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Thursday, April 25, 2019

Lilacs At The Nichols Ranch, New Mexico.

Lilacs At The Nichols Ranch, NM
8"x 6" oil on Raymar panel $150.
Purchase Sold

Artist Note.
I went painting...
An artist who belongs to the guild,
Sue Nichols,
lives on a beautiful ranch 
which has been in her husbands family
for well over a hundred years. 
It is one of the places 
where you can go 
and pick your own fruit if 
you want to.

I was invited to go and paint 
the fruit orchards in bloom.
 I wish you could
have been there to see the glorious
 orchards finishing or starting to bloom

At the end of a fun painting day 
I saw the late sun
catching the lilac bush.
All I can say it was magical
and totally 
impossible to capture its 
true beauty.
Loved doing this piece though.

Take a look at some of the 
many gorgeous views 
They have a big Cherry festival
coming up in June. Fun for the whole family.
I cannot wait!

Sue paints her environment
A coupled of painting she has done.
Of all the cow paintings out there'
this is from direct observation - the real deal!
Coming To Water.  oil. Sue Nichols.
Windmill And Sunset. oil Sue Nichols
and if that is not enough
Sue does beautiful Stained glass work.
Stained Glass Screen.  Sue Nichols

And here is this busy woman digging
holes for new cherry trees...
the old fashioned way.
She also bakes and makes the BEST pies ever!

Thanks for the great painting day, Sue.


  1. There are obviously many talented artists in New Mexico. I wonder, Julie, have you ever sold a painting and had a moment of regret, thinking that it might perhaps have been the ideal gift for a close friend or a grandchild? Or perhaps you just go ahead and paint another!

    1. Paintings are hard to give as gifts because a lot of people I know do not have the same taste. Subjective!
      If it is asked for - then that is a different matter.
      You are lucky having a wife who is great with the camera but then you mention her quilts. Bet you stay warm in style!

  2. Wow!She is a great inspiration - for her art and her energy! And I adore your lilacs, Julie - such a beautiful flower and so hard to capture in paint. Your rendition is just gorgeous!

    1. Thanks for taking the time to check Sue's work out.
      Love, love your new Large Project. Experimenting and doing
      your painting on cardboard turned out perfectly fabulous!

  3. Dear Julie - your lilac painting makes my heart sing...reminds me of how lovely it was when I would visit my grandma and her lilacs were blooming. Your friend is certainly multi-talented. Followed the link and saw her lovely photos as well. Thank you for sharing and making my heart sing. Have a great weekend. Hugs!

    1. What a lovely complement. Thank you dear Debbie. Do you have a lilac bush or two nearby? Wonderful when they bring back memories.
      Thanks for looking at Sue's work. You are right about her talent.
      Have a Blessed week.

  4. What a grand day you enjoyed with such a multi-faceted woman! Sue's paintings are wonderful. She sounds like a real going concern -- much like yourself, Julie. Your beautiful lilac painting evokes all the sensory delights of springtime...warm sun, lush purple blooms, and that captivating scent! Can't wait till mine bloom.

    1. I think I should print out your beautifully written comments. You have no idea how good you make me feel. Thank YOU, Helene.

  5. with all that fresh fruit, I'm sure the pies taste great! :)
    the lighting on the lilacs looks gorgeous :)

    1. She puts butter in her crust and THAT sure helps too!
      Happy you like the light.
      Congrats on doing the whole alphabet !

  6. Replies
    1. thanks Hilda. Very happy you like it.
      It was really neat seeing you paint an old truck...
      its a wonderful portrait of it.

  7. The lilacs look great against the window. I can imagine the fragrance after sketching in a lilac garden yesterday. Your friend, Sue does lovely work and the landscape on her farm is great!


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