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Sunday, December 14, 2014

What a Difference a Day Makes

Santa Fe Arroyo - Snow

14x11"  oil on canvas  framed

What a difference a day makes.
This is the same arroyo and 
Pinion tree as previous post.
One moment, the day is sunny with 
temperatures in the 60's
and the next day ...snow!
The beauty of this area
is when the storm passes...
 out comes the sun again!

Artist Note
Obviously, this view is painted from
the other side of the pinion from 
the previous post and this time
is facing the hills of Santa Fe. 
I only did a few color notes on the canvas
and took photos because 
although it was sunny, my feet
got darn cold!
I am never a happy Julie with cold anything!


  1. I don't know why even you paint snow, I feel something warm atmosphere.
    Colour or touch? Really interesting.Your heart?

  2. Goodness! The many moods of this spot are simply wonderful. If I was nearby, I'd be painting there too. It's beautifully painted, and the colors and brightness really bring a smile to my face.

  3. Beautiful painting and hope you ended that session with a hot cup of tea!

  4. I really love both of these paintings. I could look at those colors all day long. I hope that you've thawed out and are happily painting again indoors!

  5. Gorgeous painting, Julie! The light on the snow is amazing !!

  6. wow..this is a landscape I can get dreamy about.

  7. The snow is glittering! Lovely warmth there!

  8. Your snow is gorgeous and I love the contrasting warm colors in the landscape!!

  9. You did a great job with the snow-such an excellent backdrop for the color.

    I am not so much for having a cold anything either! I am with you on that one:)

  10. Dear Julie - this is beautiful with the snow. It gives it such a different look. Your weather must be as changeable as ours. Sorry about those cold feet - I can sympathize because I don't enjoy being cold either. Have a wonderful day.

  11. Beautiful Julie, Love the zig zag composition and the complementary colors.

  12. Never would have put snow and Santa Fe together! Learn something new every day! It is another beautiful painting, Julie!

  13. Both paintings are lovely., but I like the no snow one best. I'm with you on cold. Met one couple from Santa Fe, they said they weren't strangers to snow even though it was rare. The weather has been screwy these last weeks--from the States all the way down here where there's a wind chill factor that makes me think I should have packed a couple of long sleeve tees.

  14. The light in this painting is amazing. So many artists paint blue snow scenes. Who wants to see and feel blue in the winter? This is a happy snow painting.

  15. I'm totally with you on the cold! brrrr!! In winter I try to limit my time outside (shiver)! Beautiful painting - as always!!

  16. This is a humdinger,Julie! You have a rainbow of colors in the shadows on the snow and the sides of the arroyo. It's truly magical in many ways!!

  17. Very beautiful winter painting !!!

  18. What a wonderful painting! What's a pinion? One day I'm going to have a go at your fractured technique - I have your video - but first I have to learn how to paint

    Weather is positively springlike in West Wales ... there are few benefits from global warming. (Always raining in Manchester though :0) )

  19. A huge difference in landscape, yes. I am partial to the snow. I love the contrasts of the whites and greens and browns. So beautiful. It would be hard to paint in the cold, but if I should ever try it I would wear layers and layers and layers from head to toe. Of course then it might be difficult to move your brush.

    Your landscapes always are so serene and just make me sigh a relaxed and soothing breath.

  20. Oh wow, the difference in the coloring is so fascinating! I'd love to see this scene painted in many different moods and seasons, all lined up on the wall. I admire how you created that sense of time and place so effectively!

  21. Both paintings of the arroyo are beautiful!!! Well done!


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