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Tuesday, October 13, 2020

Sunflowers At The Ranch

Sunflowers At The Ranch
6"x8" oil on Raymar panel  $150. SOLD

Artist Note

I joined a few of the guild artists
on a plein air painting trip
to the wonderful Nichols Ranch and Orchards.
Altitude 7,000 ft.
(Link at bottom)

This building is over 100 years old and was
the original home of the Nichols family.

Look what a fabulous view they!
The line of white in the distance is
the amazing White Sands National Park. NM

I was fortunate enough to enjoy 
a couple of the family pets
joining me in the shade

I did a couple of painting starts and decided 
the sunflowers were worthy of attention. 
I eliminated the porch for the sake of balance.

The new Blogger format is 
certainly different. 
I just spent over an hour 
trying to get the spacing
back to what I am used to. 

link to Nichols Ranch



  1. Very good result of that day in the open air, we around here that is what we are going to do at least once a month in this autumn time and until the harsh winter arrives, because due to the virus the workshops and academies cannot be Go, those who are open really have a risk and we prefer to paint at home.
    I hope you are all well.

  2. This is super lovely!!!So glad to see you’re getting out to paint on location with friends!

  3. Lovely to see you painting plein air -- and with some dear doggies to keep you company, too! This is a beautifully captured scene, Julie. (You've also reminded me that I've really neglected my blog since I began posting on FB and Instagram.)

  4. What is more glorious than sunflowers? Well a painting of sunflowers by Julie Ford Oliver, that's what!

  5. Oh Julie - I love how you painted the sunflowers. You knew what was needed and expressed it so beautifully. What a lovely spot to paint and even with a four legged audience to give you encouragement. Hope you are having a perfect day friend. Hugs!

  6. You really put the sun into this wonderful painting , an amazing interpretation !

  7. I love the sunflowers against the color of the building!!!! Beautiful painting Julie!!!! I have tried several times to post so hopefully????? Take care!!!!

  8. really great wooden texture 😀 and nothing better then 4 footed drawing companions

  9. Wonderful textures on that barn!!! I somehow stopped checking your blog because you hadn't posted in a while, and I missed quite a bit. Will go and check out what else I missed.


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