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Monday, October 22, 2018

Pizza Time!

Pizza Time
8x6" oil on canvas panel $150.
Purchase HERE

Artist Note
Inspired by a local restaurant.

Complaining session follows
so don't read any further
if you are not up for it!

I am having problems with
 my blogger site since the 
new update by Apple. 
so much time spent trying to 
use it and replying to the comments
 from the last post was
daunting, to put it mildly. 

My iPad and computer had the issues 
 I would type everything I wanted to 
for a reply to a comment
 and enter.... and nothing...
and I mean NOTHING!

Finally, I had to do it all 
on my iPhone 6S. 
and THEN have to enter
my name and password
for each one. OUCH!

It took FOREVER...
not that you all are not worth it, 
but, I ain't a saint!
Lots of unladylike words flowing.

If anyone has a solution 
then please let me know.
I would like to reply to my 
blog on my iPad or computer.
Definitely not my phone.


  1. Pizza has become the universal food of the world. We had it a couple of times in Australia and the variety of toppings you can get on it is staggering. I am sure that soon they will have dessert pizzas! The first I ever had was in Naples, Italy more years ago than I care to remember. It was basically the dough coated with tomato sauce, with grated cheese, basil and olive oil, baked in a wood fire oven, and it was delicious. And no it didn’t come with pineapple, apple sauce, pepperoni and bonbons!

    1. Loved this comment, David. Apple sauce and Bonbons, indeed!! Lol.
      My local place is owned by an italian who had the wood fired oven installed and still offers the original one you enjoyed those, hem, many years ago in Naples.

  2. Hi Julie, I’m pretty sure you can return to the previous settings before the update. I’m not a tech, but ask in any tech shop and it would be an easy fix. I use only an iPad and I haven’t been able get into ebay for years, Amazon ... no prob, so it could be just the way blogger is dealing with the update and they may catch up in a few days. Don’t panic, just count to 10 and don’t blow for a few days.

    1. What a nice. calm voice of good advice. Thanks Sea.
      I will call a tech tomorrow. I try to avoid the cost. But time spent is time away from what i want to be doing.

  3. I love your 'moment in time' paintings, and this one is a beaut!

    Do you have an app for Blogger on your iPad? That's the only thing I can think of that might help. I'm still in the Dark Ages on my aging Dell laptop.....

    1. Hi Friend - Good idea about the app. Will check it out.
      I thought you may have an idea.
      Happy you like the painting. Are you painting at all?

  4. What a super painting, Julie! The composition is perfection, and the gesture of the figure so exactly right. It's wonderful!

    Aarrgh! I sympathize with your high-tech woes. Isn't it exasperating when "they" update something that you wish they'd left alone!!!?? I don't want a "new" or "improved" version of my gmail, thank you. I don't need it to suggest or predict my words or actions. Updated versions seldom outshine their predecessors; they just give us more grey hairs!

    Complaining done...I really admire this painting.

    1. Hi - old chum! Yes, this new gmail is certainly exasperating ( you chose the perfect word ) It divides my mail up so instead of skimming down in one go I have to click on three different categories. Sheesh! Gonna take it back to how it was - if I can.
      How are you animal paintings coming along..,.Gracie was so perfect I think you are a natural at dogs.

  5. I hear your pain Julie...computers are not my expertise...definitely an illiterate techie! I love your painting friend. I can almost smell that wonderful aroma that wafts out of a pizza parlor. Take care and hope you get your computer problems worked out and things come together soon. Hugs!

    1. Happy you like the painting. I like it too so I was pleased to see it went to a person who has bought from me before.
      The computer will be solved tomorrow I hope. I have a tech coming. Big hugs returned!

  6. maybe try a different browser other than safari?

    1. Thanks...First thing I did after this came thru. Shame it didn't work.
      You are really rocking with Inktober!

    2. thanks :)
      I would def see if you can set the computer back before the update then. last resort, save everything and reinstall the OS

  7. Your painting is lovely. Again-I love the touch of green. Perhaps the Blogger 'help' forums would help you-sometimes they can actually fix problems.

    1. Thanks for liking the painting.
      Yes, the forums are good but the replies are sometimes confusing. I have noticed several with my complaint but not working answers.

  8. Amazing painting Julie!!!! I love the unique ! As far as your problem, I only wish I can help you. I always have problems and now that Skye is Upstate in College, I'm really stuck... So I fool around with the computer until it works .... However, I never know "how I did it"!!!! Lol. Again, LOVE this painting!!!!!

    1. Oh My heaven, dearest Hilda. I have just seen your new portrait, Jubilation, and it is OUTSTANDING! How you did the teeth blows me away. I have always stayed away from painting teeth because I have never seen them done well - till now!

  9. Love this painting and how you manage to put beauty and interest into such a common pizzeria scene, really perfection ! Regarding your computer problem I had the same for a while , difficulty in entering your blogs, but somehow it solved itself. Hope it will for you too :-)

    1. Thanks, Jane, N for such a nice comment about my painting - I have a tech coming tomorrow. Good to know yours got fixed.

  10. Love the painting and hear your frustration! It's good to vent!

    1. Hi Anne - thanks. Big grin.
      Love the series you are doing with the gulls. Your designs are outstanding.

  11. Love the pizza man!!! He can deliver that right to me. I understand your frustration. I use my laptop to post to my blog but when I travel my iPad won't let me use blogger. It says it is no longer supported. Last year it worked fine when I traveled but when I was away this summer nothing would post. I never got it worked out, so if you do please let me know what you did.

    1. Try this on Ipad.
      Passwords and Accounts
      under accounts ADD ACCOUNT and hit Google
      and enter your gmail (or
      even if you did it before do it again.
      Go to blogger and test it.
      fingers crossed

    2. Thanks for the suggestion. I copied your reply and will give it a try when I am done catching up with things on my laptop. I will let you know if it works. Fingers crossed here too.

  12. Love the light sprinkled all over!

    1. Hello, sweet friend, I have missed seeing your work.
      Please let me know you are okay.
      Thanks for the lovely words on so many of my pieces.

  13. Replies
    1. Hi Stelios - are you painting? I miss your posts. Hope all is well.


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