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Friday, December 6, 2019

Turquoise Nest, New Mexico.

Turquoise Nest NM
11"X 14"  oil on gallery wrap canvas.  

Artist Note
New Mexico Turquoise is a much beloved
and prized gemstone and its color
 is reflected everywhere, here in New Mexico
...leading up to why
I want to add a turquoise colored nest
to my Avian series.

I have not been painting due to my hubby 
having his second heart attack 
just over a month ago which has left his heart
rather damaged 
and our routines totally changed.
The good news is 
he is a man with a lovely disposition
which makes everything nicer
and easier for me.

I am getting back into the studio 
for one or two hour blocks of
emotionally important time.
I am always amazed at how difficult it can be 
to get back into the flow. 
Fortunately, I had started the study before
the, you know what, hit the fan!

The above nest is a study for a larger painting.
When I say larger...
how about  30"X 40" For me that is huge!
Below is the unfinished one.
I started the large one with the intent to complete it 
for a show I was having, back three years ago,
when I unfortunately tore my meniscus and
had to put it on the back burner.
Since then, the house went on the market, 
the beloved studio was cleaned out 
and this was put into storage.

When coming back to a painting already started
I find doing a smaller study 
helps me get back on track.
The paint quality of the background 
on the large one consists of thin washes 
of colors and I had to 
figure out if I should glaze, texture or both.
I did both on the study.
Still pondering...


  1. Good morning, Julie: I am very sorry to hear of your husband's health issues, but equally delighted to see your blog delivering new delights for us. It seems to me that the combination of the turquoise for which the southwest is renowned and wonderful bird's eggs is just about perfect. I hope that your presence will grace us often again. Hugs from Canada, David

    1. I will take the hugs with great appreciation David, and thank you for the beautiful and interesting trip I took on your latest post.

  2. You and your dear hubby have been "through the wars" these past months, Julie. Even though it has been a trying time, it has always seemed to me that the two of you are a formidable team in the face of any obstacles. You've often referred to your husband's very good nature, and you are certainly not one who is easily defeated by setbacks. I'm awfully pleased your husband is recovering and that your life is finding a new equilibrium, and I'm pleased to continue to connect with you through our paintings. This newest work on a previously-started painting is perhaps a fitting way to literally "pick up where you left off" and go forward at a different (but nonetheless satisfying) pace. It is lovely, dear chum. Warmest hugs.

    1. Thank you dear Helene.
      You are a total whiz with knowing the right words to say. Always leave me feeling we have known each other from the womb! Your still life painting is awesome and I can see why you wanted it for yourself.

  3. Julie, I am so sorry to hear about your hubby. Sending strong healing wishes for him and for you to stay strong. Thank you for sharing your beautiful painting and notes re: turquoise.

    1. Thank you Teri. Healing wishes are always welcome.
      Love your commissioned landscape - perfect colors for my taste buds!

  4. I have missed you, Julie, and was wondering if all was well. I am so dismayed to hear of your husband's heart problems and I hope he is on the road to complete recovery. Painting and being creative with a heavy heart can be a struggle and I am glad to see you are working your way back as well. I love the turquoise and the idea for a larger work is very exciting. Your avian series is so unique and a big work in the colors of the southwest will be a daring and wonderful addition. All my best wishes to you and your husband.

    1. Thanks you for such a warm and caring response. I have read everyone's good wishes to him and he has been touched.
      Large for me is daring indeed! On the back burner at the moment.
      Neat reading your latest post...both for the art as well as pics of the Hoover Dam.

  5. Julie, I was sincerely taken by your newer artworks. I know how the importance of avian art is in your estimation, and these pieces both push the boundaries farther. I think they are both highly symbolic with the branch of leaves, the mountains in the background, the gorgeous skies, and the placement and position of the nest in a vertical manner. Both paintings are masterful in design, and exude a hopeful and compelling scenario. In seemingly empty, wide-open spaces life thrives.

    So sorry, Julie, for your husband's illness. Prayers for you both.

    1. Hello Carol, I LOVE this comment - thank YOU SO MUCH, and have printed it out for encouragement.
      Enjoy a beautiful holiday season.

  6. Wishing your husband a speedy recovery! I have missed seeing your work, so happy you are back in the studio!

    1. Thank you very much dear Kim.
      I was just enjoying your amazing post on Red.
      Ha - not the color but bird.

  7. Hi JUlie, I really like those tones used, the composition, in short the work, I wish a good and speedy recovery for your husband.

    1. Thank you Jose for the complement and good wishes.
      I really liked the colors in your beautiful mountain painting.

  8. oh Julie, I'm SO sorry to hear about your hubby. I hope he's doing better...I will be praying for a very quick recovery.
    I love the color of this painting. The color is defintely the color of New Mexico... SO beautiful.!! Take care, my friend...

    1. Thank you Hilda. happy you like it. So nice of you to pray for my hubby. He needs all the help he can get.
      I hear you have been in pain yourself Hilda. I had that once and changed my footwear to what the Dr recommended and touch wood...never had it again. Hope it is getting better. Big hugs.

  9. Hi Julie, your turquoise nest is so lovely. I just read, the other day, that turquoise is a stone or gem that one is supposed to carry for safe traveling. I thought that was interesting and certainly something I had not heard before. I hope you and your husband are well these days. Blessings!

    1. Thanks for the visit Carol and happy you like the nest.
      Hubby has a way to go yet but he is getting lots of attention and liked that!
      I had not heard that about safe traveling but makes sense as it was so popular.
      Enjoy a beautiful season Carol.

  10. Julie so glad to read your post friend. Have been praying for both of you. Your painting is just gorgeous. I love the turquoise with the dusty peach colors. Take care friend and will continue to pray hubby gets better. Hugs!

    1. I appreciate the prayers so much, my friend.
      It means so much.
      Love your final post of the year.

  11. sorry to read about your hubby :( *hugs* hope he and you are doing OK :)

    this is a very striking nest, the colour is perfect

    1. hi Jennifer...Happy you like the nest. You could whip this out in no tome flat with your digital skills.

    2. well it might take a bit of time to make a lot of tiny twigs but once you make them you would just copy and paste them lol

  12. I am so sorry to hear about your husband's poor health. I will keep both of you in my prayers. Health has such a way of changing our lives...sometimes for the better but so often not.
    Your painting is so lovely! The turquoise adds such a beautiful touch and richness to this, and the bits of turquoise in the leaves and background give this such a beautiful harmony. Awesome texture too!

  13. Hello Joan, thanks for lovely complements and prayers for hubby's health. It all counts.
    I enjoyed seeing the variety of your work on the post. Love the painting of the ornament.


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