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Thursday, January 1, 2015

New Mexico Snow

New Mexico Snow
6x8in oil on canvas panel  $125.SOLD

Snow arrived in time for the Holidays.

We are fortunate here in Southern New Mexico
because the sun shines well over 300 days a year.
We still get a taste of all seasons though and
that makes me appreciate living here all the more.
I would go nuts with the same temps year round.

Below is the same scene during the summer
- painted last  year.

Leslie Saeta's 30 day Challenge 
starts today.
Because I genuinely believe it helps me 
keep my painting mojo in good order
 I am going to TRY to participate.
This is day1.


  1. Very nice start. You captured the season.

  2. Lucky you, you have the warmth and the snow!
    Looking forward to see your 30/30 paintings...

  3. What a nice start!
    I decided to give it a TRY again.
    Good Luck and Have FUN, Julie!

  4. Good for you for trying. I still have too many family commitments. And I love, love how the blues give the coolness to your snow painting.the blues and oranges work so well together. It's lovely.

  5. Great start for the year Julie, being able to taste different seasons in one place is a blessing I guess.

  6. Julie,

    How beautiful! I was clicking on the link to buy the painting only to discover that it was sold. I am not surprised.

    Happy New Year,

  7. So beautiful! We'll be driving through the state today and tomorrow and I can only hope to see scenes like this.

  8. Love this little painting and so pleased to be with such good company. I shall watch for your paintings. Well good grief I do that everyday anyhow!

  9. Isn't it amazing how different the same scene can appear when it is painted in two different seasons? Boy, you sure nailed the winter/summer colors of trees and grasses (what a change!), and the shadows seem darker and longer in the cold. I can just feel the chill in the air.

  10. Oh this is stunning. A perfect start for day one. I love that blue door there shining brightly in the snow. How magical!

  11. Looking at this snow version of your scene several times. Something about it is so inviting. Must learn more about living in New Mexico...


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