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Tuesday, July 28, 2020

Profusion Of Hollyhocks

Profusion Of Hollyhocks
8"x6" oil on Raymar panel SOLD

Artist Note
This painting was started after seeing 
the hollyhocks on my morning walk.
I came back with hubby who napped
 in the car while I got a start.
   I finished it at home.

I wonder if any of you still get my blog
because it has been almost
 three months since I last posted. 
I have never gone that long before.

AND...what months they have been.
Covid has turned them into 
an anxious time of worry 
for our loved ones and ourselves...

The lucky artist can work at home
the creative drive is still flowing.
 I am happy 
to feel mine is slowly returning 
to where I am 
at least "thinking" painting
as I go about my day.

I am sending warmest wishes for 
safe and happier days 
while we adjust to the new norm.


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  1. I really like Julie, that impressionism that you print to your works with a lot of color and life, makes them special.
    I do continue to see the blogs and I have observed that you had not published for a long time, I hope you are all well and I hope the pandemic happens soon.

    1. Hello Jose, thank you for your good wishes. All is well, thank you. Love your new painting of a place I have not seen for many years - Cadiz.

  2. Well, the mere fact that it has been three months, Julie, means that it gives us extra pleasure to see your beautiful work again. Welcome back!

  3. I've so missed you blog and I'm grateful to see it today. Thanks so. much for posting. Livin the dream here in Kentucky.

  4. What a lively painting. Hollyhocks are so exhuberantly flamboyant and you've capturedcaptured them so beautifully. I do still follow you on your blog as well as on FB and IG. (Like you, I find it difficult to paint very diligently these days, but less frequently is better than not at all.)

  5. I saw your last two posts and could SWEAR it was only a couple of weeks ago. We're definitely living in surreal times, but always happy to see a post from you. Beauty eases the angst.

  6. Welcome back. I check your site every day waiting for you. The holly hocks are beautiful.

  7. I am one of those people who does come back and check to see if you have posted something new. This is beautiful! It was definitely worth making a trip back to paint this. I'm glad your inspiration is returning. Most of my sketching and painting in the last few months was more to just give myself a bit of sanity where I was controlling something to a certain extent. My days don't feel right without a little bit of creativity. Welcome back!

  8. This is a fabulous painting Julie.....I zoomed on the painting and the texture is amazing..... it almost looks 3D ....
    I always look for you, my friend. If not here on the blog, I’ll look on Facebook.
    We’ve been blogging for years and naturally worry when time passes and not hearing from you....Always miss seeing your work.
    I hope and pray that the World gets back to where it was... So sad right now. I look forward to seeing your next painting. 😘❤️

  9. Hello! Your painting is so beautiful.
    You can revert back to the old Blogger-I did. Scroll down on the left side at the bottom of your blogger page where you have the column with'stats, comments' so on-at the very end of that list it says-revert to legacy. That'll take you back to the old blogger. I don't have the time for the photos to load-I think the old blogger works fine. So glad you and hubby are ok. I can't paint at all-too much going on and I can't get focused or inspired.

  10. Julie your painting is absolutely gorgeous. I adore Hollyhocks and you must too because your work shows it. Hope you are doing alright. Glad to read that Jim was with you while you painted. Just good to see you are back doing what you love friend. Hugs!


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