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Monday, November 16, 2020

Afternoon Pleasure

 Afternoon Pleasure 
6”x8” oil on Raymar panel  $150.SOLD

Artist Note. 
I named this Afternoon Pleasure 
because my
memories of visiting
this lily pond 
are still very pleasurable. 

I have done quite a few paintings from this 
lovely spot and I always enjoy the time 
painting them...well that is not exactly true. 
I start off fast and hopeful
then in the middle begins a struggle. 
and it usually goes through several changes
before it comes together in a way I like. 
This was no exception. 

How are you all doing?
This is a time like no other
and even though my hubby and I are safe
we are very aware how dangerous it
could be for us if we go anywhere crowded. 
 So we will be sharing a short outdoor 
picnic with our daughter and her hubby 
for Thanksgiving. 
This way there will be many more 
to share. 
Please stay safe and still enjoy a 
Happy Thanksgiving.