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Thursday, May 10, 2018

Round Nest in Square!

Nest in Square

24"x24"  oil on canvas SOLD

Artist Nest.
I LOVE this one!

This nest took a while and I enjoyed 
having something to paint on
between my busy schedule.
Can you spot the ladybugs?

I am in a great gallery here in Las Cruces.
-they carry my larger works -
and although my art sales 
have been going
rather well during
the last couple of months,
 I was still really surprised 
when they called to say it had sold 
after only a couple of days.
No special show and
it was still on the floor 
propped against
a chair leg!

The only reason I am relating this 
is because I hear some artists getting
 all hung up about what they perceive to 
be a poor placement
of their painting
 in a show or gallery
but, I have been everywhere
in many different galleries...
in  the back room, 
the corridor, dark corners, 
even left out for days on a patio...
all it takes is for the right person to see it.
Because when someone sees a painting 
that resonates in their heart
 they will usually buy it or remember it.

That is why the internet has opened
up such wonderful opportunities
for artists and especially the ones 
who cannot find an established gallery
or place to show their work.

A far larger audience gives 
artists a much better chance to be seen.

There is a discussion about not needing
galleries now with the internet. 
I think for some that may be true 
but I want galleries to survive 
because there is nothing
like actually putting your eyes close up 
to the painting and absorbing the 
artists technique.

Any thoughts?


  1. Beautiful piece Julie.....very intricate work

    1. Thanks. Rhonda, yes, intricate in layers but very absorbing because the fracturing adds so much to it, otherwise it would look precisely like a photo.
      We enjoy similar tastes.
      Your beautiful watercolor batik of the flowers is detailed but not photographic.

  2. Beautiful painting and well said Julie. We need to enjoy our accomplishments rather than just look for the next one. It will come.

    1. I agree, Blanche, personal pleasure and satisfaction has to top the list because it is a commitment to hard work to improve as an artist.
      Hope you are getting ready for the summer.
      Do your Koi handle the heat well?

  3. Woo Hoo! The nests are back, I know you love painting these, 'lady-birds' as well :). This one's a cracker!

    Your're right, its all about exposing your work to the largest audience possible, and the best way to do that is listen to successful artists, who have done the market research for you.

    1. Hi John, I was just admiring your new painting. it is wonderful. who is the young model?
      Successful artists, yes, but I have learned a lot from beginners who come in with their own fresh ideas.
      Thanks for the good comment.

    2. My Australian great grandson, Logan ... a handsome little chap

  4. Oh my do we need galleries! This screen is good for the basics, but like you say, nothing compares with having your eyes up close, seeing each brush stroke.
    Your painting is wonderful-I can see why it would have been sold no matter where it was!

    1. Hello Debra, thank you for joining in the conversation.
      Happy we are of the same mind.
      Truly sorry to hear about your loss and, thank you, what a beautiful tribute you wrote.

  5. Well said Julie, I couldn’t agree more. I’m not surprised this one sold right away, it’s mesmerizing and pulls you in. Plus the nest is so symbolic and stirs our emotions in many different ways. Keep doing what you do!

    1. Lucky you lives near the heart of an art appreciating city.
      It is always neat to visit your blog and see your plein air pieces. Congratulations on your show, Bruce. I know you will enjoy a fabulous opening.

  6. I love art galleries! We actually don't have many here in SE Alaska, but we do have coffee shops, artist coop's, an art council, museums and other businesses that all pitch in to help artists display their work. Online is the way many artists here do business. (That said, I still don't have a website other than my blogger blog ...) I appreciate the help advice you share about painting and other art, Julie!

    1. It is good to know your community obviously supports the arts. I really enjoyed your post about the changes made to your painting after a group critique. I liked it before but it is definitely stronger now..

  7. Yes Julie - art galleries are the best - so like you I do hope they survive. This nest is gorgeous and I spotted two lady bugs - hope I didn't miss one. I certainly can see why this one sold quickly. It is always wonderful to see your paintings sweet friend. Hugs!

    1. Thanks you so much, Debbie. I am a bit late getting to this and I hope you have a wonderful mothers day with your dear mother.
      Loved the photos of the flowers on your post. Oh my, I need to know the name of the lavender and pink ones.

  8. At first I thought this painting was small, and with the fracturing... 'how on earth did she get that detail on the nest?' I'm sure that was easier at 24 x 24. It's really wonderful. One that will draw the viewer back again and again.

    Going to a gallery is almost a spiritual event for me. I don't always love all the work (except for an exhibit of Frederick Edwin Church at the Portland, OR art museum, which was a once in a lifetime experience) but the visual texture is only available in person, so it's always wonderful to gaze on work hung specifically for viewing. And yes indeed, some of the treasures are off in corners.

    There are several Oregon coastal communities which favor the arts with multiple galleries. One Cannon Beach, is only 35 miles from me, so I make a point of gallery hopping when I have reason to go there.

    1. What a wonderful addition to the comments. I am green with envy about the F. E.Church show. Oh MY!
      That was a good observation about not always in love with all the work. I use that feeling to help me discover what I should not put in my own work.
      Cannon Beach? Do you live close to there. I LOVE it there and will be going in mid July when I visit a friend in Portland. Maybe we can meet?

    2. I would totally enjoy that! I'll be in touch.

  9. found the bugs :)

    galleries are...I think sometimes important to get art seen but other times I think they are just a way for pompous people (not every artist is pompous, just a select few) to try to show off. it really all depends on where a gallery is I think and what they show. I have noticed a big difference in attitudes based on their main themes. I find galleries focused on selling contemporary or very abstract pieces can have their heads up their arse but galleries focusing on smaller artist or "new" artist a bit more approachable. Of course this all depends on location and the people running the gallery. galleries do have to compete with the internet now and a lot of artists prefer that route because they often dont have to pay a big commission. it is somewhat easier to get your work out there internationally with the net, but you are also competing with millions of other artists to be seen, while with a gallery you might only be around a couple of other artists. its really all about trying to find what works best for the individual (this probably makes no sense, I'm running on sugar fumes at his point, getting ready for degree show at uni :p)

    1. Thanks for taking the time to present some really excellent
      observations. Smart lady and I agree with you. I did laugh at the pompous angle. LOL with a snort, actually. I have an acquaintance who works for a higher end gallery and gets paid a pittance but her attitude is one of superiority to the average folk. She really believes non-representational art is for the higher income and educated person. EVEN WHEN IT IS BAD! Interesting.
      Good luck with your degree show. I am fascinated by your dimensional creation.

  10. Beautiful nest Julie! Unfortunately two of our local galleries recently closed. Also, I had to laugh at your "poor placement" comment...which seems to happen too frequently.

    1. Sorry about the galleries closing. It has happened in Santa Fe too and that used to be a prime art viewing location. New ones have come in but not the same eye as some who left.
      I really like your small watercolors, Sherry.

  11. Bonjour chère Julie,

    Je vous félicite pour la vente de cette très jolie toile. Un "bébé" qui a trouvé sa famille adoptive !... J'aime le symbole qu'évoque le thème de cette peinture.
    Je suis d'accord avec vos mots en ce qui concerne la nécessité des galeries d'art.
    Internet permet tout et n'importe quoi, tant il est possible de découvrir une avalanche de peintures. Les galeries sont habilité à faire une certaine sélection, sans pour autant mettre de côté des talents émergeants. Je pense que pour le public, il est alors plus facile de s'y retrouver.
    Maintenant avec toutes les Ventes aux Enchères de l'art via Internet, on se sent un peu perdu et peut-être orienté, voir manoeuvré.
    L'avantage d'Internet est de découvrir à domicile certains artistes. Mais je pense que la magie qui opère lorsqu'on aperçoit une oeuvre est rompue face à un écran. Le mystère a disparu...
    Je pense qu'il est nécessaire de se trouver face à elle.
    Je crois qu'Internet est pour l'art un excellent outil pour la communication mais nous avons besoin en plus de la présence des galeries.
    Des coups de coeurs se déclenchent en galerie lors d'une visite impromptue... des rencontres, parfois aussi avec l'artiste... Tant de sentiments qui n'existent pas via Internet...
    Je m'arrête car je pourrais parler ainsi longuement !

    Gros bisous

    1. Here is the translation because it it so good

      I congratulate you for the sale of this very pretty canvas. A "baby" who has found his adoptive family! ... I like the symbol that evokes the theme of this painting.
      I agree with your words regarding the need for art galleries.
      The Internet allows anything and everything, as it is possible to discover an avalanche of paintings. Galleries are entitled to make a certain selection, without setting aside emerging talents. I think for the public, it's easier to navigate.
      Now with all Art Auction auctions via the internet, you feel a little lost and perhaps oriented, or even manipulated.
      The advantage of the Internet is to discover some artists at home. But I think that the magic that operates when you see a work is broken in front of a screen. The mystery has disappeared ...
      I think it is necessary to face her.
      I believe that the Internet is for art an excellent tool for communication but we need in addition to the presence of galleries.
      Heart strokes are triggered in the gallery during an impromptu visit ... meetings, sometimes also with the artist ... So many feelings that do not exist via the Internet ...
      I stop because I could speak so long.

      Your write so eloquently, Martine Alison, Thank you very much for sharing. Your work is professional and visiting your blog is an amazing experience. I feel refreshed and peaceful.

  12. This is a fabulous painting Julie...I have always loved your nest paintings.... Nobody does it like you....beautiful colors and the size surprised me!!! I love to see paintings in a Gallery. I just got back from the Metropolitan Museum of Art and like you said there is nothing better than getting close to a painting to appreciate the Artists work!!!
    And lastly, I wish I would've spoken to you before I painted my painting of the girl in the subway!! I measured and realized how wrong it is.... I will call it "a study" lol
    Enjoy your day!!!!!

    1. You are so fortunate to be able to visit the MMOA like that. I did it for years when I lived in New Jersey. I learned such a lot. LOL about mirror reflections. Neat though, eh?

  13. Amazing work Julie, how do you do it !!!!I Totally agree on the fact that it just takes the right person to see a painting to buy it . Like so many things in life, it just takes the right person.

    1. Hello Jane, I just saw your wonderful nudes for your up coming show. I love the abstract and beautifully stylized technique you have used.

  14. I enjoyed your art work very much !!
    Very good creations !!!

    1. Hello Stelios, good to hear from you. I enjoyed seeing an older watercolor painting on your latest post!

  15. I think that this would have sold anywhere it was placed. I agree with you that what makes a sale is when a piece resonates with the buyer. I seem to have a strong enough connection tonight to actually read blogs and comment. Tomorrow we head back to Perth so it should be easier to use the internet there.

  16. It's really lovely, Julie. I hope, by now, you are settled in your new home.

  17. I too hope that galleries survive. Our communities would be impoverished without them. The same goes for local bookstores. I have been making a real effort recently to patronize the one we have here in Waterloo - does it really matter if Amazon is $2.00 cheaper? Bookstores have always been, still are and will continue to be part of a progressive community.

  18. This lovely painting just glows, Julie. And yes, I see.
    My mentor told me a story. Her painting was accepted into a juried show and hung in a dark corner, a very undesirable spot. It was the first painting that sold in that show.


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