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Wednesday, July 24, 2019

Grace’s Warbler

Grace's Warbler
6"x6" oil on raymar panel $125.
Purchase HERE

Artist Note
Such a pretty little bird 
and the first time
I saw one, my heart skipped a beat.

They live high up in pine trees 
so you have to be on a cliff
or something high to usually see them.
But guess what...
I saw this little family down 
by the ground at a lake we have
just an hour away, enjoying a bath.

If not for the bright yellow, 
you would never see them 
as their blue gray feathers 
match the color of the sky 
peeking between the pine needles.

I tried to get that feeling of camouflage
in this little square..


  1. Great little painting, but your title should say "Grace's Warbler," not "Gracies Warbler." Hope it sells quickly.

    1. Thanks for the helpful correction, David. Change made and I will not be embarrassed when it goes out in the morning.

      ice of you.

  2. so tiny and cute :) i think you managed to get the camo look you were going for, the texturing really helps with that :)

    1. Glad you think I captured the camo effect. Thanks. Your post showing the horses head, blew me away!

  3. Not just one... you managed to see two together. How fortunate. I can see how easily they would be camouflaged in a pine tree especially with a blue sky. Do you know if their "call" is rather melodic? Well done, Julie!

  4. I saw a family!! My heart was in my throat. They have what I would call a high twitter sequence. That's how I found them... I followed a chipping I was not familiar with.
    Hope you are staying cool.

  5. Another beautiful painting Julie. I love the yellow pops right out!

  6. i love how the bird nearly blends into the background in spots. Beautiful colors!


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