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Saturday, October 6, 2018

Yellowstone Stream

Yellowstone Stream
6"x8" oil on canvas panel  $150.

Artist Note
This is painted from sketches 
I made while on a trip to 
Yellowstone National Park.
What an incredible place.

I have a visitor - 
a very special blogging friend,
Lisa Graham.
She arrived for a weekend stay.

Lisa recently moved from Witchita, Kansas, to 
Castle Rock, Colorado. Just south of Denver.
Happy is a much shorter drive 
and a straight shot down
to Las Cruces on I-25.

Those of you who have followed 
me for a long time will 
remember how our friendship 
developed while she took care 
of her ailing mother 
and then after she died
 I invited Lisa to visit in 2014💙
Then I visited her...💙
and now she is visiting me again...💙

I have always loved the honesty
in her work.
Totally and authentically, Lisa.
She is a storyteller with paint!

Here is her latest post and
I hope you check it out.


  1. I really love this painting. Wet, wet water in deep cover. I can almost smell the air in this one.

    1. You got is exactly right, it was deep cover. Really overgrown around the gushing stream. Yellowstone is a treasure trove of visual treats.

  2. great flowing sparkling water :D

    enjoy your weekend with your visitor :)

    1. Thanks - I did and she is on her way back to Colorado to beat the storm! Fall is finally hitting my area. In the 50'sf last night.

  3. I love the light and movement. beautiful.

    1. Thank You, Debra.
      I am still beaming from seeing your dog portrait, Napoleon.

  4. This is beautiful Julie. All the colors in the water is outstanding. I visited Lisa's work...and yes, amazing as always. Her work is fresh and her style unique.

  5. Lovely of you to say such nice words. Thank you, dear Hilda.
    Your self portrait is wonderful. I hope you get lots of visits!

  6. I can almost hear the rushing water over the rocks. I wonder what I would see in that lighted space above the falls.

    1. Hi, Carol,I am pleased to know you can feel what I did. The area where the light came through was created by two huge trees struck by lightning - or it looked like that. Otherwise this part of the stream heading towards the river was pretty dense. Cool and dark. The birds loved it though and that is how I got in there - I was following a bird I had never seen before. Hubby waited back in the open!

  7. I think what I enjoy most about this painting is the energy, Julie. I so admire your delicious thick paint strokes and delight in discovering exciting notes of unexpected colors. Glorious!
    How lovely that a friendship grew from sharing art. Lisa is indeed a storyteller.

    1. Thanks, as always, for your wonderful way with words, Helene.
      I think your Whitetail painting is fabulous. I can see why it sold.

  8. Wow so much life in this stunning waterfall !

    1. Hi Jane, the lovely painting you have with the woman walking her dog is extra fabulous. I see many umbrella paintings but yours reached my heart.

  9. Dear Julie - what a wonderful treat to have a visit from Lisa. I just love your painting - it is so gorgeous. Makes me want to go there and see it myself. Well have a lovely visit with Lisa. Hugs!

    1. It was a special treat indeed. We get on well and are interested in the same things. She is lovely. Hubby enjoys her too.
      Love your post about the LIGHT!

  10. Your rushing water is amazing...such touches of color make it perfect. I enjoyed seeing Lisa's blog. How great to have a friend to visit and have the visit returned.

  11. I'm still smiling and happy after our wonderful visit Julie! Happy memories of posing on the Alice in Wonderland throne at the comic book store. We were adventurous, weren't we?

    I love this painting. I can hear the water.

    Missing you! xoxo


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