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Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Moonrise - Ink On Copper.

6x20 in alcohol ink on copper SOLD

Artist Note.
These images are from 
my Avian November show
This one got lots of attention.
The copper gleams through 
and creates an inner light.
I really liked working on it.

As I mentioned 
in a previous post,
I pushed myself to try 
doing some creative work
for my avian series.
I was totally creative with 
the one below.
The nest is actually
made of rust...
the bottom of a rusty bucket.
I wanted to use the walls
of the bucket
for a different project so
gently tapped out the bottom 
and when it fell to the ground
I saw it shaped like a nest.
I treated the rust and mounted it after 
I had painted the background shapes.
  It looked like a nest to me, but I
felt I wanted to pop an egg in.
Painting the egg was the
hardest part. 
If it was wrong 
then there would be 
no way to correct it.

(click to enlarge)
Rusty Home
18x21' treated rust mounted on
black acid-free foam board
painted with acrylic.
below - close-up of rust piece.

I was pleased I could break 
out of my usual imagery.


  1. Brilliant, really brilliant. I love copper and have worked with it a lot ... but never painted on it! What vision to use it, and the rusty bucket. Really in awe, M'lady.

    1. Oooh...praise like that from a man of your many talents is praise indeed! Thank YOU John.
      I was gobsmacked when I saw your brilliant work on the train.

  2. I love how your post is so harmonious with the rust colors in the moonrise and then in the nest. Both of these are beautiful!!! That was a great vision to see the rusty bucket bottom as a nest. I love your thinking. Just curious...did you use the same kind of fixative for the alcohol ink on the copper as on paper?

    1. Thanks, Joan. Lovely comment.
      I used Krylon Kamar Varnish spray to fix the A Ink on copper. Everything I have read indicates it would be the best for my particular needs.
      Enjoy the season.

  3. Bonjour chère Julie,

    Merci pour votre adorable petit mot, il me touche beaucoup...
    Vous possédez de nombreuses cordes à votre arc dites-moi !
    Travail fantastique !
    L'utilisation de la feuille de cuivre met en valeur votre art.
    J'aime la vision que vous avez eu avec le seau rouillé. Vous avez su merveilleusement développer votre imagination. Bravo l'artiste !

    Gros bisous à vous

    1. Martine says:
      Thanks for your adorable little word, it touches me a lot ...
      You have many strings to your bow tell me!
      Great job!
      The use of the copper foil highlights your art.
      I like the vision that you had with the rusty bucket. You knew wonderfully develop your imagination. Congratulations to the artist!

      Thank you for the wonderful comment, Martine. Your blog is always a pleasure to visit...not only to ee your beautiful art but the photos you generously share. I always feel as if I am on vacation when I visit.

  4. Very out of the box! Good for you. It's reassuring isn't it to know that creativity extends to all sorts of things and not just painting. It is really a pervasive mindset. How did the foam core board hold up to the weight of the objects and the mounting?

    1. Good question about the weight of the rusty piece. Measuring 8 in across It was very light and securely glued. Two small pins supported the bottom -just in case. The top piece had the copper sheet mounted to painted masonite with a very strong glue. there forever!!
      Loving your landscape/weather series, Libby.

  5. Replies
    1. Thank YOU Gary, that is a word I would reserve for your work. You really have an eye for detail and that is a true gift.

  6. So imaginative! I wish I could see the copper/ink painting larger. It looks gorgeous!

    1. Thanks Stephanie - the photo does not do it justice. But the ratio of the length to hight makes it impossible to make larger. I hated to see it sell as I feel I could learn to go forward with more like that.
      Your beet painting has so much energy. I really like the way it vibrates with color and style.

  7. Replies
    1. Thanks so much, Kaethe. Just saw your parrots on Instagram, FUN!

  8. Two winners here, Julie. How exciting for you! They are both wonderful!

    1. Thank you, Carol. I was recently marveling at how beautifully you painted dandelions.

  9. Replies
    1. Thanks for the wow, jean! You know now how I feel when I see your drawings.

  10. These are exciting and beautiful and very creative!

    1. yes...pat pat...thanks Bruce. creativity matters to me.
      I really enjoyed seeing the video you made of the truck painting. Clever lass!

  11. I am so glad you posted these! They are both mesmerizing and a great reminder to push the limits of creativity!

    1. Thank you, Dana. Lovely comment.
      I hope you got my comment about your mothers painting.
      your blog comment page was in a different format.

  12. Beautiful creations Julie. Love the way your mind works.

    1. What a nice thing to say, Sharon Thank you.
      You are always so supportive and your blog posts are uplifting - you are a very wise woman!

  13. I'm running out of words here for all this fabulous art Julie! Love the nest and Moonrise.

  14. did you have to seel the inks on the copper? could it be scratched easily? I have so many questions lol about how this works because the end effect is great :)

    1. Yes - you have to seal the inks and the copper - mainly to prevent oxidization for the copper and It would take a sharp nib to scratch the ink but it gets a coat of UV protection after the varnish. I really enjoyed working on the copper and have been doing more.
      I got a happy smile seeing your drawings of the stuffed toys.

    2. thank you :) when the dog gets new toys it means I don't have to search around for things to sketch lol

      If I ever get any free time lol I will have to try painting on copper, its a nice look :)

  15. Moonlight is glorious, Julie. The flow of the colors and the wonderful textural variety is lovely to behold. The scene does indeed glow from within. What can I say about your latest approach to creating a bird's nest? As usual, you are characteristically inventive -- in fact, I'm running out of ways to tell you how creatively adventurous you are!! (You're also enormously good fun to follow and observe.) Well done yet again, Julie!

    1. Hi Helene - I think you are amazing with words. Thank you for always seeing the best in my posts. I think it is a very special gift you spread around and encourage not only me, but the others you support and follow. I do appreciate you.
      It adds so much more knowing that you are such a good artist.

  16. Just stunning, Julie, creative and unique! It's heartening to see how you use materials in different ways. Hope you have a wonderful holiday and a delightful new year!

    1. Hi Carol, thanks. You have done some different things yourself this
      year and I am REALLY looking forward to seeing what you do in 2017.
      Thank you for always being there for me with the most insightful comments. Love you for it.

  17. Oh Julie both of these works are amazing. Your creativity seems to know no bounds. Bet you were just a bit nervous painting that blue egg. You certainly did a gorgeous job. Love both pieces dear friend. Bless you for sharing. Have a fabulous day. Hugs!

    1. Yes...I certainly was nervous, my friend. Thank you for a year of uplifting posts and sharing your beautiful faith. Looking up with you, always.

  18. Julie, this bucket nest is absolutely brilliant in both concept and execution.What an inspiration you are!

    1. Hello Audrey - what a lovely comment, thank you.
      I have really enjoyed your paintings this year and certainly look forward to 2017 . We are so lucky to share the common love of color in our art.

  19. These are both bee-yutiful! Copper fascinates me. I may have to splurge on some.

    1. Hi Lauren, thanks for the bee-yutiful - love it.
      Also was very impressed with your little did the eye and beak just right. I seem to have a problem with nailing those so I humbly bow to you.


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