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Sunday, July 22, 2018

A Little Vacation!

A trip to Portland, Oregon. 
with a day outing to Cannon Beach.
Surely one of the most 
beautiful beaches anywhere.

Four days after my second cataract surgery
I flew to Portland for a week.
A wonderful and much-needed visit
to see dear friends.

The sketches are from a previous trip...
one, where my eyes were not blurry from
all the drops I needed to put in!!

I painted from the balcony of the 
Hallmark Hotel,
so I could capture the
different atmospheric moods.
of Haystack, 
the amazing
monolith rock formation.

I was thrilled to meet two 

First, on the trip to Cannon Beach

Lauren Nelson was kind enough 
to drive up and meet me 
and my friend, Jan, for brunch.
           She is as delightful, warm and fun as
the person I know from the years
following her blog. 
(We share a love and respect for animal life.)

 A marvelous hour or so was spent in the 
Dragonfly Gallery, sharing what we 
liked and why...she is smart!
It was stimulating.
Thank you, Lauren, for making the time
to meet me. It will be a treasured memory.
Link to Lauren's blog HERE

A couple of days later I had the 
pleasure of a studio visit with 
another artist
 I have followed for many years.
Randall Tipton
What a guy!
Knowledgeable, articulate, generous and fun!
Patiently, he allowed me and my friend, Jan,
  to pour over his inspiring work,
answering questions and sharing painting
info. I felt like I was in heaven!
Jan and I left both carrying treasured
pieces of art.
Thank you, Randall, for the wonderful visit.

Link to Randall and I recommend his blog


  1. It’s always great to hear of positive experiences when bloggers meet. I have two such encounters myself, with friendships being created. I have another one coming up in October.

    1. I have to tell you, David, I just spent far too long on your blog because it was such a treat. I feel wonderful after filling my heart with so many beautiful bird images.You write so well you take me on the journey with you!
      Thank you.

  2. So enjoyed seeing your paintings-I especially loved the moonlit one-I always imagine trying to paint night scenes-yours is exquisite.

    1. Hi Debra, Happy you like it thank you.
      Love the pics of the baby robin on your blog. Thank you for offering them out to be painted. I printed on out for a reference.

  3. Your visit sounds lovely. By the way, I am also a fan of Randall Tipton’s work, and thanks to your nudge am now subscribed to his blog. Cannon Beach is beautiful. I was there years ago with a friend.

  4. Good to hear from you, Lavina. Nice to meet a fellow fan of Randall's work. Wonderful man and artist! You will be happy you subscribed.

  5. Julia, I LOVE Cannon Beach, indeed the whole Oregon coast. I have been advocating to hubby for a move as the NM climate is just too hot for me. sigh. But he has a good job here and good friends (as I do) so can only wish really. sigh. I have cataracts too but haven't needed surgery yet. Another appointment this Friday. Will be seeing what is next as my vision is extremely funcky. I have double is each eye! weird... later and keep the faith. xxxooo love to meet you one of these days.

    1. So lovely to hear from you Lavon.. ha! I love the sunshine and dry heat. I guess there is No such thing as the perfect climate. It was a 100 degrees in Portland and that is very different to the same temp here. I do know i would not want the grey misty mornings of ocean living. I had a year by the water in southern California and i woke up every morning thinking i was back in England. I am a sunshine happy person.
      The cataract surgery was a breeze. No pain - only putting in the drops for so many weeks can be a pain in the neck! My doc should have done them sooner. I had to go to another doc to get them done when i knew i was in real trouble as an artist. They were a bit more complicated due to having fixed and pinpoint pupils. Yours will be fine i am sure. It is a little nerve wracking though. Love to meet you too.

  6. Sounds exactly like the kind of vacation I would LOVE to take! What an uplifting thing to do after your surgeries. Glad you could have a great visit with friends and immerse yourselves in artful delights for a few days!

    1. You guessed it right, Carol. It did do me me the world of good.
      Also very happy to see real colors again.
      Although in Portland, I saw so many people sporting brightly colored hair - like turquoise and purple - it was a riot on my eyes - i thought my eyes were having problems!
      The fad hasn't hit where in live in NM.
      Hope you are enjoying your summer.

  7. Sounds like a wonderful trip and everything you said about your wonderful friends could be said about you as well. Hope you're doing well and your eyes are healing quickly.

    1. Thank you for such kind and warm words, Sharon.yes, the eyes are amazing. What did people do before cataract surgery was developed?
      The difference is plain old amazing!

  8. I was honored by your visit Julie, I hope we can do it again.

    1. I hope so too, Randall. I am still on a high!
      You have inspired me.

  9. Dear Julie it was lovely to see you with your friends. I have visited Randal Tipton'blog but have not been to Lauren's. Will be hopping over to visit her. Looks like even on vacation you found time to capture some beautiful sketches. Hugs!

    1. Good to hear from you, dear Debbie. The sketches were from a previous visit. I found the drops I have to dake gave me a blurry vision which came and went. All good though because I can SEE!
      LOVE seeing the nest on your blog. WOW! Never seen a cardinals nest before.

  10. So glad you had such a wonderful vacation, Julie. I would recognize Haystack Rock anywhere! There is nothing like the Oregon coast...
    Thanks for the link to Lauren's blog . She has a new follower.
    And then there is Randall Tipton, a gifted artist & awesome person. He is a national treasure! I delight in owning an "RT" original as well.

    1. So happy you have one of Randall's pieces. Mine is gorgeous.
      I agree about him being awesome... totally!
      Hot in Portland. It hit a hundred while I was there. It is getting the norm for a while every summer.
      I enjoyed the video and seeing your string artwork.

  11. Hi Julie, glad to hear you are out and about on vacation and your eyes are doing well. You can be the mysterious lady sporting those shades everywhere you go.

  12. Yes - the light is pretty blinding. I had very small pupils which I cursed in the dark because they did not dilate at all. Now I am seeing how bright the light really is!
    That is a wonderful photo of the dove and frog!

  13. those are great sketches :) You really captured the misty mysterious look of the beaches there :)

    been once, years and years ago, thought it was really pretty :)

    1. Hi Jennifer, I was just admiring your drawing skills. Absolutely amazing. I bet you get so absorbed that time flies by.

    2. yeah time def passes working on etchings lol

  14. Nothing like meeting fellow bloggers and exchanging notes. In all these years of blogging, I have yet to meet one.

    1. Good to hear from you, Haddock. Living in India would make it hard to meet the USA bloggers but if i had known you at that time i would have tried to meet you when i visited your amazing country.

  15. I have admired your work for a long time. I know Randall was thrilled to meet you too!

  16. A lovely comment. Thank you. I enjoyed visiting your blog with great rainy pics and lovely parasol.

  17. How nice to travel and meet other bloggers too...and to come away with treasured artwork too. At the symposium I met a blogger from the Netherlands who I have followed for years and another that I met online recently who lives in Australia. It is a small world.


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