted on panel $225.
Purchase HERE

Artist Note
A cause for celebration....
I finished a painting without
scraping it off!

It has been a bummer of a summer 
as far as my painting block goes.
I tried all suggested solutions.
I have enjoyed a couple of trips and not 
having to be in my studio quite as early.
I guess it just takes time.

The 4 week online tutorial I paid so much for 
has not been staying on my computer. 
Cannot find the darned thing.
I have only done two segments 
and cannot get the other two.

The second segment is on automatic
writing/mark making.
That influenced some of the marks here.
I kept doing the spiral of  life
with the charcoal.

It is the first online I have ever done so 
maybe I am doing something wrong.
I am going to persist because I think it is well 
thought out and has been excellent in the 
first two segments.
Will let you know when I know.

I continue to post new and older works
on Instagram where my following
far exceeds Facebook.
Weird when it is the same paintings.
It is also far easier to be able
to reply to their comments
and that adds up - time wise.
My instagram is

I still post here first though.
Enjoy your week and thank you
for following my blog.

Thursday, June 6, 2019

Twin Waterfalls

Twin Waterfalls
8"x 6" oil on Raymar board $150. SOLD

Artist Note
Inspired by sketches from a trip to 
Yellowstone National Park.

Personal Note
I have been going through a severe 
artist block.
I turned for help to Carol Marine's wonderful book
Daily Painting
where she has a whole section on it.
 Although I related 
and was inspired by those who shared
their own experiences, I find I am still in it.
It is a horrible place to be.
I do not have any hobbies
so I cannot turn to anything
else with the same focus 

I am still turning up daily at the studio.
I am faithful doing a journal.
I am experimenting with different media
-which is supposed to be fun.
I have paid a considerable amount
for an online course which
helps one evaluate their
individual purpose
in life and with their art-path

It was developed by an artist /psychiatrist
(which gives me some confidence.)
I will share if I find it is really helpful.

Hopefully I will be successful
and get back to doing what I love most.

Stay tuned...

Monday, May 13, 2019

Farmers Market Series - Yellow Hat.

Yellow Hat
6"x8" oil on canvas board $150.
Purchase HERE

Artist Note.
The yellow hat caught my eye.
yes...we allow dogs
 at our Farmers Market.

The market is getting full
of all kinds of goodies.
This week I bought
 lush red and yellow peppers
and other
wonderful veggies.

Passing on some info I was told
when I got the peppers.

Did you know that the female
pepper is sweeter than the male?
And... did you know that the female
pepper has three or four
distinct bumps
on its bottom where the male
 has two and is flatter?
You can see the top peppers
(which are upside down)
have clearly defined bumps
on their bottoms.

Okay friends, I had already published the
above about the male/female peppers
A nagging fact-finding vibe
kept coming into my mind
so I Googled it... is

 Yes, there are four bumps
and three flatter bump types
but it has nothing to do with gender.
Apparently there are no gender
differences and the
sweetness depends on the soil!!

Thursday, May 9, 2019

White Flowers And Porcelain

White Flowers And Porcelain
6"x6" oil on Raymar panel $120.
Purchase HERE

Artist Note
This was a demo for one of the 
Artist Guild classes.

It is the last month 
of the Guild sessions until August
and we are doing a refresher 
of everything which has 
been  reviewed this semester.

I started this painting with a 
 dark transparent paint
the board 
and then I lifted off
the lighter design with a rag.
This exposes the white 
of the canvas. 
To make the main flower shape
 whiter I used a brush 
dipped in Gamsol to totally
lift off the underpainting.

I find it pretty easy to gradually 
build up  the shapes with
layers of color making sure 
only one or two flowers 
are a tad realistic and the rest 
just abstract suggestions of color.

Maybe this is the easiest way of all
for floral still life paintings.
I bet most of you have tried it. 
What do you think?

Saturday, May 4, 2019


8"x 6" oil on Raymar panel $150. SOLD

This is part of an small adobe
house in the Upper valley area
of El Paso, Texas.
It is very old and once housed the
seasonal farm workers
for the large farm it is on.
It looks abandoned...
I guess machines
now do all the work .

Cats were everywhere!
They were very peaceful
and there was not a skinny one
to be seen.
There must be a treasure trove of
field mice around!

Sunday, April 28, 2019

Light and Shade

Light and Shade
8"x6" oil on Raymar board  $150.
Purchase Sold

Artist Note.
another New Mexico Gate.
They somehow reach right into my heart 
and grab it. 
I truly get an emotional response 
of pleasure when I see one.

I like to paint beautiful things.
No room for angst in my painting world.
How about you - do you feel the same?
I am pretty sure the answer is yes
 from what I see you all do. 

Thursday, April 25, 2019

Lilacs At The Nichols Ranch, New Mexico.

Lilacs At The Nichols Ranch, NM
8"x 6" oil on Raymar panel $150.
Purchase Sold

Artist Note.
I went painting...
An artist who belongs to the guild,
Sue Nichols,
lives on a beautiful ranch 
which has been in her husbands family
for well over a hundred years. 
It is one of the places 
where you can go 
and pick your own fruit if 
you want to.

I was invited to go and paint 
the fruit orchards in bloom.
 I wish you could
have been there to see the glorious
 orchards finishing or starting to bloom

At the end of a fun painting day 
I saw the late sun
catching the lilac bush.
All I can say it was magical
and totally 
impossible to capture its 
true beauty.
Loved doing this piece though.

Take a look at some of the 
many gorgeous views 
They have a big Cherry festival
coming up in June. Fun for the whole family.
I cannot wait!

Sue paints her environment
A coupled of painting she has done.
Of all the cow paintings out there'
this is from direct observation - the real deal!
Coming To Water.  oil. Sue Nichols.
Windmill And Sunset. oil Sue Nichols
and if that is not enough
Sue does beautiful Stained glass work.
Stained Glass Screen.  Sue Nichols

And here is this busy woman digging
holes for new cherry trees...
the old fashioned way.
She also bakes and makes the BEST pies ever!

Thanks for the great painting day, Sue.