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Sunday, January 27, 2019

The Knitter

The Knitter
8”x6”   Oil on canvas panel. $150.

Artist Note

The figure is the focus
this month at the Artist Guild.
We started off building
from the stick figure
for the first week, moving into
incorporating the figure
in a painting inspired
by another artist’s work.

The one below on the left
is by Norman Rockwell.
I know it is
totally different from how I paint
but that is one of the goals -
to look
for inspiration
and not an exact copy.

I liked the position of the woman
at her task and the chest behind.

I have memories of my
mother knitting most evenings
and that influenced
a lot of my version. 
Without showing them 
side by side
would you have ever have guessed
the source of
my inspiration?

Thursday, January 17, 2019

Ron's Aspen Trees

Aspen Trees
8"x 6" oil on canvas panel SOLD

Artist Note
This was done for a friend.
Painted from memory of a spot
I have painted many times
and in all weathers.

Sunday, January 13, 2019

Another Long View.

Looking toward the Jemez, NM.  
6”x8” oil on canvas panel. SOLD

Artist Note
Like in the previous post, 
this is another “long view.” 
This time it is a high dessert
area between 
Santa Fe and Albuqerque. 

I love the drive. The views are amazing. 
and throughout the many years of traveling
I have never got tired of it. 

This was painted on a overcast day. 
The view was so vast I could see it raining
in several areas at the same time. 
Sometimes the rain never touched the ground.
Interesting ground shadows 
were cast from the clouds
Best of all... there were no trees to block 
the beautiful long view!!

Saturday, January 5, 2019

The Long View

The Long View
6"x 6" oil on canvas wrap 1 1/2 wide  $140 SOLD

see below

Artist Note
One of the joys of a high spot 
is the lovely long view you get.
This is Colorado.

I usually paint on panels
but had a couple of these gallery wraps
canvases and you can see, I
actually painted around the edges.

The advantage of these type 
of canvases is they do not 
have to be framed or hung 
but can stand on their own 
anywhere you want to put them

Back before I started fracturing 
I used to paint Calla Lilies 
in this format. I would paint the edge
or pop them in this floater frame.
The 6"x6" size you get 6 of them for 40 bucks
less than 10. a frame.
I would spray them a color to match 
the painting or even leave them natural.
They were very popular.