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Monday, May 13, 2019

Farmers Market Series - Yellow Hat.

Yellow Hat
6"x8" oil on canvas board $150.
Purchase HERE

Artist Note.
The yellow hat caught my eye.
yes...we allow dogs
 at our Farmers Market.

The market is getting full
of all kinds of goodies.
This week I bought
 lush red and yellow peppers
and other
wonderful veggies.

Passing on some info I was told
when I got the peppers.

Did you know that the female
pepper is sweeter than the male?
And... did you know that the female
pepper has three or four
distinct bumps
on its bottom where the male
 has two and is flatter?
You can see the top peppers
(which are upside down)
have clearly defined bumps
on their bottoms.

Okay friends, I had already published the
above about the male/female peppers
A nagging fact-finding vibe
kept coming into my mind
so I Googled it... is

 Yes, there are four bumps
and three flatter bump types
but it has nothing to do with gender.
Apparently there are no gender
differences and the
sweetness depends on the soil!!


  1. It is a wonderful picture, Julie, depicting a scene I have seen many times. And as a bonus I learn about gender differences in peppers!

    1. Hi David, Hope you get back to find the pepper story is not true! That will teach me to be more careful BEFORE and not after writing a post.
      Thanks for commenting. Your post on the BEST IN THE WORLD wood carver is brilliant and I am in awe!

  2. Dear Julie - I have always been delighted to see your farmer's market paintings. You capture the colors and light just beautifully. I can see why that yellow hat would have caught your attention. Thank you for the info on peppers. I have gardened for years and never read or heard of males and females. Like that the females are sweeter :)!! Hugs

    1. I liked that females were sweeter too ....until I got the correct scoop!
      Have a beautiful and blessed week, Debbie.

  3. Geez, you'll always come to mind when I'm at our Sunday market! Love the painting.

    1. Hi Blanche, it is happily, a universal even where veggies and flowers can be grown.
      Thanks for visiting, dear Blanche.

    2. Hi Julie, Love your painting, as usual, but I am having problems trying to comment on it, these day. AM I the only one having difficulty? I love the story about the male and female peppers,and, will choose my peppers with that in mind, even though it is not true.

  4. Just a delightful narrative painting, so filled with life and vibrant color! As always, I marvel at how much detail you manage to capture in only 6 x 8 inches of space. Love it.

    1. Working small reminds me of miniature artwork I used to see when I was young. Portraiture was big...way before photography and prospective brides of arranged marriages were a favorite subject. That they were enhanced to be more palatable to the eye is an understatement. The Royal collections are fun to see how different painters made the same person look.
      Thanks for visiting as always I do appreciate your insightful comments.

  5. Love this painting and I love painting peppers. Such a funny story Julie, it make you wonder who make up that story in the first place!!!?

  6. Hi Bruce...I loved knowing Robin Cheers has made a video and I so enjoyed your post of lucky you watching it being made!
    Must have been a woman making it up for the female to be the sweetest! Now I* have the task of informing the woman who was selling the peppers and telling the story...

  7. I really enjoy your market paintings and this one has a doggie! Yay!

    I'd read somewhere that more bumps on the bottom = sweeter flavor, but using that criteria whilst shopping hasn't seemed to make any difference, so it undoubtedly is the soil. I'll just continue to be grateful when I get a sweet one.

    1. happy you like it, Lauren, thanks.
      I agree - it's great to get a sweet one!
      This is such a beautiful time of year where you live. I have happy memories if last year meeting you.

  8. Our town has a weekly Farmer's Market and it's very popular. There is quite a range of products including African butter and elk antlers for dogs to chew on. Lots of produce is available including fresh produce as in your wonderful painting. The activity shown also in your scene reflects the busyness and color of an open market.

  9. dogs are allowed at most outdoor markets here as long as they are well behaved. if you can have them on buses, markets are not a problem lol

    1. Neat to know about Scottish dog rules. Your bird drawing is totally awesome.

  10. What can I say Julie!! This is absolutely beautiful.. the color and light is amazing!! I zoomed on it and was able to see the wonderful texture.
    I can only comment on my computer... when I use my phone or Ipad won't comment.! This is when I need to be computer smart. lol or invite my nephew over...
    Enjoy this beautiful day!!

    1. Hi Hilda - happy you like it. Thanks. I was gobsmacked to see your landscape - beautiful landscape! would be much easier if I could use my ipad for answering comments. Sigh.

  11. So much to see inside such a tiny space. I don't know how you do it, Julie - it must be magic!

    1. Not always magic. I painted all day yesterday on three different pieces and they were all scrapers. Sigh.
      I truly LOVED your new ballerina painting.The close up were fascinating and it was great to see your mark-making.

  12. I was just going to get up and check my peppers. lol Love the market sketch! Markets are always so colorful and lively and make such great subjects. I haven't been to one since I got home.

    1. Hi Joan - really pleased you like it. Thanks. In turn, I love your Kayak painting.

  13. Nice work, I like the impressionism of it, how it turns a daily scene into an extraordinary painting, very interesting the contribution on the peppers, I did not know it.

    1. Thank you Jose. I left a message on your blog but I am not sure if it went through. You have wonderful control of watercolor.

  14. I heard that story about the gender of peppers before but wondered "then why do the so-called male peppers have seeds too." I was buying what I thought were males to avoid dealing with those pesky seeds when I cut them up for recipes. Well, now I know the truth. Ha!

    1. Hi Carol, so good to hear from you. Loved it when you said, "pesky seeds" LOL
      I tried to link to your blog from here but it didn't work.
      Sending a hug.

  15. Oops, forgot to say how much I love this painting!

  16. Wouldn't it be nice if the female pepper had actually been sweeter than the male one ? :-))) This market painting is amazing, so busy and yet so clear, really beautiful.


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