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Friday, January 19, 2018

The Ginger Glass Vase

The Ginger Glass Vase

6"x6" oil on Raymar panel $125. SOLD

Artist Note
A lot of work goes into making 
a full size still life onto
such a small board.

I was trying something new...
so, please
let me know that when
you first saw it 
you could tell it was mine.

Saturday, January 13, 2018

Poppy and Red

Poppy Red
6'x6' oil on Raymar panel 110.

Artist Note
I have a new red tube of paint
I wanted to try out.
Holbein's Rose Dore
I thought it was a cool red.
Look below 
The swatches are of transparent reds.

I found
Rose Dore 
to be a beautiful transparent red.

All colors cool down adding white but the 
Rose Dore managed to stay warm
by comparison. 
I like it.
I will add it to my box for when 
I want a glowing, transparent underpainting

I went to the store and 
bought a beautiful red silk poppy 
and held it under a light.
It was fun to paint ...
and not so much fun to photograph.
It took as long to get the above image
closest to the real one as it did to paint it.

House under contract again!
February 21st closing.
Fingers crossed. We really like
the family. A military family.

Saturday, January 6, 2018

Farmers Market #25

Farmers Market #25
8"x8" oil on Raymar panel SOLD

Artist Note

I thought a spot of sunshine for my
blog followers in the brutally 
cold areas
would be a reminder of what
lies ahead for you all!
Sending warmest thoughts
your way.
Keep safe!

I enjoyed painting this and kept adding 
to the composition...putting in and taking out.
taking me time and having a good time.

It is from sketches and photos
I have done here at the 
Farmers Market in Las Cruces -
but I took out the buildings along 
Main Street.
Could be in France!

I enjoyed the most marvelous
time before and after Christmas,
 even though we all had to clear out
of the house
for viewings a couple of times.

The kids took it well and piled
all their "stuff" back into cars
  because the closets had to
be kept neat!

No sibling fights,
lots of laughter and reminiscing
about good times in the house.
Now the perfect buyer is welcome
at any time.