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Friday, January 9, 2015

Farmers Market - day 9

Farmers Market #26
8x6in Oil on canvas $145. SOLD

Artist Note.
This is a fully realized study.
It started off as a sketch 
during the summer and I kept going
here and there until today when 
I added some finishing touches.
I call it a study because I
became very aware of what, how...
and why I was placing the paint.
The reason...
I am working on a huge Farmers Market
painting. A commission.
Huge for me. 
It is 43in high by 62 inches across. 
That is equal to 50 of my daily paintings.

I will be doing some Farmers Market
paintings to help get me back into the 
groove - so to speak -  
and I will be sprinkling them 
amongst the challenge paintings.


  1. All the best with your large commission!
    This one has so many details for a small work!

  2. Looks warm and inviting,makes you want to just step into this market. Lovely colors Julie.

  3. Blimey Julie! 43 x 62 is ginormous! If your going to fill it with images like the one here, then it will be a total masterpiece. What a pleasure to look forward to by us and you!

  4. Very beautiful painting !!!
    Happy weekend Julie !!!

  5. Oh, there is hope of spring and summer. What a lovely painting. And yes, I agree with John, "Blimey Julie" 43x62. I look forward to seeing the finished results.

  6. You do a wonderful job with this subject so I bet the commission will be great!

    Love the figure of course-she looks almost ghostly/ethereal in a good way:)

  7. Julie - this is so lovely friend. Congratulations on your commission as well...hope you will share it when it is finished. I always enjoy your Farmer's Market paintings. Winter in Ohio makes me long for summer days and growing things and seeing your painting reminds me that winter doesn't last forever and summer will come again. Thank you dear for all your prayers. Hugs

  8. wow that will be exciting to tackle such a huge commission, the subject sounds fun and joyful too. great idea to work up a bunch of small studies to help figure things out. I always find my big paintings somehow need more 'space' than my small studies...not quite sure why that is, but it's something I've come to know. Good luck with it. this is a marvelous little painting.

  9. I love figures in painting. They tell a story. This is already wonderful! I bet your commission will be too!

  10. Great study Julie. My eye travels and then rests on the figure. Good job.

  11. Looking forward to seeing the big painting but enjoying this one too, it's lovely x

  12. I love this and the idea of more Farmers market paintings. Can't wait to see more.
    This one makes me feel warm and fuzzy inside.

  13. What a good way to "warm up" for the large painting you will do. Boy, that is a big size, but I know already it will be wonderful! Perhaps, we'll see glimpses of it as you work? You certainly have good reference material, don't you?!

  14. Farmer markets are always such interesting subjects ... the fruits are very colorful and love her hat!!! The best of luck with the Commission...sounds wonderful!!!

  15. That is huge for anybody! I can't wait to see it. With all the lively colors in a farmers market, it will be fun to paint and spectacular to look at.

  16. A wonderful idea to keep the larger painting feeling fresh. I love the spontaneity in this painting, beautiful colors and light!

  17. Wow - that is huge and I wish you great success in this wonderful undertaking! I just can't wait to see it but will try to contain myself until you finish it! I remember your farmer's market series from a while back - a great subject, each piece loaded with texture and color!

  18. As a farmers marketer I love these. Congrats on the commission


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