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Sunday, April 21, 2019

The Roses Are In Bloom

Roses In Bloom
8"x6" Oil on Raymar board  $150.
Purchase Sold

It is wonderful when the roses bloom
for the first time in a new year.
My home has an abundance 
of these beautiful roses growing
along a fence.

I have so many containers to choose from
so I decided on a color harmony first,
where the roses would be the secondary color
and pop out a bit more.

Here you can see I used a warm light bulb
but I changed it to a cool light
and liked it better. 
Maybe due to all the blues 
and greens I had. The blues 
in the warm light can take over.
It made the warm color of the roses way too hot
competing with the aqua glaze of the pot.
I had to remember 
the roses had the starring role.

Although I gave up teaching workshops
I still teach regular weekly art classes 
at the Artist Guild, here in Las Cruces.
This is a group hard at work.
I couldn't show all of them
from this angle but you can get the drift.
They love painting so much
that some drive
for over an hour, one way, to come
 Not only that, this group brings 
amazing munchies!

Every group has a different energy
I love teaching.
I am blessed.

After saying that...
I know they
they will look at this with
a critical eye regarding this month's focus.
So this is for them.
Every quarter is different
as are the outer edges.


  1. I am sure that a good part of their enthusiasm stems from their wonderful teacher.

    1. Thank YOU for that lovely complement.
      You new post is my favorite so far, David. I saw birds I had never seen before. What a treat. Keep Traveling!

  2. I love hearing what you're up to lately with teaching,etc. Your blog descriptions are so wonderful and clear - I can only imagine how great it is in person!! Lucky students you have!! Cheers & blessings to you!

  3. Beautiful roses,Julie, and I love that stunning vase. You've made the most of the rich variety of textures!
    The peek into your painting group was such fun. Everyone looks so completely absorbed, and the photo certainly shows some accomplished work in progress.

  4. A Rose by any other name is, Julie of course! This is beautiful.

  5. How lucky for this group to have found you, Julie! And they even bring munchies ... :) Your posts are always beautiful and educational; this one is no exception. Love your painting, Julie!!

  6. This is outstanding Julie!!! Love these roses!!!!

  7. love the colour of the roses :) they jump off the canvas


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