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Wednesday, August 28, 2019

Stormy Sky, New Mexico

Stormy Sky, New Mexico.
6'x8"Oil on Raymar panel $150.sold

Artist Note

The cloudy skies are always fabulous
during our monsoon season.
I went outside for this one.
Had to finish it up in the studio
after the wind whipped it
right out of my hand.

On the previous post
I linked to a video
showing how I painted a landscape.
I received some remarks about it
not showing on the front page.
I did place two links,
one lower down,
in case this happened.

I have found out that
people do NOT click on the
heading to see the full blog post
but stay on the email version.
I am one of them. Who knew!!


  1. I am 100% positive that I left a comment on your last post with the video. I wonder if it got lost in the ether sonewhere?

  2. It must have gone into computer wonderland because you are usually the first to comment and I missed you.
    I did enjoy your post on bees. Such an important topic. I ordered the book.

  3. Geez, That's some weather to try to paint outdoors! The result, however, captures all the windy tumult -- so well done you! Yes, folks should always click on the post title in the email -- and also click to enlarge the image -- so worthwhile! (That said, sometimes things just do seem to go AWOL in cyberspace😕)

  4. this is fabulous Julie! I've been to New Mexico and the skies are definitely breathtaking. I've never been there with the stormy skies but I'm sure its still beautiful.. I as well left a comment on your last post and it wasn't there ...I enjoyed the video on the tree so much. I'm glad you shared it with us..!!! sending you a hug!!

  5. yeah i think you change the email settings so more shows up, cant remember how to though

    gorgeous fluffy sky :)

  6. Wow!!! Love the movement in the sky. I missed seeing the video you posted before this, so I will have to go look.

  7. I agree, Julie, that some of the prettiest skies come during our monsoon months. I don't like the heat, but, who doesn't like gorgeous clouds, sounds of thunder, bolts of lightning and rain for the plants. I love the rainfall portion of your scene with the fall of the raindrops. Beautiful location.


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