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Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Sunrise At Caballo, NM. Day 14

Sunrise At Caballo, NM
6x8in oil on canvas panel $125. SOLD

The only time of the year the sunrise is
 in this position is during the winter
I am always amazed at the large swath 
the sun travels from summer to winter.
The sun doesn't always rise in the true 
east as far as my sense of direction
is concerned.

Artist Note.
Day 13 passed in a blur of busy work.
No post...gasp!
We are learning about the 
Ned Jacob Palette. 
I took a workshop from Ned in the later 80's 
at the Art Students League in Denver,
and his palette was all I used through 
most of the nineties.
That plus ONE accent color if needed. 
Like a turquoise for a door.
The colors.
Yellow light or med, Orange, Alizarin (Perm) 
Ultra Blue, Black and Titanium White
Beautiful harmony can be achieved
by mixing all the secondary and grays with 
with these few colors.
The most important reason for using a 
limited palette is to learn what is IN certain colors
Example... to make yellow ochre you have to use 
yellow and a reddish purple. 
Too blue a purple and you 
get marvelous greens
Fascinating stuff, color!

I did not cheat and used the limited palette 
for this painting knife painting.


  1. Beautiful!
    The thick paint really creates so much depth.
    Good luck on #15!

  2. Julie I am always amazed at the limited palette and you provided such a great example of what a great artist can accomplish with it.

  3. You do wonders with the sun always and this is so refreshing!

  4. As a true novice, I'm still battling with colour mixes - which are harder than color mixes :0)) - Which is why I have started to find my way with the Anders Zorn limited palette; I also naturally default to the earth colours in most areas of life.

    Quite an amazing sunset you have painted; such texture and vibrancy. Unlike storm-torn West Wales which is being lashed by extraordinary Atlantic weather

  5. It's a great palette-similar to what I started with and what I have now gone back to. And I agree completely. It's important to know what is underneath any color that you see. (How to mix it in other words.)

    Beautiful sunrise:)

  6. There is fire on this sky ! it's really beautifull and also as Marcia said amazing you can accomplish with few colors...

  7. I love skies and clouds. Made my heart sing.

  8. I agree with you about the sun not rising in the true east. Your painting is so gorgeous and my eye is drawn to the contrast between the softness of the distant mountaintops and the sharper edges up closer. I prefer to work with a limited palette also as color confuses me so badly. It's amazing you stuck with such a limited palette through the 90's. Now that's a disciplined artist!

    I think of your beautiful mountains often.

  9. Gorgeous sky, Julie!!! And love that little splash of water!!!

  10. You have obvious skill at handling the knife! Wish I could say that. My latest attempt ...not so good. Beautiful painting Julie!

  11. This is a stunner Julie. Thank you for sharing it and brightening my day!

  12. A perfect example of how "less is much, much more"!!!

  13. Very wonderful sunrise painting !!!

  14. This is a beautiful painting Julie. I have always been fascinated by the different palette's artists use and swear by. Had a little book with the different colors but gave that up for some reason. Your palette is great.

  15. Well I guess I have no excuse to say I can't get great colors! I will certainly try to do this before next Friday. I love this one!

  16. What a stunner! Simply beautiful, Julie!!

  17. This makes me wish I was in New Mexico. Thanks for this view!

  18. Beautiful colors and textures in this!!


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