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Monday, August 26, 2019

Tree By the Pond - video

Artist Note

This video is 9 minutes +  long.
Wish I could paint this fast but is 
apparently better to show them this way
or everyone loses interest!

I have my palette up next to the painting
so the colors I mix are easily seen.
Titanium White, Lemon Yellow, Yellow deep, 
Permanent Orange, Permanent Alizarin, 
Ultramarine Blue, Ocean Blue,
Transparent Brown Oxide, Ivory Black.

I painted this from a color study
done plein air by the pond
and you can maybe catch a glimpse
of it up on my left.

If the above doesn't play - I did
another  link to the video 

Hope you enjoy it . 


  1. Loved to see this painting coming to life, beautiful video !

    1. Thank you Jane. Nice of you to let me know.
      I wonder what beautiful painting you are working on now...

  2. Julie, this is fabulous. Thank you for posting this marvelous insight into your landscape painting technique!! I have your fracturing tutorial, and have watched it many times, but this gives so much more. I found it so interesting to watch you alternate between your brush and painting knife, and to observe how you repeat specific color notes throughout the painting--just two delights, but there is so much more to see!! I know I'll watch this again and again. What a treat!

    1. May I adopt always make me feel good about myself.

      I made that video last year and I only just plucked up enough courage to put a link to it. Thanks for the lovely review.

  3. Julie, I loved seeing your technique come to life....thank you!

    1. Thank YOU Carol for taking the time to let me know I do appreciate it.

  4. Thank you very much Julie, for sharing it with us, for showing us your technique and expertise with brushes and palette.

    1. Happy you enjoyed it and thank you for letting me know.
      Your new painting has the colors of where I live with the Rio Grande running through. Loved your painting.

  5. I got all excited to see a video posted. What a treat to see the whole process. More, more!!!

  6. What an amazing demo, Julie....I LOVED this SO much... please...more..more..more..
    It was perfect seeing it come to life and thank you for sharing this with us.

  7. some art youtubers dont bother to speed up the whole painting, just speed up some sections. I've seen some videos that are very very long lol

  8. Oh, this was so much fun to watch!!! I especially loved seeing you work with the palette knife...something I can't do in watercolors. Thanks for sharing your work in this special way!


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