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Saturday, April 25, 2020

Pink Waterlilies

Pink Water Lilies
6"x8"oil on paper  Gifted

Artist Note
I have noticed that during 
unsettled periods of time
I turn to a group of favorite subjects.
It helps me to feel grounded.

These are strange times for all of us.

Before the C-Virus was even around
I began to realise that my husband 
would be needing me at home more
and started a plan to stop teaching. 

It was not an easy decision 
because I really enjoyed being with
a fabulous group of painters
who were invigorating 
and fun to be around.

Anyway my teaching career 
ended abruptly with no party,
no relaxed farewells...
just fast packing-up against a 
Governor's timeline
to get enough art stuff together
to create a studio at home.
Made it!

For those who have followed my blog
for a while, may remember 
that two years ago we moved
into  a retirement community

It has been a great move but our apartment is 
rather small. Fortunately my hubby was
willing to move our king bed 
into the small office
and now his desk and my easel are 
perfectly at ease next to each other
7 x 12 feet each.
But I get the window!

I have also discovered a way to stop people 
falling out of bed... only have a foot clearance.
You wedge before you hit the ground!!

I am not back into the painting flow yet.
I do have work up on the easel
and I go and piddle on it
but with no verve.
The waterlily painting had already
been started
and I finished it here at home it is a start.
I do have a couple in the works though,
a clematis and an iris painting,
both started in the garden. 
Flowers - more comfort!

Times are strange - I have never been idle
in my life. 
I feel I should be helping somewhere,
 maybe at the hospital
but hubby has a severe health problem
and that is impossible to do.

There must be many people like me 
who all of a sudden are at home
and feeling really weird.

My heart goes out to all the families 
who have lost their loved ones,
and a very grateful "thank you" to
the many, many HEROES.

Their steadfast commitment to 
help others in need
no matter what danger to themselves.
Then there are the ones we don't 
readily think about.
Like the janitors who clean the hospitals,
the kitchen staff who produce 
and deliver the meals, etc. 
They are heros too.

I am grateful to live in a country
with so many wonderful people.
Blessings to you all.
Stay Safe...