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Thursday, January 8, 2015

Snowy Sunset - Day 8

Snowy Sunset
8x6in oil on canvas  $125. Donated

The glow of a warm sunset against the cool
shadow of the snow makes an artist 
forget the cold.

Artist Note
Regarding the post about the circular 
rainbow on day 6

I was thrilled when this kind artist sent me the 
following email confirming my experience.

When I saw your rainbow painting
I knew it was a "Pilot's Halo".
I was a stewardess back in the 60's
and whenever we saw the shadow of
the plane against the cloud below
surrounded by a full rainbow
we used to love to make the announcement
and tell everyone to look
 and it created some excitement....
today when I see one I call the flight attendant
and ask them if they know what a Pilot's Halo 
is so I can show them...but 
they don't seem to care.
I guess the glamour and excitement 
has gone out of being a stewardess!!!
Maryann Stephens

Maryann belongs to a group of 
 8 artists who - get this - all
paint on the SAME PAINTING!
(Talk about collaboration!)
The results are truly amazing.
Do yourselves a favor and
check out how fabulous their
website is HERE


  1. oh my, this painting is stunning, julie... and maryann, if you happen to read the comments here, the paintings your group does are stunning too!


  2. How beautiful Julie, I love the complimentaries in this piece. It makes me want to see snow even more :)

    1. It is only here for a short time but in the Mountain area called Ruidoso.

  3. Wow this is gorgeous! I love the colors!!
    Will surely check out the blog now, it is beautiful when artist work together.

    I would really love to see this while flying in person one day. It must feel magical, like somewhere over the rainbow. Thanks for sharing this Julie!

    1. Hi Celia - thanks for the visit. You are so nice.

  4. That is a pretty fantastic painting, Julie, I'm always amazed at your eye for colour.

    I know it's a stupid and not an arty thing to say....but... your paintings are always so friendly and welcoming. The viewer is allowed to become more than a viewer but is allowed to be at one with them.

  5. So glad Maryann remarked on the "pilot's halo"...I still think that is one cool, amazing phenomena!! I'm looking outside right now & wishing we had some of that warm glow of your snowy sunset outside right is coming down like a white-out!

    1. Neat name isn't it.
      A white-out is no where near as pretty, but maybe tomorrow's sunrise or sunset..

  6. Such a BEAUTIFUL Sunset Julie...I love the reminds me of a Christmas card I received from one of my Artist friends where at the bottom of the tree the snow was actually a nativity that he painted......When you focused you can see it !!!

    1. I could have added that if I had been clever enough to think of it.
      Thanks for the visit, dear Hilda.

  7. Golly I love this painting Julie. Funnily enough I was working on the same idea yesterday but I couldn't get it to gel and so I abandoned and posted another painting. The "Pilot's Halo" is also fascinating. Now I remember having seen it with the plane in the middle as a shadow but very subdued. Do you know if the 8 artists you mention have a blog that I can network on networked blogs?

    1. great minds think alike.
      I do not know if they have a blog together but Nancy Standee is one of them.
      She is on DPW

  8. Well this is quite a beauty Julie ! Imagine, I can look at these colorful and warm painting of a winter scene without shivering. I love the background and those nice greyish blues in your trees. Thanks for your visit and also for letting us know about that interesting group of 8 painters!.

    1. Thanks Helen. So pleased you found the group interesting.. me too!

  9. This one is really gorgeous!!! The colors really make you feel the cold. I love the information about the rainbow...who would have thought about it being a circle from above?

    1. Hi Joan - thanks for the visit and glad you liked the Pilot's Halo story.

  10. You are getting color out of the atmosphere like a magician at this point. Keep going.

    1. As one color lover to another - lets keep being magicians!

  11. Beautiful idea of the warm and cold. really effective and love all the pears! I don't think you look "challenged" by it at all!

    1. Thanks, Mary. Looks are deceiving!
      Thanks for the visit.

  12. Love how connections are made... and thanks for the tip on the Canvas by Canvas group...

  13. This snow scene is beautiful!


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