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Wednesday, June 20, 2018

Waterlily Pleasure!

Waterlily Pleasure
10" x  8" oil on panel  $225.SOLD

Artist Note
This is another with lots of greens and blues.
The two colors I seem to gauge the best atthe moment.
 I love painting the
waterlily ponds so it has been a pleasure.
 It has gone through
lots of changes though
and I learned from each change.
 It was all about the values of the water.
Too light and it competed with the main lily.

Personal Note
I want to thank all of you who took the time to
pass on information regarding
the lens choice for cataract surgery.
The doctor believes that regular
distance vision would be best...
mentioning that dreadedword...AGE as the reason.
He found monovision to be
less successful
in his more"mature" patients.
Stab to the heart!
I thought cataracts only happened
to mature folk!
so now we know there are
levels of mature, my friends!

So goodbye visions of
having no reading glasses
and I will be forever
searching for them...
unless any of you can pass on helpful hints.


  1. Bigger is not always better, but in this case I am sure it is. The image is so lovely that for me you could create a mural. It would be uplifting for everyone who saw it. You must bask in a warm glow of satisfaction when you succeed in creating something like this. Bravo, Julie.

    1. I appreciate your understanding words, David. My satisfaction doesnt always happen, but for some reason the quiet beauty of a lily pond comes back during and stays with me after I paint it.
      Visiting your blog is a very rewarding experience.

  2. I hope you continue with the water lily series, Julie!!!!!! Each one is absolutely beautiful. The day I go for my cataract surgery I would love to have regular distance vision .... When I paint, I'll put my glasses on...sigh!!!!!

    1. Hi Hilda, I had the first one done and can see every leaf on the tree outside my window - in one eye! Can’t wear my glasses so I cut them in half to get by with until I have the second one done in two weeks. My brain has not caught the new settings yet so it is visually unsettling. I am happy for the larger setting on my ipad.
      Love your new portrait - she is wonderful.

  3. I love these waterlily paintings. They make me cool and relaxed! (Today is predicted to be 105 degrees.) Blue/green/yellow is a wonderful combination. The verticals and the horizontals seem to play off one another, and you've shown depth in the water. Beautifully worked, Julie!

    1. Cool and relaxed...perfect in this hot weather. Thanks Carol. Love your still life with Dersert Rose. Your arrangement was perfect and I loved the memories it brought back.

  4. This is simply beautiful, Julie. Your fracturing technique adds so much to the illusion of reflected lily pads in tranquil water, and your varied greens and muted blues convey the dancing lights and watery depths perfectly.
    What a shame you aren't a good candidate for monovision lenses! Rats! As to keeping track of your reading glasses, my hubby finds having lots of pairs -- in virtually every room -- is a help. I also wonder if it might be possible to have a pair of specs that you would wear all the time that have a prescription for reading in the lower portion, and no prescription in the upper section. Might that suit? In any case, it will be great for you to have this done and dusted. I found the decisions beforehand to be far more worrying and time-consuming than the actual procedure. All the best, kiddo!

    1. Thanks for such a great comment in both art and helpful advice, Helene.
      The monovision is basically what I am experiencing now with a new good distance and my old reading one - and it makes me sort of seasick! A great idea to have a pair like you describe. I dont want to have to take off my gloves to put on and off glasses when I am painting or teaching. I get paint everywhere as it is.
      I get to be messed up, regarding eyesight, for another two weeks and then it apparently still takes time to settle down. I may do abstracts for a while.
      I LOVE your swimmer painting. It is so realistic the water looks like it is moving.

  5. Love your subtle nuances of color, Julie. Another feast!
    I am resigned to having to wear reading glasses forever, too, Julie. I keep them on top of my head so I don't misplace them - works great.

    1. Now that is something which makes sense to me...wearing the glasses on top of your head. I do that with my sunglasses. Thanks, Chris.. I can see why mono vision will not be satisfactory as I have that naturally now and it is just not working. Thanks for the help.

  6. get a chain or necklace for the glasses or a set for every room :p

    1. It apears eveyone has multiple glasses and places them everywhere. I think it will drive me crazy. I found a chain is not comfortable for me with my sunglasses - especially when I lean forward - so i think is will sew a little loop on my painting shirt and hang them on there. Its only my work time I am concerned about.
      Fun to see your dragons, Jennifer,,

    2. thats a really good idea to sew a loop to hang them from, shouldnt get lost then :)

      and thanks :)

  7. This is gorgeous in every way! Someone beat me to buying it!

    1. I feel proud that you liked it, Kim. Thank you. Congratulations on your brilliant watercolor being recognized - that is quite an honor.

  8. Very cool and calming Julie!
    Reading glasses can not be avoided unless you go for multi focal IOL, which has I believe some disadvantage of blurry vision for close up work or reading. So best to wear reading glasses after the surgery, good luck!

    1. Hi, Padmaja, of all people you will kmow a lot about vision. You have overcome a lot.
      I have had a regular lens for distance put in on Thursday and another one in two weeks. The vision part is fine. The practical part of using reading glasses and painting is what I am trying to figure out. It will be inreresting! Looks like i will reverse what i have had all my life. Glasses for close up instead of distance. Neat!

  9. Lovely-, and I do love the texture of the paint-it adds interest and makes the pond seem to jump off the canvas.

    1. Lovely comment - thanks, Debra. I love how abstract your new painting is. And the title is perfect.

  10. Julie, this is a lovely painting. I live in the desert and this made me feel cool.

    I'm amazed at what can be done for vision problems. It sounds like your first surgery went well. Very clever of you to think of sewing a loop on your shirt to hang your glasses on. Happy Monday!

  11. Stopped here and just read about your vision issues. I, too, have had cataract surgery and have a lens for distance only. I also am blind in my right eye so didn't have much choice in the lens issue. I keep track of my readers.....I own about 15 pair of them.....keep them in every room in the house and two are always in my purse for good measure....just in case I lose one pair.

    Lovely image with reminders of Monet in your painting. Just read a book about his painting the water lilies fascinating reading.


  12. You are amazing busy and still posting painting videos!I am hooked on your first two installments on FB and Instagram. I don't have cataracts (yet) but had to give up the monovision contacts I wore for years due to the aging eyes :( You are painting as beautifully as ever though and this is perfect evidence of it!

  13. Julie first this painting is so beautiful...definitely makes me think of Monet!! As for age - maturity in other places in the world is recognized with honor - how sad it is when we mature folks are told we are too old for something. I am sure though your painting will not be affected in any way - because you always seem to paint from the heart. Those eyes never grow too mature. Hugs!


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