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Thursday, August 8, 2019

Cloudcroft, Aspens, NM.

 Cloudcroft Aspens
8"x 6" canvas
 Mounted on 10"x 8" painted board  $160.
Purchase HERE

Artist Note.
When I was in gorgeous, Cloudcroft N.M.
earlier this summer, I had chance to really
absorb the details of aspen trees.
(I almost called this painting Crooked Aspen
but thought twice about it!!!)
I was fascinated how some grew tall and straight
but others would take a foot or two one way
and then a foot or two a different way.
I wonder why...and if anyone knows
please let me know.

Anyway, I knew I wanted to paint the trees
but with more of my exploration
into the different fracturing and mark making.
How busy could I get without losing the
forest for the trees?

This one is quite contemporary
with a different color palette for me.
Loved doing it and I have a small series going.

...and while I am experimenting...

I had a lady complain that my regular
6x8 paintings were hard to frame 
because it was not a regular size.
Here I have glued the canvas onto
a painted Masonite panel, the
same as I usually do but this time
it is a larger board so I took the paint out
over the edges and rather like
how it looks 
It will slip easily into any frame of your choice

I have a frame I like it in Sorry not quite straight.


  1. Don't know which "angel" category to put you in Julie but thanks for the needed framing small information. I've been told trees give each other space so they will grow in a different direction. Love the painting.

    1. Yes, thanks. I had forgotten that about space and it makes sense. How are you doing?

  2. The comment about the framing is no doubt valid, but I have always had my art custom framed, so that I can choose the mats (always acid free), march the frame to the image etc. it is expensive, but I have never regretted doing it. Your aspens look stunning, Julie. It must be a great satisfaction when you are able to create beauty like this and look at the finished product and be happy with it.

    1. Hello David. Thanks for the good comment. Yes, I agree and my watermedia pieces are archival matted and framed but oil paintings do not get to have the breathing room which mats provide when they are on canvas and textured.
      My small pieces for my blog I do not frame, but the ones going into my gallery certainly are. It costs a lot more and that has to be reflected in the price. Not everyone has the money to spend but would enjoy owning an original and that is why I started to do the small sized paintings.

  3. Great hint about the framing. I love aspens and how you captured the irregular look of the trunks instead of focusing on the straight ones. It is good to be back and finally able to look at blogs. I missed that while I was gone.

    1. Hi Joan, loved following your blog when you were posting Paris and Amsterdam sketches. Wow! Pleased you are back safe and sound.

    2. Thanks, Julie. I am happy to be home but missing the architecture and color of both cities. It was a very welcome change.

  4. I enjoy the abstract aspect and colors of this one so I'm looking forward to see what else you come up with!

    1. Hi Lauren, thanks for like it.
      I wander in and out of abstract but always end back up in impressionism. I think it is my era!

  5. Julie - the color palette and these trees are beautiful. I am wondering if light had something to do with the way these aspens grew?? Great tip on framing too. Hope you are having a lovely day friend. Hugs!


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