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Wednesday, June 6, 2018

Light On the Lily Pond

Light On The Lily Pond

6"x6" oil on canvas panel $110. SOLD

Artist Note

This is a beautiful lily pond 
which was illuminated
by a
single ray of sunshine.
Although I painted this from 
the photo I took, 
it was still 
very clear in my mind
making it so much easier 
to capture the mood.

I have always been grateful
for my visual memory.
My hubby, bless him, has not
much visual recall.
For him,  directions are given
 by miles and compass, north, south etc,
whereas I see the blue fence,
the yellow house, the big tree, etc.
I bet most of you are the same
as I am.

A little personal note.
As you probably have noticed,
 I have not been posting
anywhere near as frequently
during this past year.

Paintings are taking 
MUCH longer
because I am having  some
problems (quite a bit) with my vision 
but it will be corrected 
in a couple of weeks
when I will be having 
cataract surgery. 
Second eye early next month

I wonder if any of you have had 
or know anyone who has had
experience with the monovision - 
where one eye is corrected for distance 
and one for close up?
Would you share with me, please?

I have been posting my older work
on Instagram and Facebook.
I hate to have worked so hard 
to build up to build up a following
only to have it all disappear due to 
age and mother nature.

Thanks for sticking with me.


  1. Wonderful work. Has a certain remembrance of French Impressionism - and who has not been moved by the creative beauty of that period? Such wonderful appeal on so small a canvas. This will adorn someone’s walls in a way that will make everyone who sees it stop and take it in. Fine work. Congratulations. And good luck with your cataract surgery.

    1. Thank you very much, David. I like the comparision and the compliment. Your good wishes are valued as well. Your post on cats was very interesting and offered viewpoints i had not thought of.

  2. Incredibly lovely-I feel I'm on the edge of the pond, even smelling the air in this painting!
    Will be praying for you....

    1. Thank you for such a lovely comment and the prayers are gratefully accepted. I really enjoyed your goat painting and loved your design.

  3. Beautifully done Julie!
    One eye corrected for far n the other for near is ok for regular day to day life , might pose a problem for working artists, was what I heard. But now you get intracular lenses with both far n bear corrected in a single lens, kindly check that option out Julie.

    1. Your new paintings are truly wonderful, Padmaja. Colors and shapes flow beautifully.
      I am so glad I asked for information because I have a much better chance of making the right decision. It appears artists like distance the best and wear glasses for close up. It is the arms length range that I am concerned about. I notice my hubby doesn't see the crumbs on the counter when he wipes it down without his glasses!!

  4. I learned something from you the minute I looked at this beauty. Thank you!!!

    The human body is amazing and completely frustrating at the same time. I am so sorry for the issues you've been having. It will work out. I have had my vision corrected for years with glasses and contacts for one eye for close up and the other eye for distance. It's amazing how they just make the adjustment on their own. I've recently had to actually take my glasses off to read even with my bifocals. Good luck with the cataract surgery. I would never dream of not reading a single post of yours as I always learn so much and love your beautiful work.

    1. Thanks for the supportive encouragement, Sharon. I think the huge move I made a few months ago stimulated the cataract even more because the one eye is really, really back. I either hold things very close or forget it. The paintings take longer because I stop and take a pic then put it on computer... LARGE!
      CONGRATULATIONS on getting your online teaching program off and running. Painter Nation Members Club is a great title and I know you will bring many happy and fulfilling hours to the artists.

  5. Replies
    1. Thanks Bruce. I just read your wonderful (and timely for me) Blocks: The Artistic Rollercoaster. I recommend it. It is on the top bar of her blog.

  6. Lovely atmospheric painting. I knew a woman who had Lasic (spelling?) surgery to make one eye see we’ll close up and one good for distances and she was perfectly happy with that after it was done. I think it might depend on how your eyes work now—perhaps if one is much better at near and one at far vision now—whether you would be comfortable with such a correction. But I also think near and far for both eyes would be best if availabile.

    1. Thank you, Lavina. Some good things to think about. I am understanding I need a dominate eye.
      I really enjoyed visiting your blog and seeing how versatile you are. Your abstracts are a delight.

  7. Julie, this is such a stunning piece of work. I love the saturated colors. Brings to mind, another impressionist, who painted water lilies, and also had eye problems. Good luck with your surgery.

    1. I was smiling reading this...thanks, Carol. Your new painting on your blog of the sunflowers, really is wonderful.

  8. Love this painting, Julie. The greens in particular are luscious. It's perfect -- however long it took you.
    As to monovision, my contact lenses were configured that way for years, and worked wonderfully well. Also, a friend recently had the same near-and-far prescription for his cataract replacement lenses and he reports it's grand. As you know, I had cataract surgery not that long ago myself, and had to select either near or distance vision. (Unfortunately, having lost my left eye a few years back, monovision was no longer an option, or I'd certainly have opted for that.) It's also possible for some people to get multi-focal lenses, but I understand they are more likely to experience "halo-ing" effects and they sometimes have difficulty with nighttime vision, so for many folks the single-vision lenses are a better bet. Good luck with your choice, Julie. You will enjoy a welcome change!

    1. The halo effect is what I am hearing from others with the multi-focal lenses. Cannot risk that in the winter when driving home from work in the dark.
      Did you choose distance. That appears to be the choice of most.

  9. One wouldn't know you were experiencing vision issues by looking at this painting, Julie. It is another stunner!
    Years ago, I had laser eye surgery called LTK where one eye was corrected for distance and one for close up. I did not experience any negative effects. In fact, I loved it! Unfortunately, (back then) it was necessary to return to the doctor for frequent "enhancements" & that got to be a pain in the neck. So, back on with glasses for close work. Right behind you with cataract surgery, too. Was just informed two days ago that they were beginning to form. Yuck.
    I pray you sail through the surgery & are delighted with the results. And don't worry about your followers, Julie. Bloggers are a loyal bunch.

    1. I have been going for the one cataract for two years after my optometrist sent me. It is so bad now that the camera could not even take a pic of the back of the eye.The other one started almost a year ago and is now ready. I think they waited too long so went to a new doctor who said, - "you are not still driving are you?!!!"
      I am excited to follow you on your Yupo/ink journey. Love what you share. Thanks.

  10. I had my first cataract removed a week ago and I am SO happy! Multi focal lenses. The left eye will have a little extra reading strength. Then no more prescription glasses! You’ll be so happy. Color is so much more vivid now. Lovely painting. ❤️

    1. I am so pleased to hear your multi focal lenses are perfect for you. I have two people who told me about the halos they experience while driving at night. Have you experienced that? They may have improved them since they have had theirs done.
      Everything has a green cast so reds are totally subdued. Sticking to greens is easier. I enlarge everything too.
      Hope all is well and you are painting up a storm.

  11. This one's a beauty!! Hubby recently had cataract surgery, but both corrected for distance (and then wears readers at the computer)...he's not a painter. Good luck with the surgery! Everything will look fresh again!

    1. Hi Roxanne...that is what most people have apparently.
      I think you are a very good teacher to lead them all through the blind contour and on. Love your examples and the final watercolor.

  12. John's grandfather had cataract surgery and it helped him a bit, still has problems seeing blues tho

    my optic nerve on my right eye was damaged by the MS, lost vision completely for a bit but thankfully can see know, but without my glasses everything is very very blurry lol

    love the blues and greens in the painting :) very Monet like :)

    good luck with the surgery!

    1. Thanks for filling me in and how hard on you to go thru the loss of vision like that. Thankful it came back.
      You seem to do amazing things and that is hopeful.
      Happy you like the greens and blues. Easy as everything has a green cast!

  13. My dear young lady, there is little chance of you losing your following, your kindness over the years - to us poor mortals - has earned you loyal followers. I lost the sight in one eye for almost a year before it returned to 'normal'. I have problems with my vision but I have little advice to give, other than I constantly whistle 'With one eye on the pot, and the other up the chimney' which kinda sums my vision up :)

    Your Lily Pond is a stunner and, as always it is two paintings: the complete 'picture' whilst small, and a masterclass in brush strokes when enlarged. Bravo, madam.

    Life will be so much better for you when your eyes settle down after surgery. When my mother had eye surgery the first thing she said to my father was, "Goodness! Haven't you aged!"

    1. I snorted laughing at, "one eye on the pot..." a riot.
      It is good to find all these people I know have problem vision and just carry on.
      Mine is at the "buggar it" stage when I cannot see color correctly and because I have pinpoint pupils as blind as a bat in the dark.
      LOVED reading about you being cautious with the glue job on the boat. Welcome to my world.

  14. I love this painting Julie!! That little bit of light shining in the pond is beautiful.
    I have cataracts that my doctor says are huge....however, my vision is 20/30 so he said I'm not ready for surgery. I can drive without glasses if I want but feel a bit more comfortable with them on... He did tell me that my vision can go at any time..SO, time will tell. My sister had both eyes done and she struts around without glasses and tells me her colors are so much brighter!!! the best of luck with your surgery!! You'll be better than new!!!!

    1. Happy you like the painting, Hilda. I have had one over two years and should have had it removed before this so do not wait too long. I have.
      Thanks for the good support.

  15. The light that hits the pond and the lilies makes this painting magical, so very beautiful and poetic. Best of luck with your eye surgery !

    1. Thanks fore the good wishes, Jane.
      Love your Ring of Fire paintings. Wow!

  16. This is so beautiful. I just love lily ponds and they colors in this are perfect. It is sad that our bodies start to betray us when we think we have such a good relationship with them. I'm sure the surgery will "open your eyes" once again.

    1. Great way of putting it - open my eyes...
      Happy you like the painting - I felt the same way about your black and white sketches.

  17. I really hope all goes very smoothly with your surgery Julie. I know that cataracts are very common, but having both eyes doing opposite things is something I know very little about.

    No matter what I will always follow you and your beautiful art! I am looking at my Julie paintings right now. Love each of them!

    Big hugs!

    1. I was just looking at your new painting, Lisa, and think it is one of the best you have done. Looking forward to following your journey as you explore your new environment in Colorado.
      Thanks for the friendship - it means so much.

  18. I would not have known that you were having problems painting without that announcement from you. All of your paintings are beautiful. Many years ago I had contacts with one eye for distance and the other for reading. At the time I was still working and not painting very much. Just after I retired I had cataract surgery and noticed the colors were without the yellow cast from the cataracts. My only suggestion is to figure out if you are "right-eyed" or "left-eyed." Now that I am painting a lot - when I squint, I am "right-eyed." I don't understand it all really. I just know that I would want that eye to see distance.

    1. How about that, Kathy. The eye doctor told me i was right-eyed. You have given me a direction for his testing of that fact. He said he wasn't sure if "artists" were better with distance of close vision and told me to research it. otherwise he recommended distance.I do appreciate you taking the time to share.
      Thanks for the lovely complement too. I keep enlarging them to see what I am doing.. takes forever! Howzitgoin?

  19. Hi Julie,
    After much deliberation, I opted to remain nearsighted. I've always been nearsighted and was actually able to read, and even do some painting without glasses, so I wanted to still have that. I also need to be able to use a make-up mirror without glasses in order to manage my prosthetic eye, etc. Multi focal lenses sound great, but I understand that not everyone is a good candidate -- plus, they do report possible occurrences of halo reflections in recent literature. In any case, Julie, you will welcome the improvement. It must be terribly frustrating for you right now. All the best, dear chum!

    1. I, too, have been nearsighted and can read without glasses but cannot see at arms legnth so well. I think you made a good decision to keep it the same way regarding being able to take care of your prosthetic. Make-up is something i have not thought of ...hmm...
      I hardly wear any and only do eye makeup for special occasions. That could change if i do not wear glasses. I always feel i am hiding behind them😍. Thanks for caring. You are a great chum!

  20. Julie, this painting is soooo gorgeous! Love the color harmony and that bright spot of sun on the surface. I think the square format is perfect!

    I wish I could share some information about cataracts with you, but I know little at this stage. Soon I, too, will have to have mine taken care of. My husband had both eyes done at separate times, healed so fast and was beyond joyful with the colors he could now see.

    Best wishes for a successful surgery and a great outcome.

    1. Thanks for liking the painting. Everything has a green cast so green is safe to use. My hubby had his done , chose to see in the distance and he is forever losing his glasses when he wants to read something.
      I just want to see clearly at arms length. I am near sighted now but cannot get that range without multifocal glasses. I am trying to make the correct decision. Thanks for the good wishes.


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