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Sunday, September 9, 2018

Anemones plus Hint

8x6 oil on canvas panel SOLD

Artist Note
I really enjoyed painting this one. 
I can see red again!
And painting every day 
I feel the old flow 
is coming back.

I sent out my Fall Newsletter
with this new painting in it and 
was really pleased with the response. 
I am going to paint it larger
and see if I can capture the same 
color harmony. 
Easier said than done!

Artist Hint
I have added to my palette
Windsor Newton/Perylene Black .
if you do not already use it,
It makes fabulous greens 
with different yellows. 

It also makes a beautiful blue/black
when white is added.

I am excited to find a replacement 
for my LeFranc Cassel Earth black paint. 
which I previously used for olive greens.
This Perylene black produces a much 
greater range of beautiful greens...
and I still get the olive with adding ochre.

I was told LeFranc & Bourgeois had a fire
and that is why it is impossible to get their
paint anymore.  
They were the oldest 
European oil paint manufacturer
and their Titanium White was a joy to use.
Sure hope they come back.


  1. Keep knockin’ ‘em dead, Julie, and I hope you get all the colours back. These are things that non artists never think about, of course. The only exposure I have had is with wood carvers who paint their birds in the most exquisite detail and have great discussions about the materials they use.

    1. You have the gift of always making me smile, David. Thanks for the nice words. I agree about the amazing carvers who paint the birds. A few are beyond fabulous. Let me know the site to go to so I can read what they say. I have a feeling I would love it.
      I enjoy your amazing blog and always learn something about the avian

  2. Very wonderful floral painting !!!

    1. Thanks so much. Your new painting is very beautiful and I love the story behind it.

  3. What a glorious painting! I'm so happy you are back in the paint every day mode.

    1. Thanks, Debra. I see you are back after your blog break with exciting new techniques. Neat. I am experiementing myself and it is stimulating.

  4. These are beautiful!!! Always love the hints. I too use black to make some beautiful greens. Have not tried that black, but it will soon be on buy list. Thanks.

    1. Thanks, Sharon. I was enjoying your post and really find everything you manage to do. truly!

  5. Julie just fabulous painting...your red anemones really pop next to that green. Did you use your Perylene black in this painting to make your greens? If so it certainly worked well. I have Perylene green on my watercolor palette and mix it with Quinacridone rose to may a soft gray or a rich black. Never have seen Perylene black in watercolor...will be on the lookout for it. Perhaps it would work well in watercolors as well. I usually avoid tube blacks in watercolors because they are so dull and not vibrant. Well hope friend you have a lovely week. Hugs!

    1. Hi, dear Debbie, happy you like it and yes... I used the black to make the greens. I added pink mixed to same value - in some areas.
      I have no idea if they have it in watercolor. Interesting
      Sorry your internet is down. Clever doing a quick post from another computer. Have a wonderful and blessed week.

  6. Love this one!

    I noticed in a photo on his website, the incredible painter Kim Cogan uses Winton's white. I know!
    I also noticed tubes of other brands including Old Holland, so it may not be an issue of economy, but simply that he's tried many and likes Winton's best? I have a large tube of Lefranc's Titanium white because I noticed it mentioned on several fine artist's blogs. What a shame if they had a fire.

    1. So good to hear from you, friend!
      Thanks for the heads up about Kim Cogan. I checked on his work and was very impressed. i have tried Winton and the body is not right and it is a bit coolor than I like. At the moment I am liking Grumbachers Pre tested titanium. i have a tube of Utrecht I am going to try, too.
      Hope all is well in your beautiful neck of the world.

  7. Hurray for your refreshed peepers, Julie! This is beautiful. The flowers are lovely, but my favorite part is the vase. I can almost feel the texture of it.

    I agree with your comments about using black; it makes wonderful greens and blues. Not familiar with the Perelene black, but I've sometimes used the Zorn palette, which of course includes ivory black but no blue.

    1. Hi Helene, the Zorn palette would be perfect with this black because it is so blue. A lovely cool blue where some of the blacks I see recommended for the Zorn are not cool enough.
      Love your series of the women swimmers. Fabulous!

  8. glad you are back to being able to see and paint reds :D would obvs be different if you were born colour blind, you wouldn't miss what you don't see, but it would feel odd not being able to see a colour you were able to see before

    this is a very striking painting :) nice darks and lights and really interesting textures :)

    1. Hi Jennifer- you got it right. Sort like of making a well used recipe with a missing ingredient. A bit off!
      I think your Halloween pumpkin is wonderful and loo, forward to seeing its progress.

  9. Love this painting as usual. Send these painters to your other website. My only problem with the video is: Too short, too fast...I want to sit with my cup of tea/coffee and just watch you paint for an hour or so. Asking too much? Smiles.

    1. I am so pleased to hear from you, dear Blanche. I have thought about you a lot and hope you let me know when your surgery is going to be.
      Your painting is one of the best you have done. Really love it - truly!

  10. Beautiful, as always Julie! So glad the colors are coming to you again. Thanks for the tip about using Perylene black for your greens. It's so hard to mix good greens and yours are lovely.

    1. Hello and thank you for the lovely comment. Greens have always been hard for me and tube greens in particular. I am really finding a lot of variations I like. Going to make a green chart with it. Cheers!

  11. I love the richness of your red! So glad you can see your reds again. Sad to hear that the paint company had a fire and it affected their business so much. Have a great day!

  12. Tremendous issues here. I am very glad to look your article.
    Thanks a lot and I am looking forward to contact you.
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  13. Beautiful painting and thanks for the tip on Perylene Black. At the art school I went to we were forbidden !!!! to use black and the first time I did I admit to feeling quite guilty!So glad that the colors are coming back to you and that you are finding your new groove. There's no keeping an artist like you down!

  14. Super stunning, Julie! Hope you do get to paint it larger. Wow!


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