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Saturday, September 15, 2018

Waterlily Light #2

Waterlily Light #2
6x8" oil on panel   $150.
Purchase HERE

Artist Note
Here I am - back to the Lilypond. 
I am really captivated by the 
three components...
Water, plants, and light. 
It appears almost
 magical to me when
the sun casts through the shaded areas.

I can see why Monet devoted 
so many years to painting
his waterlily series. 
He bought the land and 
diverted water from a stream
to start designing what he wanted.
Seven years of planting, building
and creating.
Then he spent 30 years 
- the rest of his life-
painting it!

The two 80-ft oval rooms
in the 
Orangerie of the Tuileries. Paris,
where the enormous and stunning
murals of 
his water garden are shown
are often described as the
"Sistine Chapel of Impressionism."

Thinking about all the people
and animals who are 
suffering in
The Carolinas 
in the aftermath of Florence.
Sending heartfelt prayers


  1. Your painting and comments on Monet bring back wonderful memories of visiting his home. Your lilies are beautiful. Doing a little oil painting and getting ready for second surgery next month. Then, I will feel like not stop working at the easel.

  2. Thanks for the great comment, dear Blanche. Happy to hear you are having the next surgery. They have it down to a fine art these days but still feel compassion for you. Good to have our painting to do and have time fly by!

  3. i want to pick up my paint brushes when I see this beautiful painting of water lilies.. But then I remember .....I can't paint flowers!!! Lol. Monet would be proud, Julie!!

    1. You, my dear friend, could paint the phone book beautifully... if you so desired. I have never seen anything flow from your hands that has not been
      Great. It is all a matter of what we are drawn to, isnt it?
      Enjoy your week.

  4. So beautiful, water lilies are favorites of mine too, Jullie! And thanks for expanding my knowledge of Monet & special thanks for your prayers for us in the Carolinas.

    Fortunately, we haven't had it too bad here in the middle of the state but my beloved coast is in bad shape according to the tv.

    Jan in N.Carolina

    1. Hi Jan, how nice to know we share a love of them.
      The is a peace i feel by a lily pond - i get the same feeling on top of a gorgeous view.
      Its a slow moving storm. The rain may come tomorrow but hope it doesnt. It looks simply devastating for those who are in it.

  5. I find there is something magical about waterlilies. We have them in marshy areas around here and they always seem somewhat wonderfully incongruous surrounded by our region's massively rocky and tree-filled landscape. Your paintings of them never fail to be a delight, and to capture their magic perfectly.

    Thank you for your very kind comments on my recent figurative pieces. The gallery where I show welcomes these summer-themed paintings, and also believe that back views of the subjects have more universal appeal. Happily there are other opportunities for me to paint faces. Cheers, Julie.

    1. Hi Helen.
      When I was in India I saw the loctus (or waterlily) growing in mud or marshy areas like you describe. They were a touch of amazing beauty in the middle of nothing. i did watercolor sketches all the time I was there.
      I agree with painting women from the side or back. Any gallery needs to sell to stay in business and portraits are usually sold on commission.
      Have a wonderful week, my good buddy

  6. Love the beautiful deep, deep blues in this. Provides such a rich contrast to the lighter colors. Glorious composition!

    1. Thanks, Carol, it was nature’s composition.
      Hope you are doing well. Are you close to Tubac?

  7. well the lilies are fitting since you both had cataracts

    1. Yes- i can see pink! Loved seeing your small paimtimgs. You have wonderful skill.

    2. thanks :) I wish i had the time to get back to using coloured pencils, maybe when uni is done lol

  8. This is so lovely. Color, subject all of it and so well done.

    1. Thank you for such nice words, Barbra Joan. I could say the say thing back about your beautiful watercolor.

  9. I find waterlily ponds fascinating. You have the beautiful flowers, the reflections of the sky, light sparkling, and the intricate view into the water to see the pads and stems. You captured it beautifully! I agree that Monet would be proud.

    1. Hi Joan - your beautiful sunflower field painting lifts me up too.

  10. So agree with everything you said. As the photos began unscrolling in my email, I was captivated by the light. You completely nailed it and I could look at it all day. I'm always learning from you! Thanks so much.

    1. Hi Sharon - congratulations on a great tutorial on You Tube.You ROCK. my friend!

  11. Dear friend these lily pads are stunning. They have to be a well loved subject because your love for them comes across in this gorgeous work. Hope you are having a great day. Hugs!


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