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Monday, July 22, 2019

Roosting Dove

Roosting Dove
6"x 6" oil on raymar panel $125.SOLD. 

Artist Note
I will be doing birds, nests and related
things until I can get this 
new extension of the 
fracturing technique down.
Experimenting is much easier with
subject matter you know and love.

The white dove is a positive symbol
of kindness, peace and forgiveness
Cannot go wrong with painting 
them so another 
one is bound to end up in the mix.


  1. Just think, Julie, in a hundred years when scholars look back on your art, this will be known as your bird period, and there will be learned discussions about form, colour and technique, with hints as to your motivation based on other events in your life. Who knows, maybe they will even make connections to that bird fanatic in Canada!

    1. Good story and smiling here thinking ahead. Canadian Bird Fanatic eh!!
      I have had my last three one-person shows all based on the avian theme. For the last one I pushed myself into different media and even used the bottom of a rusty bucket and a nest. When I was growing up in England, my father bred Canaries and Cockatiels and he was also an avid birder. Some rubbed off I guess but art always came first for me.
      Have a wonderful week.

  2. That hiatus you took has certainly paid off. You are producing some beautiful little paintings my dear Julie.

    1. Thanks, Blanche. Classes stat in August so I am feeling the urge to paint- while I can! Happy you like what I am doing dear Blanche.

  3. She is certainly nestled down in the nest looking so comfy. Such a beautiful white dove. Do you have many in your area? I love that your mark-making echoes the lines of the nest materials.

    1. A lady I know has them as pets. I only see the White Winged dove, the Mourning Dove and my favorite - the tiny Inca Dove.
      We do have pigeons and I have never painted one successfully. I am going to try again because I love their feather patterns.
      Hope you are enjoyed the relaxed pace of life the heat brings..

  4. I think you are doing really well with the birds and your fracturing technique, just the right amount of texture and detail to the birds :)

  5. A beautiful roosting Dove, Julie. The fracturing technique is perfect for the nest...Beautiful work.

  6. Perfectly off center! Love this!!!


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