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Tuesday, July 16, 2019

Steller's Jay

Steller’s Jay
8”x6” oil on Raymar board
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Artist Note
A visit to Cloudcroft, NM, (9,000ft)
 for a few days last month,
provided the pleasure of seeing
many wonderful Jays.
They flitted between the trees showing off
flashes of their beautiful, blue colors.

Jays love peanuts in the shell
and our host would place them on the deck rail.
They would actually pick and choose,
putting back down ones they didn't want.
It was fun watching them .

I have decided to do a  short "bird series"
and it is helping me get back in the flow and my block.

Due to my painting technique, exact detail
is pretty impossible.  I try for the essence or impression .

I am explaining this because
I have a serious birder who follows my blog.
He posts the most incredible images
taken by Miriam Bauman
I am hooked on his blog and through it  have traveled
and seen the most interesting
and awesome places/things/birds.

Check out his amazing blog link below
if you are a nature lover.

David M. Gascoigne


  1. Oh my God, Julie, you are just too kind. But it is quite wonderful to see you painting birds. Seems to me nothing could be quite as good as that! I don't know whether you are familiar with the Canadian wildlife artist Barry Kent MacKay, but over the years I have bought several of his works.

  2. Gosh, they are stunning birds, Julie! And it's delightful to see another new painting from you!! Like you, I love birds, and your paintings of them remind me that I ought to paint them more often. David Gascoigne's blog is indeed worth a visit!

  3. Perfect! Love, love, love this!

  4. What an exciting post! I say that because I love to watch the jays and their antics, and your painting reminds me of the hopping, chattering and staring that jays always do. Plus, your mark-making emphasizes all that activity. Gorgeous color palette!!


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