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Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Snow - Painting in the Car.

Abstract. Sketch of snow shapes
and dark area relationships
6x8in  watercolor on paper 

We could not drive as fast (poor hubby)
on the return trip due to snowy road conditions.
It gave me time to really look at the color 
relationships for a gray day in snow and tree patterns.
Subdued color in the shade still 
vibrated gently against  the snow

tree branches -  using a rigger brush.
Trying to get the feeling of 
multiple branches and values.

Fall colors still around, here and there.

I loved the color of these weeds

I have started a new 
painting  - a snow scene
I felt more comfortable with it because I had 
just experienced doing the studies in the car.
I will show it on my next post.

I wish Happy New Year to you all.

I will be so glad to see this year end. 
One of the worst in my life! 
How I kept painting I do not know. 
At the same time, I recognize the full value
of "carrying on." The discipline of 
daily painting is to be respected
 even when not much creativity 
enters the stress filled mind.
The power of prayer can never 
be underestimated and the strength
that comes through it.

To my community of blogger friends, 
I thank you for the year of 
friendship and support.
A life saver!

Onward to a healthy, happy 2015 for us all.


  1. Beautiful snow abstracts. You have captured the impression so well...
    Dear Julie, I had no idea that you had a hard were always so present and kind.
    Hope 2015 will be a wonderful year for you: healthy, creative and full of wonderful friends !

  2. Julie, no one would have known you were suffering, Joy radiates from your posts. I wish you the very best of everything for 2015 xxx

  3. I admire your sense of balance to paint in the car!
    I can not even read the map of places to help the driver ... better now that there is navigation system ...

    There is not instead navigation system for life, only hope and sense of faith allow survive difficult times.
    Being connected in blogland with many people with whom to share the colors and life is a great gift and a daily help.
    Prayers and positive thoughts give strength to face the trials of life.
    As often happens after a difficult period comes serenity, so I hope this for you dear Julie, soon.
    Warm hugs and my best wishes for a fresh start of 2015.

  4. I am sorry it was a bad year. Your fortitude is amazing. We have so much and at times it's hard to remember.

    Here's to a better year for both all of us.

  5. Your sketch is really nice....more lovely than the picture. Thanks for the New Years wish. I am with you all the way and also appreciate your honesty about ...Keep painting no matter what. You inspire me Julie XO

  6. Dear Julie, I was amazed to hear that you'd had such a bad year - you are always so upbeat and humorous in your posts and so generous with the attention you give to others. I'm so glad your art and blogging helped you through. There is no doubt that the creative process is a balm for the soul - it has certainly helped me get through difficult times in the past.
    I love your abstract and enjoyed the photos of the landscape you passed through. May 2015 be a very joyful one for you - you deserve it!!

    1. The blogging gave me a focus which helped. the creativity aspect of my art life seemed to go out of the window.
      Thanks you, Wendy.

  7. J'adore ces croquis de formes et de valeurs !!! Et je vous souhaite une meilleure année que la précédente .....

  8. Dear Julie, I, as the others, had no idea that you had such a difficult year. I am so so sorry to hear that. I hope that this coming year is filled with happiness in your personal and creative life. You have been such an inspiration to me, and I look forward to all of your posts for your unique insight and for your humorous slant on life. You so frequently take the time to give me a personal thought, and that is appreciated more than you can possibly know.Thank you so much for your generosity-- I look forward to many many more posts and paintings in the future! Happy New Year!!!

    1. This is a kind and warm comment. Thank you Ann. I look forward to seeing your wonderful art.

  9. It's always such a pleasure to visit your blog and I wish you a very Happy New Year!

  10. After Rita's poetic post above, anything I might write would pale into insignificance. Let me say only that if this is your art on a bad year, then I stand by awaiting the miracles you will produce on a good one. The only way is UP!

    In my prayers, dear girl, in my prayers.

  11. I so agree with Margaret. You suffered well, if that's possible. Hopefully this year is better for you. I used your glass technique for fixing a painting with a student and will be blogging about it this week I hope. Will be giving you ALL the credit. Thanks for your constant inspiration and giving nature.

    1. I read the post. Great and you certainly were very generous with the credit. Bless you. It made me happy!

  12. May this year be a much better one for you. You are a shining example of how to get through the low times! (as I can see here, most of us didn't realize how tough it was for you)...and that encourages me to push on when things get mighty low! Funny thing, I'm not a fan of snow in any form, (tho I keep trying to adjust to it, since I live with it now) but I do love those snow abstracts! and the branchy study done with the rigger brush...I would've sworn was a photo...until I zeroed in on it ....oh, it has that beautiful painterly look. Now I'm sort of (ok, don't tell anyone) looking forward to our first snowfall to get a chance to practice this again. Julie, I look forward to every post of yours- you do share the best scoop! Thank you so much for a year of posts that were most helpful & inspiring to me!!!

  13. Hope 2015 is a much better year for you. You are an inspiration to me and SO many others. I appreciate you taking the time to share such helpful information on your blog and how often you spare time to encourage me and so many others. You deserve the very best!!
    Love your snow scenes and look forward to seeing your new snow painting.

    1. It will be better I know. Thanks for the lovely kind comment. I do appreciate it.

  14. Julie we support each other with our comments. They are so powerful. You are welcome.......I love your posts. And your comments to me have brought sunshine when needed. Here is to 2015. It will be better! Happy New Year to you and yours.

  15. Julie, I wish you and your family a very joyful, healthy and prosperous New Year and hope that all your troubles are now behind you. Painting through periods of adversity is not an easy thing to do and I admire you for your fortitude, positive attitude and your beautiful painted accomplishments!I am definitely looking forward to seeing your new snow scene in 2015!

  16. Dearest Julie - I hope for you my dearest friend a much happier and joyous New Year. I know that your support and prayers mean so much to me...hope you know I am doing the same for you. So glad for your friendship. Sending you many blessings from Ohio. Hugs!

  17. Dear Julie, I am believing that this past year is going to become a distant memory for you and the coming 2015 will bring an abundance of joy and blessings. I hope we get to count them together at some point.

    Looking forward to your winter painting. I love winter. It's so quiet and I can hear much more.

    Sending love.

    1. Not been an easy time for you either, dear Lisa.
      Thanks for the friendship. it means so much.

  18. Beautiful photos, Julie. You have the best of all seasons in New Mexico. In all the thousands of miles we have traveled in the car I feel like I have wasted so many opportunities to "look" at the landscapes as you have done and learned about temperatures, shadows, light patterns, etc. I think "studies" are the perfect way of recording the vital information needed to make an authentic painting. Your link to pochade boxes the other day will no doubt get some action very soon!

    1. With your eye for the details I know you have the ability to really "see" That had to have come from doing many studies. maybe with the eye and not with paint on your trips...but it was done.'Thanks for the visit, Carol.

  19. Best wishes for Happy New Year 2015 !!!

  20. Happy New Year my friend, you deserved lots of warm hugs, good health and happiness, they will be there this year. Don't faint, I've joined the 30 paintings in 30 days. Talk about pressure. I'll keep the tea pot going for sure.


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