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Tuesday, July 9, 2019

The Water Jug

The Water Jug
8"x10" oil on linen mounted on panel $225.
Purchase HERE

Artist Note
A cause for celebration....
I finished a painting without
scraping it off!

It has been a bummer of a summer 
as far as my painting block goes.
I tried all suggested solutions.
I have enjoyed a couple of trips and not 
having to be in my studio quite as early.
I guess it just takes time.

The 4 week online tutorial I paid so much for 
has not been staying on my computer. 
Cannot find the darned thing.
I have only done two segments 
and cannot get the other two.

The second segment is on automatic
writing/mark making.
That influenced some of the marks here.
I kept doing the spiral of  life
with the charcoal.

It is the first online I have ever done so 
maybe I am doing something wrong.
I am going to persist because I think it is well 
thought out and has been excellent in the 
first two segments.
Will let you know when I know.

I continue to post new and older works
on Instagram where my following
far exceeds Facebook.
Weird when it is the same paintings.
It is also far easier to be able
to reply to their comments
and that adds up - time wise.
My instagram is

I still post here first though.
Enjoy your week and thank you
for following my blog.


  1. It's good to see you "back in the saddle," Julie. Stay with it and continue to bring us joy.

    1. Bit by bit I am returning to normal. It doesn't appear to be at the 'wave of the magic wand' speed.
      Another fabulous post on your blog David. High Caliber interview with Wayne Simkin.

  2. Ya Hoo! Look who's back! I'm exhausted from the "Julie's back" happy dance. Love the abstract mark making along with the beautiful painting.
    This is a winner my friend. Yes, I'm painting, just haven't posted anything.

    1. You made me smile...thanks Blanche. You are special. So happy you are painting even if you are not posting. As long as your health is staying great.

  3. Julie, this is another beautiful painting. Never would have guessed you went through the ugly black hole. The Artist Block. I have been following your lovely work on instagram. You have alway inspired me, even now looking at your beautiful work. When I get those nasty blocks I refer the Artist Way book. It helps me get through those scary times. Well that aside, I am glad you are back. Thank you for sharing.

    1. I have the Artist Way book and know it inside out. Usually I can trace a block to an event or change, but this one was different somehow. Anyway, I am SLOWLY coming out of it but have a stash of starts to have fun with. Thanks for caring.
      Seeing your post with beautiful sketchbooks full of lovely examples of watercolor how it should be used, is a treat.

  4. Well YAY! And this is a purty one you did missy! You should be able to visit the website where you downloaded the course and reload the last two parts.

    1. should be able to but it will not come up.
      I think when they said a four session class that was it. I was struggling and took too long. I have been in touch but not successful yet. One of those emails with no reply and we will get back on the other and so far- no getting back.
      I will persist. I do feel it is something I am doing wrong. REALLY good to hear from you Lauren.

  5. Hurray for you, Julie! I am so happy for you (and for all of us who enjoy sharing your creative journey!) This is lovely, and I notice the swirl textures you've incorporated; they work really well! I'm pleased you still post new work on your blog. I also prefer to post on my blog, but more and more people are moving to Facebook and Instagram. As you know, since we are FB "friends" I recently moved there and am gradually adding both new and old paintings. It's helped me to stay connected to fellow painters from my days on DPW. I do follow you on Instagram, but haven't gotten going there yet myself. It's a job to keep up with it all because, like you, I want to be responsive to those who kindly comment.
    Anyway, It's always such a treat to see your beautiful, inspiring work...wherever you post it. Three cheers for your return and good luck finding the rest of your online tutorial!! Sheesh, computers!

    1. Thanks for being happy for me Helene.
      I would like to encourage you to go on Instagram. You link the post so you do not have to do it twice. I have excellent stats on both and Instagram has far more collector/buyers/art appreciators than FB. More and more people are dropping FB due to . My kids - who are adults, will not go near FB. Anyway, think about it Helene. I think though with the steady sales you enjoy from the gallery you may not need the extra exposure. Nope - not got the rerst of the online program yet.

  6. Love this new stil life work of you Julie. Well done, dear friend !!!

    1. Hello Stelios - thanks for the pat of the back!
      Love your new summer painting.

  7. I was intrigued by your reference to mark-making and can see the effects in this lovely painting. I will do some reading on it and look carefully at your works as you do them. The balance you've created in this painting is so well done right down to the two grapes on the far right! I'm glad you are working your way back from the doldrums. The only thought I had was to paint small for awhile. 4 X 6, 5 X 7, 6 X 8, etc. There is a sigh of relief sometimes when a work is completed in a short time. Just a thought. Keep on truckin', my friend!

    1. Thank you for taking the time to really look at the painting, Carol. Thanks also for such a positive and encouraging comment.
      Love the two portraits you have completed. A gift for the ages.

  8. Glad to see you are back on track. Great job on the jug and I love how the peaches give the foreground color that repeats in the background. Well done!

    1. I appreciate you liking the peaches. They gave me a heck of a time. What a neat concept of painting on your sunflower.

  9. Yeah Julie - you survived and are back to painting as always. Hope you are having a good day friend. Hugs!

    1. I survived but barley...but looking up has helped.
      Enjoy your July off. W@ell deserved!

  10. yay! for painting something :D

    that is so odd you mention automatic writing/mark making, i just had to do a bunch of research on it for my dissertation

    1. Do you remember if you ever read about the New York School of abstract expressionists?
      Motherwell, Rothko, de Kooning, Pollack were members and automatic writing really influenced their work.
      Did that surface in your research?

    2. I have read about them at college, they were big on abstract stuff lol :) the more abstract the better for the teachers


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