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Sunday, September 18, 2016

White Oleanders

6"x 8" 
oil on linen mounted on panel $140.
Purchase HERE

Artist Note.
We have a beautiful
large bush of these
blooming by the deck.

In this painting, I am trying
for a cooler palette.
I am usually drawn to
the warmer colors but
here I used
lavender and green
-a warm and cool
of each of them.


  1. Beautiful, as always, Julie. I love this side of the spectrum. I read White Oleander many years ago and was absolutely intrigued by Janet Fitch's unique use of similes and metaphors. I love the uniqueness of your beautiful work too.

  2. That's a clever colour combination: I love the way the background lifts the blooms off the 'page,' and also reflects faintly in the flower petals. So much depth. Beautiful.

  3. Beautiful palette Julie! I like how the colors are reflected in the shadow side of the blooms!

  4. so pretty :) I think the colours make it look calm and delicate

  5. Honestly, I would never have thought of a lavender and green combination -- you are such an accomplished colorist, Julie!

    Thanks for keeping an eye on my blog, by the way. I am fine, just a few distractions lately. At least I can shortly post some of the commissioned portraits I have been doing, once they're delivered. I also have upcoming cataract surgery...isn't it always something?! I miss my regular painting routine.

  6. Hi Julie, it is lovely! Does Oleander have a pretty fragrance too?

  7. Dear Julie as always just stunning. Are Oleanders fragrant? I do not believe they grow here in our region.
    Your palette if colors is just lovely. Very peaceful colors friend. They look like they are growing in sunshine. Have a wonderful day sweet friend. Hugs!

  8. I love the shading in the background and the light and shadows on the blossoms. Gorgeous!

  9. Another beautiful combination of colors. love the painting Julie.

  10. I have a big tree of pink Oleanders in my garden, though very beautiful I wish they were white. These are stunning, so many subtle colors in the white !

  11. Lovely piece Julie! I love the soft colors you used!

  12. This size of surface was just made for a scene such as this. Your diagonal composition with leaves AND flowers fill the space beautifully! Truly lovely!

  13. I love how you have brought out the beautiful white flowers with the lavender colors. Oleanders grow well in my area too.
    Congratulations on having your paintings included in the book!!

  14. I love the way you made the background color reflect on the petals, I can almost touch them!


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